Everything changed after I had babies. Every.Thing. But the biggest surprise for me was the one thing that nobody really warned you about. Leakage.

Now don’t get me wrong, I sort-of expected that … but I never really understood the extent to which the changes would reach. Sure, I prepared myself for sleepless nights and a drastically reduced social life. I even prepared myself for my saggy boobs but the regular, involuntary loss of bodily fluids from my southern regions was NOT something I remember anyone sufficiently warning me about.

That whole area has never operated to the same since my babies were born. And by that area I mean my vagina. My vajeen. My vajayjay. My private area, which lost all rights to privacy the moment I went in to labour. But just because it’s never been the same since doesn’t mean I don’t still love it. Oh, I do. I love that area. It’s very important to me and I look after it. With love. In my time as a mum I have serviced that area with a plethora of personal hygiene products. Maternity pads, regular pads, overnight pads, tampons, LBL Poise pads and panty-liners. That’s a lot of money… and landfill. Which is why I was intrigued to learn about this new underwear range called Modibodi.

Only a couple of years old, Modibodi is fashionable, comfortable, highly technical underwear, designed to empower women by protecting them against life’s annoying but very common unmentionables – sweat, light bladder leaks [LBL], menstrual onset,  menstrual overflow/spotting, discharge, odour and breast milk leaks.

Let me just say here, that I’m not an early adopter. I’m a ‘let’s see what everyone thinks first’ adopter… it’s the risk aversion in me. But even though I don’t know anyone else [yet] that could tell me about these knickers I was encouraged to learn that they were designed and invented by an Australian mother of three, Kristy Chong, and surely she MUST know the problems I’m facing.

Well apparently she really, really does.  

PLUS, they support us from a size 6 right up to Size 26. You bet – curvy ladies come on down, these are amazing!

And they now have Girls size 8/10 and 10/12 in their Acqua Sensual Brief. Mums are buying for their daughters to wear when they are expecting their periods.


With absorbent/leak-proof (MODIFIER) and moisture wicking (MODIFIER AIR) technologies, that include anti-microbial properties to eliminate odour, and are stain resistantModibodi underwear lets you look and feel your best all the time.


ModibodiTM outer fabrics are of the highest quality and not only feel great to wear but offer superior technical properties that will keep you cool, dry and fresh.


DividerThe range is actually quite impressive. Not just a bikini and boyleg, the range caters for pretty much every type of women and need:


Modibodi-Sensual-CollectionModibodi-CollectionModibodi-Curvy-CollectionModibodi-Maternity-CollectionThe Six Modibodi Styles

Classic – A range of bikini, thong, boyleg, full brief and sports bra
Active – Moisture wicking and leak proof underpants (stop and give me 10 star jumps!)
Sensual – Brief, boyleg and high leg all leak proof (what Bel wore!)
Smooth – Ditch the visible panty line, these will keep you dry and fresh all day long
Curvy – Boyleg, full brief and high leg – sizes 8 to 26 these won’t disappoint!
Maternity – Range of leak-proof underwear AND moisture-wicking breastfeeding singlets!


We put them through their paces and here’s what we had to say!

Tania Pradun, Deputy Editor

I wore the Classic Boyleg all day yesterday. Through walking the kids to school, carrying shopping bags in and out of the car, vacuuming the floor, a few spring sneezes and one totally random but well-timed coughing fit. This week is also THAT time of the month for me. No, not the other time, I’m MID-cycle. You know what I’m saying? The time that my body tells me that I’m fertile in the stickiest way… TMI??

Anyway I really did feel the difference. Honestly.

The fabric is gorgeous and feels amazing to wear. Almost like a second skin. Except for the padded gusset which, surprisingly, also feels amazing. I felt dry and safe and DEFINITELY noticed the difference from my usual under garments [Bonds].

And it wasn’t just me. Belinda also trialled a couples of pairs and today we did something we never thought we’d do. We discussed our knickers. We compared notes on how our underwear performed and got quite personal about just how much we ‘need’ that extra bit of protection. #oversharers, we know!

Belinda Jennings, Founder & Managing Editor

As a mum with a curvier figure, I often find it challenging to find comfortable underwear that fits me nicely without ‘digging in’ accentuating my ‘muffin top’ even more than it is already. Because of this I tend to stick to the brands I know fit me well and don’t really delve into the ‘sensual‘ or ‘sexy’ underwear styles as often as I should.  I love my lines however wonder if designers don’t quite get what goes on once you get past the typical size 8 or 10. Anyone with me here?

So anyway, not being one to shop underwear online, and fluctuating between a 16-18 depending on brand and cut,  I ordered the 16 and secretly crossed my fingers they’d fit me nicely.

Modibodi Sensual Hi Leg (leak-proof). FYI this is not an actual picture of me, in case you couldn’t tell!) 😉

I chose the Modibodi Sensual Hi Cut because I really liked the look of the lace trim at top and felt it would be comfortable across my tummy and hug my curves nicely. Needless to say it didn’t disappoint. The gorgeous magenta made a welcome pop of colour to my underwear drawer and the fabric is oh-so-SOFT!

It was divine to wear, and despite me expecting the underwear gusset to be bulkier than normal (cue expectation of wearing a sanitary pad), it really didn’t feel any different to normal underwear.

This particular day I was travelling to Melbourne for a Blogger event and as most women will know (none moreso than those like me with a larger figure), when you’re busy and on the go all day, one can get rather sweaty and damp ‘down there’. What blew me away was just how comfortable and dry I was, ALL DAY! I didn’t feel the slightest bit damp and while it sounds like TMI between friends, it really made a huge difference for me!

I also got a pair of the Full Cut Briefs in Black and put them through their paces the next day. They were a somewhat different feel to wear and to be honest, not as comfortable as the Sensual Hi Cut however still very comfy to wear. Again kept me super dry on my manic Behind the Scenes Blogging gig at the Credit Union Christmas Pageant (5am to 1pm NON STOP!). There wasn’t a ‘moist crutch’ in sight (thank God ’cause nobody wants to see that) and again this underwear really stood up to a hot, busy day.

To be completely honest with you, I never really bothered with panty liners BK (before kids). Oh my, now they’re a staple in my bathroom drawer and to be honest they are pretty expensive if you’re using them daily, AND they’re no good for the environment either (more landfill). Modibodi in my opinion are a clever way to cut down on costs, wear lovely underwear AND be good to the earth. #winning

Plus I did wonder (in case you are too), the gussets are black (even on my sexy pink number) so staining is not an issue in the event of period overflow etc.


Apply-to-ReviewTo celebrate this amazing product, and because we love to hear what you’ve got to say (and give you free things), we’ve organised for 20 lucky readers to receive their own pair of Modibodi underwear for them to wear and tell us what they think.

To apply, complete the application form below in full and we’ll be in touch if you’re one of the 20 lucky readers. PLUS, every applicant will receive a BONUS DISCOUNT CODE for any further pairs they’d like to order.

If you’re breastfeeding, we have 2 of the breastfeeding singlets from the Modibodi Maternity Collection available for review as well so be sure to specify if you’d like to be considered for that.

If you’re lucky enough to be selected, we’ll send you a pair to trial. You’ll have 7 days to put them through their paces then be required to complete a short survey and come back to us with your honest and detailed feedback. That’s it – then they’re yours to keep and we will share what you had to say with our readers.

SO what are you waiting for? Get cracking and get your application in today!

Apply to Review Modibodi Underwear. Revolutionary, Eco-Friendly, Luxurious & Innovative Women’s Underwear


Show your support for Modibodi and follow them on Facebook for more great offers!




Tania’s love language is ‘feeding people’. With a strong European heritage, her love of mixing flavors and quality, gourmet food coupled with her intense need to feed people en masse was bound to lead her to the catering game. Amazing Grazers is her latest baby which she manages to run while parenting two very busy tween-aged sons. When she’s not rolling salami in the kitchen she can be found with her head in a good glass of wine and a book in her hand. Or something like that.


  1. Leanne White Reply

    Sensual collection is appealing to myself….smooth and sassy.
    Would love to treat myself with some quality underwear.

  2. Billie Lee Reply

    Smooth looks great, so does the active! Love the environmental aspect: less landfill and saves $$$ in the long run!

  3. Cassie Woolley Reply

    The smooth ones look great. I am interested to save both waste and $ in panty liners.

  4. Lana Adele Wood Reply

    That they are leak proof! No need for panty liners anymore.

  5. Love the look of the action ones and would love to review them. Thanks for the opportunity

  6. I love that they aren’t bulky and have so many different styles

  7. Wow something in my size it’s so hard shopping for nice undies. Love the no sweat feature yep I’m a big girl and this is a fact of life for me

  8. Fiona Carson Reply

    As a keen netball player, I really want to try the active range!

  9. Joanne Everson Reply

    i like the look of the sensual and curvy, the look great and either would suit my body type

  10. Mel okimoto Reply

    I love the active line, perfect for when exercising each day and keeping you look fresh

  11. It is about time we ladies had some underwear where we have a choice of sensual, classic, curvacious, etc etc. I recently went to a large Department store looking for underwear. I walked around in circles looking for my size, which used to be around 26 and now a 20. I want to look sexy, I want to feel sexy. Just because I may be bigger than other ladies doesn’t mean I can’t be sexy. It is disgusting how fashion homes don’t make clothing, and especially underwear that makes us feel good. Congratulations Modibodi for bringing underwear for the “Real Woman”. xxx

  12. julia sheedy Reply

    I think all of them are fantastic…why just limit yourself to one favorite….they all make you feel good and are all what we ladies want in a underwear….so plus plus tick all the boxes on all styles 🙂

  13. THe curvy style is my favourite , its hard to find comfortable underpants that dont ride up and feel awful , this style would be perfect for me , making me feel confident and more relaxed in my choice of clothing .

  14. Adele Coone Reply

    I’d love to try the active style. I try and keep myself fit and find that panty liners can be uncomfortable when skipping/running.

  15. I’d love to try the active as I’d like to get back into exercising and with just had a baby a few months ago, I always have accidents so this will be a great product to try. Thanks

  16. Jessica Charles Reply

    The active style would be awesome to wear when I go to the gym. The absorbancy and odour eliminating features would make me a lot more comfortable.

  17. littleangel Reply

    I love this….they all look great and then having the benefit of the absorbency feature – genius. After having two children, I have an ongoing issue with leakage and this would suit me amazingly!

  18. This product would be wonderful for new mums playing sport. In the roller derby world we have new mums returning to sport within 4-6 weeks and this is one issue which is always being talked about!!

  19. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    I like the Sensual up to the waist style, BUT that is m,y era, I am geriatric.

  20. newmummakim Reply

    “Do you find the sustainable and eco-friendly aspect of Modibodi as a positive influence for the brand?”
    Ummmmm where was the option to say Hell Yeah?
    I’ve not tried Modibodi before but I’m excited to find out all about it. As a mum trying to stay active with daily running and cardio on week days and sometimes wearing figure hugging outfits for work, the Active and Smooth styles sound like the type I will enjoy.

  21. Linda Luczak Reply

    Love the absorbency moisture locking and anti micro bacterial feature of Modibodi. They really have thought the concept through. The Smooth style is my favourite. Their invisible panty line is a feature I look for when purchasing underwear. I’d be keen to trial Modibodi!

  22. Nina Prior Reply

    This is Amazing! Nothing worse than trying to get back into sport or get active after children to find that not only that you arent as fit, bit you can’t do as much, as well as flappy tummies and leakages.

  23. Leanne Campbell Reply

    Love the sound of these & I think the Classic bikini would be the most comfortable for me but I would also like to try the sports bra

  24. Since delivery 18 months ago I have had heavy menstrual periods so the absorbency would certainly would eliminate the anxiety I feel.

  25. The maternity wear, especially the breastfeeding top sounds like it would be really comfortable and practical for me as a new mum

  26. Laura davis Reply

    Really like the concept and the sensual range looks great! Great package all round, from small to large and nursing to active even to the sexy mummy’s!!! Just so diverse just as we woman are…some brilliant minds out there! Yes please can I review for the young mums out there!

  27. sarah moss Reply

    accidents can happen so these would be great to try especially for hot sweaty days

  28. Love the idea of these. Sounds like they would be perfect as a cup back up.
    And maternity top! Brilliant!

  29. What a fantastic product. Can’t wait to try it out I can see myself saving a lot of money on liners etc.

  30. Andie Grant Reply

    Would love to try the maternity collection. I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding for nearly 5 years now, so have not worn lovely underwear like this for a long time!

  31. Jenny singleton Reply

    These look great!!!i can’t wait to try them and see how comfy they are.

  32. Lauren Geier Reply

    The active styles look great with the added benefit of a moisture wick

  33. I love the maternity range, there is nothing worse than leaking all over the place, from various orifices, when you’ve just had a baby!

  34. Julia Morton Reply

    absorbent leak proof modifier as it will give me confidence all day,especially if I sneeze,i will feel protected, feminine after having my newborn, one less worry to deal with.

  35. Chantel Rowley Reply

    I love the maternity range, with bub number 3 about to arrive any day, the body just doesn’t hold up as well as it use to. Leakages occur regularly and with the modifier technology there will be no need to worry about odours and stains 🙂

  36. The fact it keeps you cool and dry and you don’t have the feeling of wet underwear on humid Queensland days

  37. After having number 2 recently and both births had tears this range is a godsend. I hate the environmental impact of the amount of liners and pads i use because of the leakage. This would be perfect.

  38. Jasmine Stanford Reply

    I sweat a lot and am constantly worried about body odour so the moisture absorbtion and antimicrobial features would eliminate all my woes and give me a much needed confidence boost

  39. Antonietta Reply

    I have been waiting all my life for underwear like this, dream come true.

  40. Boy leg and leak free – WOW WEEEEEEEE, these are definitely me!!!!

  41. Love the maternity range it looks so comfortable and perfect for me becoming a mumma again in February

  42. Nicole Woods Reply

    I love the fact that they come in all styles regardless of size. I’m a larger girl but have always preferred the high cut style brief, which are not commonly made for people of my size. These look amazing!

  43. I love the active set. I don’t work out but I have three kids that I run after. I’m an older mum and after almost 70hrs of labour for the three my bits are not what they used to be. I’m great mostly but trampoline and laugh… and I need that tiny bit of help. The northern heat means we sweat A LOT. I like the modifier air lining for all these things.

  44. I love the active set. The gym is the only time I get to myself (thanks to the creche) so would be nice to spoil myself while only having “me” time

  45. i love the fact that you can chuck on your undies and go! i hate using liners

  46. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    The smooth collection sounds amazingly comfortable, keeping me dry and fresh all day long!!

  47. Felicity Turner Reply

    The active set looks fantastic I would love to wear this.

  48. Kristy Bidwell Reply

    I love that every shape and every lifestyle has been thought of in the design of this underwear.

  49. Michelle Leach Reply

    I feel very uncomfortable when I wear panty liners so I love the fact that these under garments have their own absorbent leak proof layer. With summer coming up it gets a bit sweaty ‘down there’. The less I use panty liners the better is for our Earth and that’s a big deal to me.

  50. Michelle Green Reply

    I love the Curvy Range. It would be lovely to try a nice comfy pair of underwear that fits and feels great.

  51. Juanita Thorn Reply

    I love the curvy range which would be perfect for me. I suffer with bladder leakage almost daily and it’s a very inconvenient side effect of having children and getting older. It’s also been extremely hard for me to find any bladder leakage products that go up to my size. Fingers crossed I’m one of the lucky 20…. 🙂

  52. Kate Slack Reply

    I love the fact that they are Antimicrobial to keep you feeling fresh for longer!

  53. Karren Aitken Ryan Reply

    Love the look of the sensual and hope to enjoy the feel of them to.

  54. Lucia Saal Reply

    Since I am 51 and have had children I really NEED the leak proof. The bladder is not a good as it used to be!

  55. Lizzie Midgley Reply

    After three pregnancies my body has completely changed. As a busy mum and small business owner I would love to feel secure and safe from all the womanly leaks that I seam to have developed over the years. I like the look of the sensual range- a little bit pretty and a lot practical. Just my cup of tea,

  56. Kaoma Dingle Reply

    Love that all Rangers offer plus size and a leak proof liner 🙂

  57. Gaylene Walsh Reply

    Love the feature of keeping coll, dry & fresh. A must in this QLD weather !

  58. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    The active range is perfect and would be excellent to try

  59. Lara Haynes Stewart Reply

    ive had 4 kids my body has changed so id love the idea of the curvy range

  60. Jessica Wolff Reply

    I love the Active style because you can do as much physical activity as possible and it won’t be uncomfortable or painful.

  61. viviennedobin Reply

    I’d love to try the smooth style for the gym as I hate to see panty line when I am in my gym gear

  62. Active range is my favourite because it is the perfect solution for my active lifestyle…

  63. Rebecca Evans Reply

    These sound so good! Finding good underwear is so hard, let alone finding them with all these built in features. I like the idea they are leakproof so you can avoid some other nasty products.

  64. hallelujah!underware that knows how to make a woman feel confident and safe!love the absorbent technology,eliminates feeling sweaty,and leakproof that’s genious.

  65. Sarahmary92 Reply

    I love the active style! There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable when working out.

  66. Karen Tatum-Hunnam Reply

    Keen to try as underwear in larger sizes can be rather boring and these look and sound great ….

  67. Suzanne Ware Reply

    I so wish I’d thought of these!!! What a wonderful invention. I love the Curvy range, it’s hard as a larger girl to find underwear that fits and is comfortable. I’m always worried about leakage and also that leakage leading to me being smelly!! All that is eliminated!!!

  68. What a fantastic idea, comfortable underwear that is eco friendly and deals with a multitude of issues that women have. No more feeling embarrassed in the supermarket queue buying “anti leakage” products!

  69. Lepumpkinhead Reply

    I love these. I really need them after having two children I have issues these would help with.

  70. I love that you cater for all sizes and shapes and lifestyles. After 4kids include some monster twins I need all the help I can get.

  71. Melinda Aylett Reply

    I love that Modibodi cater for ALL women, are environmentally friendly and, invented by an Australian! The stylish, comfortable designs are just icing on the cake, especially for us curvy girls!

  72. Sophia Vlake Reply

    Such a brilliant idea, especially giving women with bladder leakage a chance to feel normal instead of having to be constantly changing panty liners.

  73. Brilliant idea, I have been searching for something like this forever!

  74. Valerie Wee Reply

    It looks sexy and comfy to wear this maternity set during summer time.

  75. Why didn’t I hear about this product earlier? I love the idea of the active range, that would suit my lifestyle best of all.

  76. Cecilia Warrick Reply

    The Modifier air technology is such a wonderful idea, so that women can feel cool and fresh even in Summer.

  77. Samala Cambridge Reply

    It looks like beautiful underwear and serves an amazing purpose!

  78. Tracey Ralph Reply

    Wickering away moisture from my lady parts are most definitely a favourite feature!

  79. The maternity singlets are such a good idea. I have trouble with breast pads (cloth or disposable) staying in place overnight and often leak all over my nightie and sheets.

  80. Angela Aschberger Reply

    I like the environmentally friendly factor & the breathability. I’d love to try some for myself.

  81. Melanie O'Dell Reply

    Drawing away moisture sounds great. I am afraid to run, jump, hop or generally play with my toddler when out and about for fear of LBL. What freedom these would offer! In the hot Darwin build up weather I have to wear bike shorts under my skirts to avoid chaffing – these would solve that problem too. Would love the opportunity to trial a pair

  82. ivy fraser Reply

    Amazing would love to try. Love how they draw away the moisture and protect

  83. The IR technologies, with anti-microbial properties to eliminate odour, and are stain resistant.. Sound amazing!

  84. Dianne Muller Reply

    Staying dry and collecting the moisture and eliminate odour it sounds really hard to believe but after reading about I am sure to purchase a pair.

  85. The fact that they keep you cool, dry and comfortable all day sounds amazing! Being over 6 months pregnant with #2 I’m kinda over having to change undies/liners every time I sneeze, cough or laugh to hard (and yes, I work on my pelvic floor something ridiculous!)

  86. I love all the styles but being a bit curvy I’m hoping to try the curvy style. These underwear sound great for the everyday wear.

  87. Karina Lee Reply

    Loving the sensual range. I am hoping after wearing this for my husband, i will be needing the maternity range afterwards 😉

  88. My favourite feature would be that they’re comfortable and stop you feeling “damp” and that they’re environmentally friendly

  89. I love the Classic Boyleg and I like that they eliminate odour and are stain resistant. After have my third and largest baby, these are undie-niably the perfect undies for me!

  90. paula harris Reply

    My daughter has the maternity range and swears by it…..this old duck is a little old for that but would love to try the classic range

  91. I love the awesome size range, about time a company offered real sizes.

  92. Caitlin Fraser Reply

    I’d love to try the classic range just to see how they worked and if they really helped you feel dry.

  93. I love that it is a range for all women, young & old & so versatile in the styles & shapes- a great purpose to give us ladies a feeling of protection when we need it!

  94. Janine Hall Reply

    I love the idea wearing the maternity range nursing tops and being able to ditch the breast pads!

  95. Renee Nicholls Reply

    The sports style are functional, practical but look great!

  96. The smooth range – I just had my baby last Thurs, and am really looking forward to wearing normal butt-skimming skirts again once I’m past the labour healing and gigantic maternity pads!

  97. Milly Howells Reply

    I like the moisture wicking and absorbent technologies in the material. The active ones would make me a lot more comfortable and reassured at the gym.

  98. Andieharrie Reply

    I live a very active life so Active will be swell
    Absorbent technologies to help with LBL
    Look good n comfy too
    Perfect for all I do

  99. Going to Thailand soon, these undies would be so,good in the humid weather over there, would be so good not to have to wear pads for moisture

  100. I would like to feel comfortable and confident, and possibly feel attractive

  101. Alaina Atkin Reply

    I like the moisture wicking properties, as i walk to and from school every day and sweat is a big problem in 40 degree heat!

  102. Rebecca Lewis Reply

    I like the idea of getting rid of breast pads! Those things make me itch! Bring on comfy boobs! :p

  103. Keri Smith Reply

    I would so enjoy the moisture wicking and feeling soft comfy and dry all day long.

  104. Mmm, on behalf of my sweet wifey, active or smooth, this means she needs both. Saving landfill is an absolute ripper concept. Should be more if it.

  105. What a fantastic product. Love how they come in a variety of styles. I would choose the smooth so I don’t have elastic lines ☺️

  106. Traci Hampson Reply

    These products look amazing! Confidence and comfort with amazing choices for style and sizes…. what more could you need?? Loving the environmental factor too. Congratulations on a wonderful range.

  107. Such a fantastic product range, something for everyone! Would love the opportunity to try any of these out.

  108. I like the environmentally friendly factor & the breathability. I’d love to try any of them 🙂

  109. Lauren Brown Reply

    I think this underwear range will remove that inherent fear so many women have of others seeing their underwear – not because it is embarrassing having others see your comfy Bonds knickers and judging you for not always wearing lacy La Perle23e[ thongs; but because of those stains that no amount of washing and Napi-sanning can remove!

  110. These look amazing, just wish I’d known about these a couple of years ago!!

  111. Lana Thornton Reply

    Love the active and sensual range would love to try any 🙂 maternity wear is always comfy 😉

  112. I love that it removes the fear of leakage embarrassment AND it will remove the need for ‘daggy period undies’!

  113. Love the sensual range. I love that it means I won’t have to wear liners EVERYDAY. I have had to spend so much money on them and can’t just have thin ones they need to be long for the last 6 years since being pregnant with my daughter. These undies would be fantastic in my life

  114. One less thing to buy at the shops. Panty liners have been a must since having kids. I love the idea of feeling fresh and dry without worry. Trix

  115. Jenny Fuller Reply

    Love the idea of these and can’t wait to hear more feedback. Great thinking for a very clever mum!

  116. Christine Joy Jamieson Reply

    I love the range and the idea that i don’t have to worry about leakage any more

  117. Crystal Dods Reply

    What a great idea! Love the possibility of having undies that keep me feeling comfy and maintain a purpose as well!

  118. Libby Krelle Reply

    I love the look of the sensual range best! Breathable and leak free stylish with smooth lines with a bit of lace detail… ticks all boxes really

  119. Jane Somerville Reply

    The sensual range (actually any of them really) is exactly what you never even realised you knew you needed as a woman!!!!

  120. I love the look of the sensual range and as I’m feeding 4m old twins at the moment I’d love to check out maternity!

  121. I love that the look of the sexism range. I am feedback a 6 month old and would love to try the maternity singlet too.

  122. Lara Hamlyn Reply

    This range looks so fantastic! What a great innovation, we’ll done!

  123. Made in a size that would fit me and the fact it would keep me comfortable during the heat of this intense summer!

  124. Yes! So many things to love about Modibodi. I really love that they’re made for so many different body sizes and in a variety of styles for different needs.

  125. Karen Mcpharlin Reply

    I like how they sound super comfortable but give you that extra reassurance without having to remember to pack a liner. You are always protected

  126. Christie Louise Reply

    This sounds like a way forward for the environment and women everywhere! As well as a long term money saver! I sure would like to try these out and see how they work!!

  127. This has to be a dream! I’m having the issues described above and I feel so self-conscious about it! Thinking I can feel dry and confident all day when I’m feeling super comfortable sounds beyond incredible! I love it!

  128. I love how they have these for specifically curvy women! its about time

  129. Kath Weber Reply

    Love hoe it’s enviro friendly plus looks so comfortable as you are wearing them all day. Plus feel a bit sexy wearing them

  130. Kel Okorie Reply

    Wow I hope these won’t be massively expensive this is gonna change women’s underwear forever

  131. Amanda Tudosa Reply

    Love that they offer protection for those sneezes and coughs you never knew about before kids!

  132. Sharryn Tomlinson Reply

    I like the look of the active range. It looks comfortable and I love the idea that it will keep me drier while I’m at the gym

  133. I like the idea of the active wear range! Anything natural would be better than the expense and landfill of adhesive liners

  134. I love the moisture wicking feature, which lets face it is kind of necessary especially in summer!!

  135. What an amazing idea to give women their confidence back & being comfortable at the same time

  136. Leak proof, need i say more, except please pick me. I am leaking everywhere when i bf my little man at night, breast and bladder. It’s so bad now I’m changing my underwear after every feed at night. Gross i know.

  137. Casey Rolph Reply

    Leak proof… 2 kids close together has definitely changed things! Second bub is only 4 months old so still working on strengthening certain muscles to avoid embarrassing moments, especially when sneezing or coughing. Plus not knowing when monthlies will return makes it hard to prepare for. Also I live in the NT and it’s flipping hot and sweat comes out of everywhere, sweat patches that make you look like you’ve peed. Embarrassing and I thought unavoidable until I saw these! These undies would be fantastic to avoid many potential embarrassing moments! I really really would love a trail before jumping right in to get a few for every day use!

  138. Joelene Mitchell Reply

    What an amazing invention.
    The Modibodi will do incredible things to womens confidece for many reasons. Im looking forward tk trying some!
    And what great idea for your pre and newly-menstruating girls. A much better option than carting around a package of clean nickels and pads in their school bags.
    Well done!!

  139. Vicki-Lee McCann Reply

    Thanks Mum’s Pantry – I have never heard of these before and I am so excited. I am entering my man-o-man-oWHY???? stage of life and I would find the Modifier Air Lining so beneficial at the moment.

  140. Kim Kilgour Reply

    I love the fact that these are leak proof, to give you confidence in any situation, while still feeling sexy!!!

  141. Leak proof, stain resistance, caters for all body types & eco-friendly what more can I say. What a wonderful product. After 6 kids with in 8 years everything is hanging loose, excited to maybe be able to try a pair.

  142. Louise Patterson Reply

    They sound like they have really comfortable fabric which keeps you cool, dry and fresh.

  143. Lenna Reinhard Reply

    Omg these sound amazing esp in summer with heat and being an active person and great for the environment and how could I not love idea of it being dry, fresh and caters to all females

  144. Gillian Harridge Reply

    Active is my favourite style, as I am as busy as a bee.

  145. Sarah Kennedy Reply

    Such a good idea, much better than bulky pads. I think for all the humid days we have here these would be really helpful.

  146. Helen Clark Reply

    I like the curvy ones for larger ladies because they look comfy

  147. Natasha Atkinson Reply

    I love that it cater for teens and also has sizes for curvier girls its great to see there is something gorgeous for everyone

  148. I love the whole range but have been looking for some decent moisture-proof nursing singlets everywhere and finally found them here!

  149. Wow the range looks awesome and so comfy and I love that there seems to be a style for all different types.

  150. I love the curvy style for larger ladies and the fact that they include anti-microbial properties to eliminate odour, and are stain resistant is a real bonus for me as I am always wearing pads to protect against the onset of “that time of the month” and light bladder leakage!

  151. The sensual style is beautiful for lounging around with my partner watching movies but still remaining sexy.

  152. Renee Powell Reply

    The Curvy style is awesome for my shape but is still feminine and sexy

  153. Finally a product that we can feel confident, sexy and protected in. Can’t wait to try!!

  154. I’m liking the maternity and sensual ranges what a great way to make yourself feel amazing!

  155. Tracy Haigh Reply

    I love the moisture wicking, odour neutralising , moisture absorbing feature of the underwear, I find this to be a fabulous quality. Being a curvy person myself I am looking forward it possibly trying these, especially on these hot Australian days.

  156. I cant say what I like the best as i have not tried them yet…. but the wording “won’t disappoint” has me really excited!!!!!!

  157. I love that women can share this info… It’s the first time I realised ‘being a bit damp and sweaty down there’ was something others experienced!! I thought it was just me!! I love the smooth and sensual collections, but active would also be great because it’s when I run or exercise that the ‘dampness’ is worst!

  158. Bec D'owney Reply

    I like Active – they look figure-hugging great, and even better with no odour / stain etc!

  159. The relief that I am protected from leakage whilst recovering from giving birth is so reassuring

  160. The absorbency factor is great especially when you are travelling on long haul travel and worried about not arriving fresh at your destination.

  161. I love that Modibodi is eco friendly and offers discreet protection for us mums who struggle with the Ol pelvic floor muscles (or lack of!)

  162. emma harris Reply

    Best features is that they keep you cool, dry and odour free.

  163. Love love love that they are Eco-friendly and supports all shapes and beautiful sizes we come in!

  164. Found it day 1 – I like that modibodi is eco-friendly & sizes for all ladies in my family

  165. I love the curvy range as i am a big lady, but the leak proof and air flow technology means no more squeezing the thighs together to stop an escaping dribble!

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