Dad’s Heartbreak as Toddler Dies of Brain Cancer Just Months After His Mum


A Melbourne father cuddled his two-year-old son for the last time this week, just six months after saying goodbye to his wife and the mother of his two sons. 

Both little Alfie Chivers and his brave mumma, Sara Chivers, died of brain cancer, a battle they fought together for months.

There are no words to express the heartbreak of losing your little boy.

But Leigh Chivers managed to find just the right way to say goodbye to his Alfie, an adorable little boy who loved gingerbread, going to the beach and spending time with his big brother.

Chivers shared a photo of his sleeping son on Instagram alongside a heartbreaking message confirming the news:

Alfie Chivers brain cancer

“Rest in peace little man, we love you forever ❤❤❤.”

Sara and Alfie Chivers Brain Cancer Battle 

It was the news no one wanted to hear, especially after the turmoil the Chivers have gone through.

Sara and Leigh Chivers with sons

After overcoming her first diagnosis of brain cancer nearly a decade ago, Sara Chivers discovered she had three brain tumours in March 2017. In November 2017, Sara and Leigh discovered their youngest son, Alfie, also had brain cancer.

sara and alfie chivers brain cancer

The duo fought together, side by side, in hospital for months, before Sara kissed her kids one last time on 28 January 2018.  

Before her death, Sara penned a beautiful letter to her two boys, sharing her love for them, her adoration for their dad and her sadness of not being able to be there for her family.

Sara spent her final weeks with her boys and tirelessly raising awareness to try and find a cure for Alfie.

Sara Chivers Alfie Chivers brain cancer

She was aware that brain cancer would beat her, but hoped her son would make it. In a story she wrote for Vogue Australia,  which was published just one day after her death, Sara admitted,

I have so much grief for a life I won’t be living.

Underneath the complexity and sadness of our situation, I believe nothing can be wholly good or bad unless we choose or decide it is this way. I must let go of my previous life and absorb that the odds are no longer in my favour.

I hope by telling my story, I can help change this for Alfie and those yet to be diagnosed.”

Alfie’s Final Days

Since his wife’s death, Leigh has continued to share updates on Hugh and Alfie and raise awareness for brain cancer. The threesome spent as much time together as possible, going on walks, visiting the zoo and, when Alfie was well enough, chilling out at home with family.

Alfie Chivers brain cancer

Our thoughts are with Leigh, big brother, Hugh and the extended Chivers family during this heartbreaking time. We hope that, wherever they are, Sara and Alfie are together again. And we pray that Sara can once again open her arms and reach out to cuddle her little boy.

For those wanting to financially support brain cancer research in Australia, please see Cure Brain Cancer or Carrie’s Beanies 4 Cancer.

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