29 Popular Baby Bassinets Fail CHOICE Safety Tests

CHOICE is one of the leading names in product reviews and safety testing. Recently CHOICE revealed that many of the popular bassinets on the market are not up to safety standards.

As there is actually no Australian safety standard for bassinets, just cots, many new parents are completely unaware that what they are buying is actually dangerous.

We assume that if it’s sold in a credible shop, then it’s safe, right? Sadly, this isn’t the case for bassinets. For most baby products, like cots and car seats, yes. But not bassinets.

29/41 bassinets fail safety standards

According to CHOICE, there are 29 bassinets that failed key safety requirements. 24 of these bassinets were deemed unsafe in 2019 assessments while 5 additional bassinets have now been added to the list this year. Of the 8 bassinets that CHOICE tested this year, 5 of them failed key safety requirements. 

Kmart Anko bassinet
The Kmart Anko Bassinet did not pass safety testing. Source: CHOICE

Risks include suffocation and choking hazards, head and limb entrapment, insufficiently firm mattresses and sharp wicker splinters.

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4Baby Serenity

4Baby serenity bassinet
4Baby Serenity. Source: CHOICE

The popular bassinet received just a 20% rating from CHOICE with serious safety failures including:

  1. The large warning label on one end of the bassinet tested is obstructing the surface of the breathable material.
  2. The supplied mattress is insufficiently firm at areas where the covering is puffed near the ends and at the sides.
  3. Slight sagging of the mattress base support was also observed.

4Baby Sleep and Stay

4Baby Sleep and Stay Bassinet
4Baby Sleep and Stay Bassinet, Source: CHOICE

A similar bassinet to the above, the Sleep and Stay also failed with the same problems as listed above. It also received just a 20% rating.

Collective Sol Lyla

mum central
Collective Sol Lyla Bassinet. Source: CHOICE

This pretty bassinet looks stunning but it was deemed unsafe due to these issues:

  1. On the bassinet tested, pieces of wicker tying material on the sides detached in our tension test and were found to be a choking hazard.
  2. Limb entrapment hazard in the gaps between the sticks at the mattress base.
  3. Splinters, rough and jagged ends and edges on the wickerwork were found, posing potential skin or eye injuries.
  4. Some areas adjacent to the mattress base pose finger entrapment hazards.

It also received just a 20% rating.

Grotime Bebe

mum central
Grotime Bebe Bassinet. Source: CHOICE

Grotime Bebe’s cot also received a 20% rating with the following findings:

  1. Supplied mattress does not fit snugly and could create a significant gap which could cause a suffocation risk if baby rolls face-first into it. The fabric ends of the mattress are also insufficiently taut.
  2. Bassinet has insufficient depth, causing a potential fall risk (240mm at sides and 210mm at ends).
  3. The zipper tab on the mattress cover detached in the tension test (choking hazard).

Quirky Bubba Sienna Cradle

mum central
Quirky Bubba Sienna Cradle. Source: CHOICE
The final cot mentioned on the list for 2021 is the Quirky Bubba Sienna Cradle which is made out of wicker and poses several safety problems:
  1. Pieces of wicker tying material from the bassinet sides detached in the tension test and were found to be a choking hazard.
  2. Head entrapment hazards in the openings on the headboard.
  3. Limb entrapment hazards in certain openings on the sides and ends of the bassinet.
  4. Splinters and rough and jagged ends and edges on the wickerwork were found, posing potential skin and eye injuries.

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In addition to the five above, here are 19 additional bassinets that have failed the CHOICE safety testing in the past.

  • BabyBjörn Cradle
  • Cariboo Classic
  • Cariboo Folding
  • Chicco next2me
  • Cariboo Gentle Motions
  • Childcare Carme Bassinet
  • Kmart Anko Bassinet
  • Pottery Barn Kids Bassinet and Mattress set
  • Star Kidz Compagno Deluxe Baby Bassinet
  • Troll Sun Bassinet
  • Arm’s Reach Cambria Co-Sleeper
  • Arm’s Reach Mini ARC Co-Sleeper
  • Baby Inc Sonno Bassinet
  • BabyBay Original, Mattress and Side Panel
  • Bebe Care Crib
  • Bednest Bassinet
  • Fisher-Price Stow ‘n Go Bassinet
  • Grotime Eurella
  • Halo Bassinest 3840
  • Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet
  • Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet Classic
  • Sunbury Cocoon Bassinet
  • The Rattan Collective Yami
  • Ya.Ya.Ya Soothing Motions Bassinet

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The following bassinets received a 100% rating by CHOICE:

  • Boori Tidy Bassinet
  • Childcare Chloe Rocking Bassinet
  • Childcare Lullaby
  • Stokke Sleepi Mini
  • Tasman Eco Amore Bassinet
  • Tasman Eco Venice
mum central
Stokke Sleepi Mini is one of the 6 bassinets that received a 100% rating by CHOICE. Source: CHOICE

The following bassinets received a 65-60% rating by CHOICE:

  • Boori Matilda Rocker
  • Childcare Alora
  • Grotime Patsy CR3
  • Snoo Smart Sleeper
  • Tasman Essentials Rascali Bassinet
  • Valco Rico
mum central
Childcare Alora received a 65% rating. Source: CHOICE

The latest findings reiterate the need for a new product safety law around bassinets. CHOICE baby product expert Kim Gilmour explains:

Unfortunately, there’s currently no mandatory Australian safety standard for bassinets like there is for cots. 

This means that year after year we continue to see unsafe bassinets make it onto the shelves. This new law would stop unsafe products from ever hitting the market in the first place.”

If you’ve bought any of these bassinets, CHOICE’s advice is to take it back to the retailer and ask for a refund. If the retailer doesn’t give you a fair refund, you can escalate your complaint to your state or territory fair trading body.

Safe Sleep in a Bassinet 

It’s also a good idea to familiarise yourself with safe sleeping practices when using a bassinet:

  • Place bassinet on a stable surface and ensure that it has a wide stable base.
  • Use the size and style that suits your baby’s weight and age (see manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Remove all ribbons and ties to reduce the risk of strangulation.
  • Check that all sides are at least 300mm high measured from the top of the mattress base and preferably made of air-permeable material such as mesh (or breathable zones).
  • The mattress should be firm, clean and well-fitting. It should not be thicker than 75mm and should lie flat (not tilted or elevated).
  • Folding legs should lock, to ensure they won’t collapse when used.
  • Baby should sleep on their back with face uncovered. Remove pillows, soft toys, lambswools/sheepskins and other soft items.

Use bassinets for a short period only. Once baby becomes active and starts to roll, it is best to place baby into a safe cot.

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