Jatz Reigns Supreme in the Battle of the Biscuits as Tim Tam Tumbles

It’s the most controversial story of the week. The battle of the biscuits. And controversially, Jatz has been named as Australia’s favourite bikkie.

Not without huge backlash from Tim Tam and Mint Slice supporters, while Iced VoVo fans have graciously accepted defeat (to be fair, the pink coconut delight has shrunk over the years).

Who would have thought a biscuit list could divide the nation? Yet, here we are.

The vexed call has split the nation, especially given Jatz are rare in Victoria (Savoys and cheese for SA residents). One wit called it “the worst vote since Brexit”.  Some believe the list is invalid as savouries are technically ‘crackers’ and thus cannot be compared with the sweet delights of Wagon Wheels or choc-coated Tiny Teddies.

Monte Carlo no longer in favour

The surprising reveal came from Northern Territory newspaper, NT News, which published the Top Ten Definitive Biscuit List. NT’s digital editor David Wood defended the list, saying it came about in response to a growing hatred of the Monte Carlo.

“They’re a bit la-di-da for us (Northern Territory people). You wouldn’t see us eating one of them,” Mr Wood said.

tim tams Battle of the BiscuitsTim Tam’s surprising defeat

It was a narrow win for Jatz, with Chicken-in-a-Biscuit awarded the conciliatory 1(A) position. Triple Wafer (chocolate only) was a surprising 2nd, while the conservative Malt-O-Milk and Delta Creams were predictable in 4th and 5th position. Crowd favourite Kingston came in 8th followed by pantry staple Scotch Finger.

All but one (Nanna’s homemade melting moments) were from Arnott’s, prompting outrage from Oreo fans who claim the battle of the biscuits list is not representative of Australia as a multi-cultural nation.

The cookie contention has fuelled a Twitter explosion and there’s a growing push for a referendum to settle the issue. For many, it is inconceivable the Tim Tam could be pushed down to 3rd place. Others suggest Coles 40% choc-chip and ALDI’s melting moments were robbed of the top spot.

We’re certain Mum Central readers know a thing or two about bikkies and would disagree with this list.

How on earth do you pack a lunchbox without Shapes and Tiny Teddies? So tell us mums, what bikkies float your boat? One thing I’m sure we can all agree on is that biscuits always taste better when eaten in secret in the pantry, not shared with the kids.

While you’re contemplating this great debate you’re probably thinking you’d quite like a biscuit. Forget the shop bought standards, what about making Red Velvet Tim Tam Balls, Twix Biscuits or Easy Anzac Biscuits. 



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