Write to Santa and Receive a Personalised Reply PLUS Hilarious Letters We Love!

It’s been a pretty hectic year, hasn’t it mums? But, good news: Christmas is just around the corner and we think it can’t come soon enough!

While you’re probably busy decorating the house with Christmas cheer (No, it’s NOT too early to put up your tree!), the kiddies are probably perfecting their letters to Santa. 

After all, the wifi is pretty patchy at the North Pole and a hand-written letter is always the way to go. Santa loves reading them and we love encouraging our kids to fine-tune their literacy skills. 

This year there is even more incentive for your kids to get writing – a personalised response from Santa himself, thanks to Australia Post Santa Mail.

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Get your kids writing letters to Santa this year and soak up the magic of Christmas! Source: Bigstock

Write a letter to Santa, post it and get a reply 

Writing a letter to Santa is one of my kids’ favourite Christmas traditions and I love reading what they’ve come up with. Australia Post’s Santa Mail is bound to make it even more magical for them because it means they’ll be getting a personalised letter back from Santa himself. 

How it works:

  • Simply have your kids write a letter (using their own words or you can download a Santa letter template from the Australia Post website)
  • Address the letter to Santa, North Pole, 9999.
  • Attach a 65c Christmas card-only stamp on the front of the envelope and be sure to write your address on the back so Santa replies!
  • Place the letter in any street posting boxor in one of Santa’s special mailboxes in participating Post
  • Track the progress of the letter all the way to the North Pole, with the interactive Santa Mail TrackerSimply type in the date you posted the letter and see where it is. Just a reminder to post it before 26 November to ensure Santa gets it in time. 

Now, here’s the magic part – Santa will send your kids a reply.

And not just a standard “Thank you for your message” but a personalised letter. Yep, Santa knows your child’s name and will reply directly to him or her.

How cute is that??!!

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Surprise the kids with a letter from Santa

For $9.95, your child will get a personalised reply from Santa and an activity book!

The letter will mention your child’s name, age and will acknowledge up to three of their Christmas gift requests. Plus, your child will receive a 32-page activity book, sticker sheet and bookmark to help spread the Christmas cheer. Available for purchase online.

Of course, the ultimate decision on whether Santa can gift your child’s wishlist is up to him – especially if they are anything like the requests in the letters below! 

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Source: Australia Post

Kids say the darndest things but wait until you see what they write! 

We nearly spat out our coffees reading these Santa letters, written by very optimistic children and shared by very unimpressed parents around the globe. 

Kids. Gotta love ’em! 

All I want for Christmas is… 

1.  Pizza

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How easy for Santa! 

2. A Lion King rewrite

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Don’t we all! 

3. A sister

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But not right now…

4. A pony. Or else. 

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She’s not horsing around this year.

5. A pet of some sort 

funny santa letters

We dare Santa to get her a pet fish… 

6. One chicken nugget

funny santa letters

Christmas lunch is looking good!

7. Pretty much ALL THE THINGS

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Not only does this child know exactly what they want, they win Christmas 2020. 

8. And, finally, “Just text my dad”

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No no no, that’s not how it works, Child! After all, SMS isn’t North Pole friendly!

That’s one of the things we especially love about the Australia Post’s Santa Mail program – it encourages kids to actually sit down, put pen to paper and WRITE! No texting allowed. 

And what do our kids get in return? A personalised reply from Santa.

And, if they’re lucky, a puppy too! 🤣

Spreading Christmas cheer, one Santa Letter at a time

I don’t know about you, but as a kid, I would have LOVED a letter from Santa sent to my mailbox. And I know my kids will adore this letter writing program!

It provides them with the assurance that, “Yes, Santa DID get my letter,” saving us the need to reassure them of this every second day! 

Australia Post Santa Mail template

So, surprise your kids with a personalised reply from Santa this Christmas. You can download festive letter templates online to give them a bit of help on how to write a letter.

Visit Australia Post to get started. 

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Santa letter images via Bored Panda
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  1. Avatar of Josie

    I get truly personalised letters from LoveSanta – they talk about the good deeds my kids have done (not just adding their name!) – and my kids love them and believe they are real. Too many people I know have tried the Australia Post ones but they arrive in January or not at all 🙁

    My kids also use a Love Santa template to write to Santa – it encourages some good manners rather than just a list of things to get.

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