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Baby Dies After Mum ‘Falls Asleep’ in Bath With Him on Her Chest

Warning: Distressing content

19-year-old mum Anslie Nicole Brantley will face second-degree murder and cruelty charges after she ‘fell asleep’ in the bathtub with her 10-month-old son on her chest.

When Anslie woke up, she found her son was unresponsive in the bathtub beside her. He died in hospital due to injuries associated with drowning.

Drugs allegedly a factor

The details surrounding what exactly happened are still pending but, according to reports, Anslie allegedly took drugs when she passed out in the bath at her mum’s house in Coweta County, Georgia, USA on 9 June 2021.

During the investigation, Brantley’s mother Kelli Gordon told officials her daughter had taken the infant to take a bath.

However, she later heard her daughter scream and discovered Draiden cold and not breathing. The grandmother then called emergency services.

baby dies bath
Draiden was 10 months old when he died. Source: Facebook

Mother and grandmother arrested

Coweta County police confirmed that they also found methamphetamine belonging to Anslie’s mum. Kelli was also arrested for narcotics possession and she remained in county jail with charges unrelated to Draiden’s death.

Following her arrest, authorities said five of Gordon’s other children have been placed in the custody of child welfare officials.

Officials are also waiting on toxicology results for both Anslie and her son according to local reports. Anslie awaits further trial to determine to sentence and is currently being held without bond at Coweta County Jail.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction please seek help. Information on methamphetamine addiction and support can be found at Lifeline.

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