How to Tell if Your Baby is Getting Enough Breastmilk

Worried about how much milk your little boob monster is getting?

We feel ya! Worries about milk supply and if baby is getting enough breastmilk is actually one of the most common reasons women stop breastfeeding.

Unlike bottles, your boobs don’t have any line markers to show how much milk bub has actually ingested. So what’s a mama to do? Look for the signs. And when it comes to a satisfied baby, turns out it’s all in the hands.

Is My Baby Getting Enough Breastmilk? The Sure Fire Way to Find Out

A built-in fuel gauge

The La Leche League has this brilliant advice for breastfeeding mums who are panicking about whether their precious baby is getting enough breasmilk.

“When a baby is hungry, he tends to clench his fists tightly and bring them toward his face. If he falls asleep hungry, his fists usually stay clenched. But when he gets milk, he relaxes starting with his face. Then his shoulders relax, and finally those fists unclench. Eventually they’re as limp as the rest of him. Think of his hands as a built-in fuel gauge.”

So simple! So easy! Try it next time baby feeds. If those little hands go floppy towards the end of your feeding session – pick one up gently and see – the milk bar is definitely working! If only ALL breastfeeding worries could be solved by gazing down at those wrinkly, dimply little paws.

Other ways to tell if baby is getting enough breastmilk

Still concerned? Your bubba has a couple of other tell-tale signs of fullness, according to the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

  • Five or more wet nappies within a 24 hour period (what goes in, HAS to come out!)
  • ‘Springy’, plump skin and muscle tone. Your bub should look like they ‘fit’ in their skin.
  • Regular bowel movements though it IS completely normal for a breastfed baby to go several days without pumping out a poo.

It’s important to remember that young babies have TINY tummies and are designed to feed frequently. They also grow massively in the first year of life. Pair that with the fact that breastmilk is digested very quickly and it’s easy to understand why regular feeds all day and all night are the norm.

You’re doing great mama!

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