Behind The Scenes With the Kids and the Brand New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport


There are a couple of things that we have a lot of at Mum Central. One is – boys. The other is – fun. And when we put the two together… well I’m sure you can imagine what the outcome is!

Our latest campaign is centred around the spunky new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, that we’ve named Pete, ’cause you know we can’t resist naming our cars! Positioned as the Ultimate Family Sports Car, we were asked to put Pete through his paces, which meant bringing our boys along for the ride. Pardon the pun. #sorrynotsorry

So far we’re really impressed and just quietly, the cameras are off the hook! You can read what we had to say here.

Getting the boys involved was easier than we thought. In fact, they JUMPED at the chance. And why wouldn’t they? It had all the elements of an ‘awesome’ time – soccer, playing, ALL the balls and posing. ALSO, Pete is a super cool car. They love how big he is and he’s sleek, plus they have to stand on the side steps to get in and out. “Like a truck, Mum!”

Mitsubishi-Pajero-SportsJust get a look at some of our behind the scenes shots!

mitsubishi-pajero-sportsThis is NOT a sponsored post but we have had a total blast working with Mitsubishi. They seriously have a car for everyone from the Nicki Mirage to Oprah the Outlander and we are so excited to now be reviewing the new Pajero Sport. We can’t wait to show you what it’s got and the boys can’t wait either. We’re heading off the beaten track somewhere REALLY SPECIAL so stay tuned for all the good stuff!


In the meantime, we’ll be seeing just how much Pete lives up to his name of the Ultimate Family Sports Car… weekend sports – here we come!

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