Buy ALL the Baby Things: 17 Adorable Baby Shower and New Baby Gifts for Under $10

Warning: Some of the baby shower gifts listed in this post may result in the sudden urge to procreate. 

Because, these baby gift ideas are over-the-top adorable. Your ovaries have been warned….

If you or someone you know is planning to pop out a bubba this year, then you’re going to need to pick up a gift at some stage. Whether shopping for a baby shower gift or something to bring along to the first newborn encounter, these baby shower gifts are not only irresistible but also affordable.

We’re talking $10 or less.

So join us as we count down the must-have baby shower gift items for 2018, most of which you can find during your next trip to Kmart. Because, let’s face it, you were probably planning a trip there anyway…

1. Shut up and Sleep!

Let’s start the search for your perfect (and practical) baby shower gift with this Baby Sleep Sign, which is only $2. But, to a new mum who JUST GOT THE BABY TO SLEEP, a sign like this is pretty much priceless.

baby sleep sign for doors

2. Track those moments

You can pair your baby bibs with another inexpensive pressie from Kmart – these funky Baby Milestone Cards. Another must-have for new mums who want to keep track of just how quickly those months fly by, Kmart’s range of different packs are $4. You can’t get much cheaper. Trust me – I’ve looked!

Kmart baby milestone cards

3. Block it to me

If you’re not keen on the cards, how about these Age Blocks ($5), another great prop for those weekly social media baby progress pics.

kmart baby shower gifts wooden name blocks

Or go a bit more personal with these DIY name blocks ($10) are another great addition to any nursery. Not only can you change the names, but also the sticker colour to suit the nursery theme.

4. Lights. Camera. Action!

Another divine decorative item, these itty bitty wooden cameras are just too cute not to snap up! And they are only $3 each!

Kmart wooden toy cameras

5. Musical dreams

Sticking to the wooden theme, check out these unicorn and woodland creature music boxes, also $10 each.

Kmart unicorn music box and Kmart woodland music box

Forget the baby… I want one for my room.

6. Clean critters

From the nursery to the bathtub, every baby needs an animal hooded towel. It’s pretty much a requirement. These adorable koala and panda towels ($10) from Kmart should do the trick.

Kmart baby hooded towels Panda and Koala

7. That’s a wrap

Muslin wraps are a must for new mums. Lightweight, soft and cuddly, I honestly don’t think I left home without one for the first six months when my kids were babies. You can pick up a three pack of patterned Muslin Wraps for $10.

Kmart muslin wraps best baby shower gift ideas

8. Bunny (rug) love

Or, if you’d prefer a bunny rug, then Target’s adorable bunny rugs ($10) are also pretty hard to resist. They come in a whole heap of different designs and modern colours, including mint, pink and navy blue.

Kmart bunny rugs cheap baby gift ideas

9. Melodic mates

Another soft and snuggly option for bub is a special friend to keep him or her company at night. These $10 Glow and Sound characters light up at night, plus they play music. So Mum doesn’t have to hum Twinkle Twinkle Little Star over and over again.

Glow and Sound baby toys Kmart

10. Nesting friends

Need more little mates for bub? How about these four cute critters, who not only make a cute addition to any shelf in the nursery, but also act as a great gross motor skill game for bub later on.

Kmart wooden nursery nesting toy

You can pick up all four Nesting Friends for $7 at Kmart.

11. Designer dribblers

Another must-have item? Bibs. Because babies drool. A lot. These bandana bibs are patterned and practical. Plus, they are only $5 for a pack of 3.

Kmart bandana bibs

12. Mobile madness

Add a little wonder to the nursery with this stylish origami mobile ($10). It’s simple yet elegant. Best of all, it doesn’t play an annoying song, rattle or make any strange noise whatsoever.

Kmart origami baby mobile

If Mum-to-Be is going with a tribal nursery theme, which is actually quite popular these days, then this decorative mobile ($7) may be more her style.

Kmart feather mobile

13. If the shoe fits…

Which it probably won’t straight away. But these little trainers are sensationally sweet for the littlest soul sisters out there. And, at $8, the soft sole shoes are begging to be bought!

Kmart cat shoes baby

14. Snuggly stolls

kmart baby shower gifts - stroller blanket

Keep bub snug as a bug in a rug when taking your daily treks. This $10 pram blanket is a great grab-and-go item for all mums on the move.

15. Wipe on the run

portable baby wipes case Kmart

Speaking on moving, stay clean and sticky-free with this portable baby wipes case ($2.50), another simple gift that we all need.

16. Cot it out

Big W superhero cot sheets

Pimp out the cot with these cheap $7 cot sheet sets from Big W. Each set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillow case. They come in a number of different patterns including masks, unicorns and dinosaurs.

17. Milk. Hugs. Nap. Repeat.

Kmart hugs baby onesie

Life of a baby. Summed up on a slogan bodysuit. And for only $4.

It would be wrong of you NOT to buy it, right? Well, we think so at least.

Looking for more great baby shower gifts? Check out our essentials guide to baby showers – what she really needs. 



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