WANTED: Active, energetic, adorable, impossible-to-keep-still toddlers. Got one?

Then we would LOVE for you to join us on a quest to test the latest BabyLove Nappy Pants.

You’ve probably heard of BabyLove Nappy Pants before  – they are the cute nappies that feel and act like nappies, but look more like undies.

BabyLove Nappy Pants pull up like underpants, making them brilliant for toddlers, who don’t seem to like the idea of standing still, lying down or listening to you when it’s time to change their nappy. Plus, they have easy-to-tear flaps on the sides so you can quickly rip them off before your child runs away.

toddler BabyLove nappy pants

BabyLove Nappy Pants are all I ever used when my two kiddies were toddlers and made the whole nappy changing stress non-existent. And for disorganised, sleep deprived, overly dramatic, hot mess mums like myself, the less stress, the better. Especially when out in public and faced with a poonami of epic proportions.

A lot has changed since my nappy changing days. But BabyLove continues to pave the way for posthaste nappy changing at home and on the go, especially for parents with toddlers.

The Bees Knees of Nappy Pants

BabyLove Nappy Pants have highly absorbent DriWave technology built right in. This is like a super-shield of protection for your toddler’s tush, instantly absorbing moisture and drawing liquid away from the nappy surface. The ultra-soft, wavy surface layer minimises skin contact and reduces the risk of skin irritations.

Free to move (and play)

The DriWave technology joins all the other ultra-tech features that makes BabyLove Nappy Pants so awesome, like their 360-degree soft and stretchy waistband, their easy-to-tear side seams for quick removal and their 12 hour protection for day and night.

toddler nappy pants

The ‘me do it’ nappies

And let’s not forget the best part of these Nappy Pants – toddlers actually like to wear them! And probably attempt to pull them up themselves. Because these ‘big boy’ and ‘big girl’ nappies give them something all toddlers love – independence.


Nappies designed especially for toddlers

Sure, they may not be our little babies anymore, but they still need that extra comfort and protection that BabyLove Nappy Pants provide.

BabyLove Nappy Pants come in four sizes – Wriggler, Toddler, Walker and Junior. They are available in both bulk pack ($16.99) and jumbo pack ($27) at most grocery stores, pharmacies, baby and kids’ stores and department stores.

Or, you can get three free bulk packs in Toddler size by joining us in our BabyLove Nappy Pants toddler extravaganza!

Ready to have some BabyLove nappy changing fun?

We’re on the lookout for 10 toddlers to be our BabyLove Nappy Pants Testers. If your little one is between 12 to 24 months, then we’d love to hear from you.

You must be available trial the BabyLove Nappy Pants over a two-week period in April, complete a written survey and share a quick video review to share your experience using the nappy pants.

Please complete the entry form in full (including a comment on the bottom of the article as to why you’d like to be selected) and your little  could be one of our BabyLove Nappy Pants testers!

Apply To Review BabyLove Nappy Pants!


Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. I would love to trial these nappies as my Bub is on the move now and I’ve been looking for a nappy that will suit her new lifestyle of crawling and walking!

    • Lidia Koppe Reply

      I have a 2 year old going on 22. She is already bossing me around and tries to put her own nappy on which is quite a frustrating experience

    • I would love to trial the baby love nappy pants cos mt daughter dislikes nappy changes laying down in public parent room change tables. This would be great as there is no fuss needed for nappy changes.

    • Misty Ridings Reply

      My crazy 20month old girl, Ariel is definitely a handful. She is Baby number 4 and by far the most outgoing, who loves climbing, running and definitely thinks she’s the boss. Changing nappies is like a wrestling match.
      Would love to try her in babylove nappies.

    • Casey Mehmed Reply

      Interested in trying new nappies that are more suited to my toddlers stage. He is very active and needs a durable nappy.

    • Isabelle Sutherland Reply

      I would love to trial the baby love nappy pants for my 3year old. I’m finding it harder to buy nappy that fit her now she is 18kg. I’ve heard baby love nappy pants fit beautifully and would love to trial them.

  2. I have two ‘toddlers’ one is 3 and the other just turned 2 – any excuse to avoid putting a nappy on suits them, and chasing two at once is doing my head in

  3. I have 2 out of 3 kids in nappies so this would be perfect to trial with them especially my 2 year old who hates nappy change time….nappy pants are an amazing design for on the go kids.

  4. Natasha Nixon Reply

    I would love to trial these nappies. My son keeps waking up at 4:30 almost every morning with a drenched nappy so I would like to try these to see if they can hold a full nights wee!

  5. My two year old would be perfect candidate for baby love nappies. He has started potty training and having the ability to be able to pull up and down his nappy would make my life so much easier, being that im heavily pregant with baby number 2.

  6. My 14 week old would be prefect. He is always on the move and we have found baby love the best brand for our family

  7. I have a 26 month old toddler who has not wanted to lay still for a nappy change since she was 5 months old and she was walking at 9 months old, so I switched to nappy pants by the time she was 1yo and we still use them now. I would be happy to review baby love nappy pants because they are our favourite simply because they are super soft and great quality.

  8. We would love to try and review Babylove nappy pants! The only time my 16 month old sits still is when she’s in her high chair eating or fast asleep! Changing her nappy is crazy! Nappy pants would make it soooo much easier!

  9. Roslyn Groves Reply

    I have a very active set of 17 month old twins, and it is getting harder to get them to lay still for nappy changes. BabyLove Nappy Pants would be perfect for those quick nappy changes.

  10. My 2yr old and me would love to try baby love nappy pants and see if they are better than the other brands we have tried

  11. My toddler is super active and it is near impossible to change his nappy, plus he now can undo his nappy tabs and escape his nappy. Nappy pants will stop this from happening because of the waistband and it seems like it would make for a much easier and quicker change

  12. i would love to trial these having a toddler that likes to take his own nappy off and always on the move it would be good to see how he goes, it might make nappy change easier.

  13. Katherine F Reply

    I have two children, both in nappies:
    – 6 year-old son (night only)
    – 2 year-old daughter

    Both kids are incredibly active, especially my daughter, which makes nappy changing an adventure to say the least. We’ve always stuck with the one brand but are definitely curious about others such as BabyLove. She’s just beginning to show interest in toilet training, so it would be interesting to share our TT journey along with BabyLove and everyone else!

  14. Mark Agapiou Reply

    This would help me toilet train my child. giving me more nappies

  15. Rhiannon s Reply

    I have one very active little girl who would absolutely love these and so would I. Would help when she’s trying to run away during nappy change time and also give herbs little more independence with wearing a big girl nappy

  16. I have a crazy active 22 month old & these would be perfect for her

  17. Laura campbell Reply

    I would love to try these as I have a very active toddler and bum changing time is like a wrestling match

  18. Sandy Fisher Reply

    Our little man is just over 8 months and on the move big time ! He loves comando crawling and escaping from us when its nappy change time… BabyLove Nappy Pants would be just perfect for him and us !

  19. I’d love to trial for my boys, I have heard good things about baby love but haven’t taken the plunge to try something new.

  20. I would love to trial these as my son is such a wriggler wen I change him drive me insane

  21. Lori-Anne Grosse Reply

    My daughter turns 2 next month and she is toilet training. These would be perfect to help her make the transition.

  22. Mary Irwin Reply

    I would love to try BabyLove nappy pants because I currently use another brand which was recommended by our GP to prevent nappy rash but I can’t see how they would be better especially with the dri weave feature so want to test it them out for myself.

  23. I haven’t found a nappy I really like yet so would love to give these a go.

  24. Kristen Manners Reply

    My husband is about to take over with our 8 month old daughter this coming Monday when I return to work, so anything that could make it easier for him I wouldn’t say no.

  25. I would love to rey thw nappy pants as I have a super active 1.5yo boy who hates laying down for any length of time to get changed!

  26. My son would love to try the nappy pants because he wants to do everything for himself.

  27. Unfortunately I don’t have access to video.
    I would have loved to have trialled these. I have an on-the-move 18 month old and a almost 3 year old who thinks it funny to roll over onto her tummy when I try to put a nappy on..

  28. Lisa Summerell Reply

    Id love to try babylove nappypants. My sister just asked me about them today, she says she loves them. Currently we are using Huggies and am really unimpressed with the quality of those nappies, as well as the hard time trying to find the right size and nappy as they have just changed everything. Id love to find a nappy thats going to draw that moisture away ftom bubs skin, one that keeps everything in that nappy and one thats a bit more gentler on bubs sensitive skin. The bonus with babylove nappy pants isbthat they have a stretchy 360 degree waist with no sticky sidevtabs that bub can undo herself which will lead to less nappy waste and more money in our pocket for the fun stuff.

  29. I have a 17 month old who would love to test these out.
    She screams no! She wriggles she giggles. She runs away and refuses to stay still.
    All these toddler traits are an absolute nightmare when it comes to changing nappies. BUT are perfect for trying nappy pants, perfect for toddlers on the go!

  30. Have a very active little one old who is always on the go. And hoping has a habit of ripping the tags of the sides so would be happy to give the nappy pants ago.

  31. Because its soo hard to lay my child down and change his nappy.. pull ups sound easy

  32. I would love to trial this because my son is toilet trained but he still makes a couple of mistakes, especially in the mornings while he’s wearing a nappy from the night before.

  33. Sharee Ussher Reply

    We have 2 out of 4 children in nappies. Would love to trial anything to make nappy changing easier & quicker & also help with toilet training.

  34. I would love to try them on my very active and cheeky 23 month old who doesn’t want to miss a moment of play to stop and lay down for a nappy change! Plus he would feel more a big boy with pull up kind of pants more like his older siblings!

  35. Anne Johnson Reply

    My 12 months old daughter has a favourite time of the day but it certainly is not nappy changing time!!! Anyone would think we are murdering her!! Most times the only part of her touching the ground is her head! We would love to give BabyLove pull ups a trial to see if there is an easier way to “tackle” changing her nappy.

  36. We love baby love nappies in this house! We have 3 under 3 in babylove nappies. A 3 month old, 23 month old and 3 yr old. My girls would be the perfect testers for these nappy pants!

  37. My 21month old has been showing interest in the potty since chrisrmas. But as I have a 3.5yr old and am pregnant with #3, I’m finding it hard to focus on potty training and end up just putting her in nappies. Pull ups would hopefully help me get her potty trained while not having to worry about accidents.

  38. We’re trying very hard to get baby Jack toilet trained. He’s not there yet but we’ll persevere and with the help of BabyLove it will be an absorbent and easy to use journey.

  39. Would love to try these as my son is just starting toilet training and we’ve always just used huggies nappies, would love to see these are comparable absorbency

  40. Anything that makes nappy changes for a one year old easier, I’m eager to try!!!!

  41. Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    Would love to trial for my little man I’m just start8ng him in nappy pants he is letting me know when he’s done a stink so that’s great not long now till toilet training

  42. My active, non dyop, chaotic sweet 18 month daughter is non stop I have to chase her catch her to change her nappy, and I struggle with leaks at night.

  43. Jessica bubic Reply

    I have a 2.5 year old who is still in nappies overnight and a 4month old in nappies. I really struggle to find nappies that are suitable for both. They either leak, and too lose or too tight. I am always switching and changing brands. Would love to try the new nappies

  44. My toddler is so independent now! I’d love to give these a try to make change times easier and faster!

  45. I have an autistic 5 year old son and toddler that wriggles when changing nappies. He won’t sit still for long enough so unless you’re super quick he rolls and turns around or sits up. I’d love to try those babylove big boy pull ups so we can test out the dry weave and don’t have to bother with any sticky tabs at the sides please.

  46. Lana Colville Reply

    We would love to test out the baby love nappy pants. Our daughter is 17months and is the wiggle queen when it comes to nappy changing. I reckon nappy pants would make it alot easier changing her as she is attempting to run away!!!

  47. We would love to try baby love nappy pants! My little man has just started toilet training and the other nappy pants are all too big for him because he is quite petite and I don’t like other brands that have the scratchy side tabs that come apart with an active boy! Changing time is always a cat and mouse chasing game on our house hold!

  48. I’m so keen to try these! My little girl is becoming a wriggler who hates having a nappy change. Hoping these make life easier.

  49. I’m so keen to try out BabyLove nappy pants.. I have a very active 20 month old who doesn’t like to sit still EVER so these would be perfect I think. We will also be toilet training soon so these shoukd help with her confidence and wanting to do w everything by herself

  50. Its becoming a real struggle to keep bub still long enough to put on a regular nappy so pull ups would be great.

  51. My 2 year old is completely miss independent. You go to help her and she just wants to do it herself.
    These nappies are perfect for her

  52. With miss 21 months desperately trying to keep up with an older brother and sister, who has time for nappy changes. At the moment they usually involve me chasing her around the house, catching her, taking her pants off, her running off, catching, taking her nappy off (praying if it’s dirty she stays still), her running off, catching her… you get the drift. Nappy pants would make this a much more enjoyable experience (Well as enjoyable as it can be).

  53. I’d love to try baby loves new nappy pants as my little man is making it impossible to change his nappy now that he is on the move! These would be ideal for nappy change time at our house!

  54. I’d love to sample as a lot of the nappy pants we have tried have caused rashes

  55. My little lady just turned 1 and talk about wriggle! She loves to stand up which makes putting a conventional nappy on very hard (and they usually then fall off and/or leak!).

  56. To help with my toddler taking his nappy off to toilet train making it more like undies.

  57. I would love to try these Nappy Pants to make changes easier as my boy is very wriggly and hates nappy changes. Also he tries to them off. My husband would be very interested as he is in a wheelchair and finds some Nappies (the current) difficult to change our boy. These might make it easier for him to change him more frequently.

  58. I would love to give these a test run on miss nearly 2. She manages to escape from regular tab nappies so it may be time to give nappy pants a go.

  59. Being a mother to a energetic little nearly 14 month old it gets pretty hard at changing times so nappy pants would be great for those quick changes.

  60. My almost-2 year old is a wriggly, squirmy little monkey, whose favourite game is to race away from Mummy as soon it’s time to put on her nappy!! Getting her to lay still is currently IMPOSSIBLE and I would love to try an easier way! Please pick us- for Mummy’s sanity!

  61. Alison Humble Reply

    Oh yes please!!! Mast 2 is a pain in the butt at nappy change time… this would make it easier

  62. Nappy pants are easy to wear and easy to take off, and they’re perfect for the toilet training. I’d do the toilet training for my little boy and these pants would be a big helper.

  63. Charmaine Schlaefer Reply

    I have two very active toddlers, Baby Love nappy pants would make my life and my partners life so much easier. We love Baby Love nappies already and recently featured on instagram for Feature Friday…. We love sharing loads of pics on instagram and can’t wait to try out the nappy pants.

  64. Would love to try these. Anything has got to be better than the huggies nappy pants, they are shocking

  65. I’m always looking for the best nappy for mini miss who’s just not quite ready for toilet training.

  66. Kristy-Lea Fraser Reply

    My girl has just turned one but is full of sass and independence already. She’s been walking for 2.5 months and thinks she’s 12! I think babylove nappy pants are the answer to all of our nappy changing dramas and we’d love to try and review them.

  67. Nicole Everingham Reply

    Would love to try nappy pants so the independent toddler can put it on himself so no chasing around the house

  68. I enjoy giving my opinion 🙂 I would love to review nappy pants, I haven’t rely used nappy pants before on my little one

  69. I’m still a big sceptical on these nappy pants on our shelves, I know it’s about transitioning from the original nappy all our babies love but I’m just not convinced they can do the job the same! Pick me and put me out of my mum worry!

  70. Sian Barlow Reply

    I’d love to trial the nappies for my on the move 2 year old. He won’t sit still for a nappy change, just wants to chase his big sister!

  71. I’m looking for a nappy pant that allows my on the go toddler the independence to join in his toileting milestones, as well as one that is comfortable to wear with no breakages or leakage

  72. I really do need to try theses nappy pants out. I’ve heard only good things about them & my baby is such a little wriggler trying to change his nappy. Always trying to roll over & crawl away every time.

  73. My 16 month old son has hated nappy change since day dot! It is a massive struggle 90% of the time and at times takes a toll on me as he also hates getting dressed!! So I would love to try nappy pants so hopefully they make what can be stressful easier.

  74. We would love to try this new baby love nappy pants. We just recently switched to baby love from other brand which was more expensive. And we think baby love is great, we love it. So will be interesting to try this nappy pants for my very active 16 months old.

  75. Stacey kayser Reply

    Would LOVE to trial these!! With an active little one and a 9 yr old im well amd truly over run!! I know littlest miss would love to be apart of it as well. We already use baby love nappies so would love to trial the next stage. I used baby love nappies with my oldest 10yrs ago and was my go to this time round

  76. Would love to give these a try! My 13 month old loves to death roll as soon as he hits the change table. Running around after him to get him dressed is a challenge and these look like an awesome product to help with a tricky situation

  77. I would love to trial it, as I’ve always been a buggies mum, but I have heard amazing things about Babylove that I think it is time to try something new.

  78. I’d love for my son to trial the BabyLove Nappy Pants as he’s beginning to toilet train and prefers nappy pants/undies to regular nappies.

  79. I would love for my toddler who is crawling, to trial this nappy brand so I could compare this to what she is wearing at the moment. I would love to provide an honest and accurate review.

  80. N Beaumont Reply

    My little rascal is the slipperiest, jumpiest and funniest toddler ever and would be the perfect chaotic and energetic tester for the BabyLove nappy pants. She will certainly test the stretchy waist to it’s limits through her daily acrobatics and will love feeling a sense of independence as she learns to pull up and down the nappy pants at each change.

  81. I would love to try these a y live nappies. Little one is now just over 14 months old and nappy change times are a struggle as he is eager to continue with his activities and won’t lay still.

  82. Danielle warren Reply

    I would love try some new nappies 1. I always love trying to new products 2. My 1year old always seems to be waking soaked through and I have tried a few different nappies and seem to have the same issue would love to try something new that doesn’t have this issue

  83. Mel Harvey Reply

    Would love to see the difference better huggies as i believe huggies arent what thsy used to be

  84. Leisa Sandles Reply

    My little man is constantly running away every time it’s nappy change time. I’d love to try these babylove nappy pants…maybe then I’ll be able to get a nappy on without having to chase him around the house!

  85. Estelle prunty Reply

    I would to try these with my almost 12 month old wiggling around and a 2.5 year old running away for nappy changes.
    Oh the challenges of having two wrigglers at the same time

  86. Sarah Blockley Reply

    I’m currently toilet training my little man and would like a nappy that is a little more user friendly than the traditional one. Nappy pants would be perfect because they are so similar to undies and will mean a lot less mess and fuss!

  87. My 1 year old isn’t a fan of nappies, wants to be a big boy like his older sisters, so will only wear nappy pants.

  88. I would love to try the baby love nappy pants for my active boy as I have heard great things about them.

  89. We’d love to try these nappy pants,
    I’m sure I’d do a happy dance!
    Struggling to change my boy on the floor,
    Before he takes off out the door!
    Our baby love’s will cause no commotions,
    And save the day from disaster bowel motions!

  90. Kylie Fotheringham Reply

    I would love to trial the nappy pants, my son just doesn’t stop wriggling around when attempting to put his normal baby love nappies on, causing fights each time! It’s even more wonderful (sigh) when he’s done a #2, such fun lol

  91. Emma Collins Reply

    I’d love to trial these with my little guy!
    I’ve tried almost every other nappy on the market and haven’t found ‘the one’ yet…

  92. I have a 20 month old who is very active and doesn’t like staying still
    for Nappy changes so I would love to try these

  93. I am yet to find a pull up type of nappy that is good for overnight use. 15 month old detests nappy change time so the quicker the better!

  94. I would like to test the babylove nappy pants for my wriggly, squirmy 15 month old.

  95. I would love to review as I am in the early stages of trying to toilet train my super crazy, energetic rascal who is two this April. I have never seen a child who is as much as a mover and grover as my little one and anything that will ease the stresses that come with chasing a naked baby around the house befofe they pee on the floor because they hate getting a nappy on will be a life saver!

  96. My 12 month old is a active little boy who is always on the go from changing his nappy to exploring the house an playing with anything he can.

  97. I would love to try these nappy pants because my 16 month old will not lie still for nappy changes and these would make things so much easier.

  98. I would LOVE to trial these nappy pants my big and very wriggly 17 month old just doesn’t stop. nappy change time is like wrestling a anaconda who has drunk to much red cordial and this mumma is tired and needs a solution. please please please.

  99. My little one has just turned 1 but has been walking for over a month now. I’m finding it hard to find nappies to keep up with her and stop her from leaking overnight (tummy sleeper), so I would love to trial the nappy pants for her.

  100. I would love to trial these nappies as with a toddler who will not stay still nappy changing has become a chore.

  101. My little man detests lying down for nappy changes and it is always like a wrestling match attempting to fasten his nappy back up. Nappy pants are looking like the way to go, therefore we would love to trial them and see if they keep up with his go getter approach to the day…which lasts allllll day

  102. Hey there! I’d love my son to review your nappies. He’s 11 months old and such a wriggler! These look perfect to help make nappy change time a lot easier.
    Good luck with your search and we hope to hear from you!

  103. I have an active and adventurist 19 month old who loves to play and get dirty! He is constantly on the move and thus proves difficult to change him.
    We would love to trial baby love nappy pants!

  104. My daughter hates wearing nappies. Changing her is world war 3

  105. Raina Dietrich Reply

    I’ve always used Huggins because that’s what we started with in the nicu, but now bibs is a year old and ready to switch up to nappy pants and I’m keen to try something new

  106. Jo Spalding Reply

    I have a whirlwind 15 month old who just won’t stay still when changing. She’s also started undoing her nappy. What should take 30 seconds feels like it takes 10 minutes. I’d love to try these to see if it would stop the super stressful nappy changes and stop her from ripping her nappy off before I can put her pants back on!

  107. courtney morgan Reply

    I used to swear by huggies with my daughter who is now 7 but since I have had my son who is 7 months i hate huggies and only use babylove as they hold their urine better and just look a lot more comfortable

  108. My son screams bloody murder when getting his nappy changed. He kicks, flips and won’t stay still it’s horrible and even my parents and in laws HATE changing his nappy. I would love to try these and maybe horrible nappy changes will be a thing of the past

  109. Do the nappies chase the toddler too!! My little mover is 15 months old and since he started moving he hasn’t stopped and that includes changing time. There’s always something better to do than lie there he thinks! Traditional nappies just aren’t cutting the mustard so I’d love to try these and see if it can make changing times a little more pleasant for all of us!

  110. Marie Strong Reply

    I would love to test the BabyLove Nappy Pants as miss Emily who is just over 2 is miss super independent. Everything is „I do it!“ with stomping feet 🙂 I imagine these would be perfect for her. She could put them on and off herself and encourage her to be independent and happy 🙂

  111. Do the nappies chase the toddler too!! My little mover is 15 months old and since he started moving he hasn’t stopped and that includes changing time. There’s always something better to do than lie there he thinks! Traditional nappies just aren’t cutting the mustard so I’d love to try these and see if it can make changing times a little more pleasant for all of us!

  112. Erin Le Good Reply

    I have a 1yo who is just on the go all the time and hates anything that stops him like being put to sleep, the pram and nappy changes! Would love to trial the nappy pants to see if they make nappy changes less stressful for both of us!

  113. Sam Allen-Stephens Reply

    I’d love to try the Babylove Nappy Pants as I’d like to try something new. I’ve always used Huggies for my boys and I feel like there might be something better out there.

  114. My one year old loves to learn new things that lead to his independence! I l enjoy being able to hive him the tools to dress himself and learn new skills, so these nappies would be a blessing in our lives. He hates laying down to be changed, but is great with standing up and putting on clothes! As has just learnt to walk, the shape of his nappies are changing and we have had to adjust our brands to accommodate this.

  115. My son moves around ALOT in his sleep!! Every time i go in he’s in a different “yoga pose” .
    Looking for a good night nappy that will contain any potential accidents.

  116. My LO would be a perfect candidate. 17 months old, but tiny. Can climb anything! Prefers to bear crawl, with spider speed. Houdini at removing a nappy, particular at bedtime. Nappy Pants seem like a great option for us!

  117. Having a gorgeous baby boy who suffers from kidney reflux and the associated UTI’s – it is of high importance he doesn’t have any added pressure around his waist – the 360 degree stretch waist of these new pull ups is the best feature yet, he can be comfy, and I can be stress free!

  118. I have a very active 15 month old. She’s constantly running, jumping, climbing and rolling. She has so much energy and rarely stays still so nappy changes need to be super quick and they need to be very strong.

  119. My very active 13 month old Grand Daughter just hates having her nappy changed. What a performance to “chase” her little backside around to get a nappy on. How much easier it would be to use nappy pants, both for her and Grandma !

  120. Changing a toddlers nappy or wrestling a crocodile? It’s an Olympic sport with Mr 2, chase, pounce, wrestle! Nappy pants sounds like I could do this on the run.. what a dream!!

  121. I have a very active 19 month old who tries to keep up with his nearly 4 year old brother, he copies everything his brother does even attempting to use the toilet. These would be amazing to put on him especially when we are attemping the toilet (even tho hes scared of it) then i wouldnt have to try and tackle him afterwards to get a nappy back on i could just pull it up 🙂

  122. We would love to trial as our very active little girl is learning to dress herself, toilet training and learning to use her own pull up her nappy would be great.

  123. My 14 month old son is every bit of an active, busy toddler. Climbing, running, rolling and wriggling through the days. We would love to trial the nappy pants and have one less battle on our hands!

  124. Charley Tankard Reply

    My daughter is 21 months and is self teaching herself to go to the toilet as she is copying her older sister so I got the potty down not forcing it in her as she’s not even two but she sees and poos in her potty when I take her nappy off is love to trial these to see if she can pull them up and down herself to help with going to the potty as I have to take her nappy off as she can’t I do the Velcro straps

  125. My 6 month old is already proving difficult during nappy changes due to her wriggly nature and always protesting nappy changes! We would love to try nappy pants but havent had a chance yet due to still going through all the nappies we got as gifts. My little one has sensitive skin and we have heard such good things about them being so soft and gentle on baby skin!

  126. My little girl is 13 months. She is a flexi ninja monkey, putting her foot above her head to hook on and pull herself up things she knows she shouldnt be climbing. All with a very self-impressed look.

  127. Aptly named after Ruben “Hurricane” Carter, nappy changes have become quite tricky with the spin and run monuvre. We would love to try BabyLove Nappy Pants to see if this exhausting game of chase and change be more pleasant for the both of us

  128. I have a climber and runner and would love to trial nappypants as they look like a much easier option than trying to wrangle my toddler down onto the floor for a nappy change!

  129. I haven’t actually tried this brand of nappy pants, my 2yo is super active and it would be nice to give something else a try!

  130. We have a very energetic 18 month old who is wanting to toilet train. Nappy pants would be a great way to help him learn how to pull his own pants up and down. And help myself to quickly get him on the toilet when he does indiciate a need to go. While eliminating the large amounts of accidents that can occur while toilet training. As we already use baby love i can remind confident that the nappy.pamts will continue protect his sentive, allergy prone skin.

  131. The Nappy change in my house is now a game, we scream, laugh, there are bare bottoms, tears and so much coordination. Please help me win and beat my 1 year old.

  132. Bronwyn Elmes Reply

    I have 3 under 3! One year old twins and a two year old. They all move in different directions when it’s time to get changed.

  133. I would love to trial the BabyLove Nappy Pants because turning into a sweaty mess everytime I change my daughters nappy needs to become a thing of the past.

  134. Nellie Thomson Reply

    Oh this would be amazing my 14 month old is the WORST at nappy changes!! We had him in the babylove wrigglers as soon as he fit into them!!

  135. I’d love to review baby love nappy pants for you with my 17month old daughter. She’s wriggly she’s giggly,
    she’s bouncy and happy,
    but hates to lie still
    while I change her nappy!!
    We sing and play hand games
    we placate with a bikki,
    but changing a toddlers nappy
    can simply be tricky!!

  136. I would love to try out these nappies as I have an extremely active one year old who loves to take off her other nappies because the normal tabs are too easy to remove.

  137. I would love to be a part of the trail – i have a 14 month old boy who is like a hyperactive octopus crossed with a bag of cats when it comes to nappy change (and most other things too). Need i say more?!!

  138. Rosemarie De Bari Reply

    Lying down staying still for nappy changes? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Well my toddler doesn’t.

  139. I would love to try these on my little dude! He is so get up and go, i have to be Mr Miyagi to get a nappy on in one go!

  140. My son who is 16 months absolutely hates nappy changes and whatever I try to distract him with just does not work. Its a battle everyday trying to chase him around to put the tab baby love nappies on. Id love to give the pull up ones a go and hopefully makes my life alot easier when our baby number 2 arrives.

  141. My little man is perfect for this!!! He is a non-stop bag of energy who loves to dance, jump, run and play. He certainly keeps me busy!!!

  142. With two crawling twins who just will not sit still, nappy changes are like wrestling with an octopus! Nappy pants would be a godsend!

  143. Tiana Richardson Reply

    I would love to trial and review baby love nappy pants on my 19month old son who’s impossible to keep still during nappy change.

  144. Adele Coone Reply

    My 1.5year old firecracker would be an ace candidate to review these nappy pants. Nothing holds her back. Not even nappy changes

  145. Maria Foti Reply

    Baby no. 4 currently 16mths old. 3 boys and now a little wrigglepot girl. Anything that is going to make nappy change time more bearable and give me back 10mins every change time will be a god send!! I’ll give honest feedback and nothing will tell the truth more than a video of bubs in a 30sex nappy change…. let’s hope so anyway.

  146. no one better to trial this than the baby lover mumma herself. Yep thats me

  147. Currently wrestling a very energetic 1yo that thinks it’s a game when we change nappies!

  148. We are just starting to think about toilet training, and nappy pants will be the next step. Popsy is 21 months old and running about like a seagull chasing a chip. We’d love to trial the nappy pants, as we are already familiar with babylove and really like the brand.

  149. These would be perfect for my 2 year old very busy twins! Especially as we prepare for toilet training it will help them learn to pull them up and down and get them used to wearing something more “undie” style.

  150. Trangles doaners Reply

    Would love to trial these nappy pant! Bubba is currently in crawler baby love nappies and moving up to toddler soon… these nappy pants might be a whole heap easier to put on before he can try to run away!

  151. I would love my baby to be a Baby Love product tester! He is an absolute mover., groover, wriggler and escape artist! Baby Love nappies sound like they are just the thing to make change times a lot less tearful and a lot more easier for us all!!

  152. I’d love to trial these on my daughter as she loves to run off mid change. It’d make it a lot easier if the nappies were easy on and off. Toddlers are always on the go!

  153. These would be great to trial, I am babysitting the little one and having so much trouble getting nappies on her, these look really easy to use

  154. Stephanie.P Reply

    We would love to trial baby love nappy pants. My son is now very active and constantly takes his nappy off and wants to wear undies but as he isn’t quite toilet trained yet we still need the protection of a nappy but that he can pull down and up

  155. Katierenia Reply

    I would love to trial and review BabyLove Nappy Pants as my 9 month old is so full of beans and just cannot keep still when I change his nappy, immediately rolling to his tummy to crawl off whilst still with out a nappy… and I know this will only become even more challenging as he gets older. Nappy pants would be a fabulous solution I believe. I still need the long lasting protection for day and night, and as he is crawling, standing and trying to walk, I need flexibility and comfort in a nappy.

  156. Nadia Pasqua Reply

    Change time has been a struggle with the crying and the rolling and trying to get away I thought it was just my bub being bratty but reading the comments its seems quite common haha

  157. Sheridan Wooler Reply

    I would live to trial these with my toddler as i am pregnant with bub no. 5 and am in the process of beginning toilet training. My toddler hates laying down to hsve her nappy put on but loves putting shorts on so these would be awesome

  158. I would like to try Baby love nappy pants. My little man is always in the go, hardly sits still. Change time is a struggle. I need to give him my phone for him to watch videos of himself just to keep him still while changing. Also, I’ve been using another brand and would like to see how these differ.

  159. My 10 month old is super tricky when its nappy changing time. He always wants to stand and not lay down and when you finally get them on he’ll pull the tabs and pull them off

  160. I would love to test these! Not personally, but for my 16 month old “son”. I say “son” because I am not entirely convinced he is not just a well disguised wild raccoon. Nap time = thrash and scream time so anything to make that easier would be a welcome change! (Change! Haha. See what I did there ) If you could also start selling a product that would make me feel like I’ve had a full night’s sleep sometime in the last 2 years we could be besties ‍♀️

  161. Nap time? I meant nappy time! Hahahahahaha please help me I need sleep

  162. My little one will not stay still for nappy changes so doing up the tabs is becoming a nightmare not to mention he rips the tabs open every chance he gets. I’d love to try the nappy pants!

  163. Would love to try the nappy pants as Larissa is always so full of energy and never stops moving which makes it hard to change nappies! Even when I do manage to get her nappy on one side and moving to the next side, she wiggles around so much that it comes undone again!

  164. With a toddler in the house and one on the way I’d love to test out these nappy pants! We swear by Baby Love wipes as we tried them ALL and found Baby Love are the best!

  165. My bub wiggled around all the time and would love to try these. And his current nappies leak

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