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WIN a $1,490 Back to School Tech Prize Pack From Australia Post

mum centralForget pens, pencils, and notebooks. Do you know what my kids and I really want – and need – for school supplies? Gadgets! 

We’re all familiar with our local Australia Post. More likely than not, you visit it once or twice a month to pick up parcels you weren’t home to collect or mail birthday gifts to relatives out of state. Sure, there’s lots of cute gift ideas in the shops for all ages – books, puzzles and great toys.

But in addition to the goodies at your local Post Office, did you know that there are literally hundreds of cool products for sale at the Australia Post online shop? And not just stationery either! They’ve got a massive selection of the latest in tech products that our kids are begging for, especially for their back-to-school needs.

I went to check it out the other day and you know what I picked up? A couple of student tablets for the kids to do their schoolwork and smartwatches so I can keep up to their antics when they are away. Plus, a couple of Fitbits for me and the hubs to get back into shape after all that Christmas cheer (ahem rum balls and wine!). Oh, and four noise-cancelling headphones so we don’t have to listen to each other.

Want some even better news? We’re giving them all away, thanks to Australia Post!

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Australia Post is bringing the back-to-school goods with this incredible family and student tech prize pack. Valued at $1490, one lucky family will be top of tech class with two Alcatel MT40 Kid’s Smart Watches, two Fitbit Alta HRs, two Samsung Galaxy 8 Tablets and four Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones. Simply keep scrolling for all the details on how to enter.

Epic prize, right? And who knew you could get all of these products (and seriously sooooo many more cool techy gadgets) at Australia Post?

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School supplies sorted thanks to Australia Post

Australia Post has affordable pre-paid phones, laptops and computer accessories, TVs, printers … even cameras! Not to mention all the regular back to school products such as pencil cases, stationery and workbooks.

Below are just a few of the techy school supplies we had no idea you could buy from Australia Post .

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For ALL things tech academic

Pretty much every school now encourages our kids to get on the computer or tablet. My kids use it for almost every subject from Maths to Reading. Even the youngest learners will need access to a computer or tablet at home, whether they are six or 16.

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Australia Post has a massive range of student tablets and laptops, plus accessories such as printers, hard drives, external keyboards and headphones. Plus they even stock all the Microsoft Office products. And at incredibly affordable prices too – we had NO idea!

Take their Samsung Galaxy 8 Tablet. It’s light, compact, comes with a nice big screen and is everything a child needs to complete their school assignments. They can download apps, write essays, research projects, communicate with their teachers, and all for just $249 too. Bargain, right?

For better kid-to-parent communication

How many times have you been late for school pick up? Wet weather, heavy traffic, napping baby, whatever the problem, a SmartWatch is the solution.

SmartWatches are activity trackers that double as GPS trackers and come with call and text capabilities. The Alcatel Kid’s Smart Watch, $199, has everything you need to keep in touch with your kids without needing to buy them a phone.

My daughter has one and we BOTH love it. I can send her a quick text if I’m running late, watch her exact route if she’s walking home from a friend’s house and communicate with her when she’s at her dad’s for a weekend.

If you are looking for a phone instead of a SmartWatch, Australia Post has heaps of pre-paid phones as well.

For more successful homework sessions

Give your kids the gift of minimal distraction with noise-cancelling headphones. These are ideal for when they are concentrating and need to block out the noise, but also fantastic for listening to music, watching shows or simply avoiding siblings. The Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones cancel out ALL external noise and are less than $60.

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We highly recommend picking up a pair for yourself too, especially if your kids have a habit of requesting snack after snack after snack or blasting their favourite song on repeat for the entire school holidays.

Sorry honey, mummy can’t hear you. After all, there are only so many JoJo sing-alongs one can handle…

For us mums who promised to get fit when the kids head back to school

Okay, okay, so there are heaps of cool techy stuff for the kids. But what about for us mums who clearly deserve a present after SIX weeks of school holiday entertaining?

Enter a Fitbit …. and for under $100! Winning!

Australia Post has a great deal on the FitBit Alta, the perfect activity tracker to track your heart rate, sleep, steps and distance. It’s splashproof and sweatproof and such a great motivator to get back into the swing of activity once the kids are back at school and not annoying us 24/7.

So much more than stamps and passport photos!

Australia Post also stocks a huge range of basic school supplies including:

back to school supplies and tech products at AusPost online
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Honestly, there are so many other cool finds, for back to school and beyond. Sewing machines, inflatable chairs, National Geographic sets, walkie-talkies. Heck, there’s even an air fryer. Yes, guys, you can get an AIR FRYER at Australia Post. My mind is blown. And I’m suddenly hungry for chips.

Air fryer and hot chips aside, we highly recommend making a browsing beeline to Australia Post and checking out the goods yourself, in-store or online. With school supplies just a click away, you’ll be delightfully surprised at what you can find. So go on, head to Australia Post to get your back-to-school supplies sorted!

And, bonus, when you shop online, it’s free delivery straight to your door!

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    An amazing tech package that any child/family would love. Fingers crossed for my Miss 9
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    Such a fabulous Giveaway from both Australia Post and Mum Cenral. Thanks for the chance to win for my Grandkids……

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