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APPLY TO REVIEW: We’re Looking for 15 Families to Trial and Review Kinetic Sand

If you’ve never touched Kinetic Sand, you don’t know how much fun you’re missing. 

Well, end your FOMO and read on. Because we’re looking for 15 Mum Central readers (and their kids of course!) to review the original, mesmerising and squeezable sand you simply can’t put down.

We love Kinetic Sand, and we’re pretty sure you will too!

Kinetic Sand is the coolest way to get your fix of creative play in 2019. We’re nuts about this crazy, slinky, can’t-stop-touching wizardry. In fact, we think it’s a must-have item for every Aussie family. Encouraging creative play, mess-free and, at a great value price point, Kinetic Sand is an activity mums and kids can both agree on, time after time.

So, you want to try Kinetic Sand, right? Of course you do! Well, before you apply, here’s the lowdown on the most magical sand around.

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Pack it, pull it, shape it – LOVE IT

Kinetic Sand is not just any sand … it’s magical! Trying to describe Kinetic Sands to someone who’s never touched it is like explaining colour to a person who’s only seen black and white. You know it’s spectacular. You know it feels amazing, but it’s really, really hard to communicate across – and that’s why we want you to try it for yourself! Touching it, is believing it.

With its unique formula, Kinetic Sand sticks to itself not the person playing, which makes it incredibly clean to play with and a favourite for those who hate the cleanup afterwards.

Its incredible, non-toxic properties mean Kinetic Sand moves and melts right before your eyes, flowing through your fingers like slime but without leaving behind any sticky residue (or epic carpet disasters).

Kinetic Sand is soft and stretchy, addictive to touch and non-stop fun for kids (and mums) alike. It’s almost impossible to describe the feel and movement of kinetic sand – that’s why you need to get it in your own hands, right now.

Creative play without the mess 

As mums, we all know that creative play is super important. What we love much, much less is the mess that comes with it. Forget finger painting, ditch the mucky glue sticks, resist the pain of a thousand tiny beads and definitely say no to the slime.

Kinetic Sand is the king of mess-less creative play.

Playing with Kinetic Sand stimulates your child’s imagination, develops their fine motor skills and aids improved dexterous manipulative ability. Best of all it’s so much damn fun they won’t even know this activity is actually good for them! (And please, let’s not spoil it and tell them!)

Endless hours of never-drying-out entertainment 

There’s thousands of hours of fun in every box of Kinetic Sand because it never dries out and is constantly re-useable. Not only does this mean Kinetic Sand is always ready to play when you are, there’s less waste and waaaay more value for money.

Best of all, if you’ve ever dragged out another crafty style activity in front of excited little ones only to find it crusty and un-useable, this will never happen again with Kinetic Sand.

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Safe for even the littlest of kids 

Made with a special formula of beach sand and polymers, Kinetic Sand is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. So not only is it mess-free creative play, but it’s totally safe for kids from 3 years of age. Even better, with its limitless creative uses and mesmerising properties this is an activity that even the biggest kid in your house will enjoy. (And by that, of course, we mean Dad!)

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So many awesome choices in the Kinetic Sand range 

Kinetic Sand is available as a standalone product (a great starting point if you’ve never experienced its magic before) but it also comes in a range of pack-sets designed to inspire creative play.

Our favourite choice is the Kinetic Sand ‘Sand Castle’ Set. Not only is it great value with ample sand, clever moulds and tools, it comes with a handy tray to contain your sand for the easiest way to enjoy it! Just like being at the beach (without leaving the house #winning) you’ll ignite ample creativity and oodles of imagination that will keep the kids busy for hours.

mum centralWe love Kinetic Sand… and you will too 

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Kinetic Sand is an activity the whole family will love. Its soothing, oozing feel and incredible buildable quality makes it ideal for creative play month after month. With sand choices from just $3.49 it also makes a fabulous gift for any child, big or small, that’s sure to be a firm and long-term favourite.

Want to own some now? You can view the full Kinetic Sand range (and buy yourself some fun-in-a-box) at Big W, Kmart, Woolworths and Toyworld.

As a mum there’s nothing better than an activity which is screen-free, non-toxic, great value, inspires creative play, never dries out AND doesn’t make a mess. While it almost seems too good to be true, it literally isn’t! Kinetic Sand is magic in so many ways…

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Never tried Kinetic Sand with your kids? Got some busy little hands perfect to join in the task of reviewing this product?

Why not try Kinetic Sand for yourself as a Mum Central Product Tester?  We’d love to hear from you!

We’re looking for 15 families to try Kinetic Sand for themselves and tell us what they really think! If you’ve got children aged 5 to 10 years, you’re exactly who we’re looking for. Even better, if you’re handy with the camera as we want to show Australia your amazing Kinetic Sand creations!

Simply apply via the form below for your chance to be a Mum Central Product Tester.

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