Adelaide Get Ready, Krispy Kreme is Almost Here!

South Australia’s own Krispy Kreme is just around the corner! With over 80 jobs awarded and the biggest doughnut line in Asia Pacific ready to roll, the wait is almost over!

Remember travelling interstate and carefully packing your overhead locker with 1/2/3 dozen tasty Krispy Kremes making your return home a mouth-watering occasion?  Those iconic white, green and red Krispy Kreme boxes will be all too familiar soon when Adelaide’s very first local outlet opens.

In SA that we don’t do things by halves and our first Krispy Kreme outlet is testament to this belief.

The new multi-million dollar Krispy Kreme factory on Port Road, (West Croydon) is due to open on July 15th will feature the only facility in the world to locate 2 Krispy Kreme’s doughnut lines side by side in one factory store, with the ability to produce over 5,000 doughnuts per hour! 5,000 doughnuts! That’s a whole lotta bellies!

84 new jobs have been created in SA in both retail and production and with the new store open 24 hours, customers can enjoy a drive thru coffee and doughnut at any hour.

“A visit to Krispy Kreme is an exciting occasion and our team members have been recruited locally, based on how they will interact with the customer. We are so lucky to be involved with such a fun treat that people can share and enjoy” said Mark Higginbottom, General Manager, Krispy Kreme SA.

So tell us, will you be indulging when Krispy Kreme opens here?

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