We all love to receive a parcel in the mail, RIGHT? Not so for this elderly couple who received a drug haul worth millions of dollars by mistake. Obvs.

Imagine the warm, fuzzy feeling you get as you sign for your surprise delivery package. You might be thinking “Oh someone has been nice enough to send us a mystery care package.”

Only to rip it open and discover it was MILLIONS of dollars worth of drugs sent in error. Awks.

Not your average mail day AT ALL.

It’s reported that an elderly Melbourne couple signed for a courier sent parcel full of methylamphetamine, more commonly known as ice and meth, which was sent to them most definitely by mistake.

Upon opening the parcel (and no doubt realising the contents had absolutely nothing to do with them), the couple were quick to spring to action, immediately calling the police.

Quite the well packed haul

Police allegedly discovered 20 kilograms of MDMA within the parcel, all neatly packed in foil-like bags. A haul with a street value of TEN MILLION dollars. Did we mention that this was delivered to this elderly couple’s Hoppers Crossing home? BY MISTAKE. There were a number of bags containing white powder in the parcel, police said.

Heads are certainly going to roll for that person responsible for the misaddressed parcel!

Return to sender?

Detectives executed a search warrant at a Bundoora address where a further 20 kilograms of methylamphetamine were located, again with the same ten million dollar street value. A 21-year-old Bundoora resident was arrested at the scene and later interviewed in relation to importing and trafficking drugs.

That’s a total of 800,000 hits that have been intercepted from reaching the street!

An ongoing investigation

While the investigation remains ongoing at this point in time, we’re thankful these drugs won’t be on our streets and the police were quick to jump to action. For the love of crikey think of the sweet elderly couple in this scenario. Concerned for their welfare, police have assured them that they did nothing wrong.

Send your grandparents something nice (like a card and chocolates) to say you’re thinking of them PRONTO!

Source Nine News

Meth is always, ALWAYS bad news. Read about how this breastfeeding mother was charged with murder when her baby died from ingesting meth.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addition, please seek help. Information on methamphetamine addition and support can be found at Lifeline.


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