Singer Adele Rocks New Body Transformation and the Internet Applauds

I don’t know about you but when isolation is over, I have a feeling I’ll be rocking a whole new look. Grey hair, fuzzy brows, and around 5 extra kg of iso-fat. But Adele, well, she is proving isolation agrees with her as she reveals a whole new look. No grey hair, fuzzy eyebrows or iso-fat in sight.

Instead? Long blonde hair, toned legs, trim waistline, and, most importantly, a huge, happy smile. She looks positively glowing and gorgeous and we are applauding her on her efforts. HELLO!!!


Rolling in the HOT

Adele celebrated her birthday by sharing a photo of herself in front of a house under a flower installation. In it she wears a short black dress and black heels and, my goodness, isn’t she just killing that look?!

Pretty much the entire world thinks so with fans, friends, and celebs commenting on her photo.

“I mean, are you kidding me,” an awe-struck Chrissy Teigen weighed-in.

Now, if you happen to not be an Adele fan or need a refresher on her look post-transformation, here’s a pic from a few years back to compare:

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Auckland / Mt Smart Stadium / Mar 25

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So pretty amazing change, right?

Shortly after, close pal and director Lauren Paul posted another stunning photo to honour Adele on her birthday. Again, she’s rocking the black dress look while posing with Lauren, fashion designer Nicole Richie and author Jedidiah Jenkins in the background. We have a feeling this one may be a bit older (before social distancing came into effect), but nevertheless, she still looks fantastic.

And that posture …. well just perfect! She’s owning it, and rightly so. Nothing comes easy when it comes to body transformations – she truly deserves to feel so beautiful in her own skin!

Adele transformation
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How did she do it?

Adele isn’t a huge oversharer on Insta for the new photo comes as quite the shock. However, she did give us a sneak peek into her new look back in October with this pic:

This was after her split from husband, Simon Konecki, with whom she shares seven-year-old son Angelo.

According to reports, Adele is following a strict diet and has hired a personal trainer to push her through weekly sessions of cardio and circuit training.

We love a good Insta glow-up and Adele is certainly Turning Tables (and heads) with her new look. She may be the only person to come out of iso fitter, stronger, healthier and without a speck of grey in her hair.

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