WIN: Peace of Mind with the Best of the Best in Baby Monitors from UNIDEN

Hey mumma! Ever thought you could do with a little helper? Well, the award-winning Uniden BW3101R Baby Watch is just what you need. More than a baby monitor, it’s peace-of-mind in a tech-filled box. 

Being a mum is a daunting task. Sometimes you need a little something to bolster your confidence – especially when it comes to safety and sleep. Keep your baby protected and end second-guessing with this innovative monitor from Uniden.

Here’s why we love the BW3101R Baby Watch – and how you could win your very own!

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Uniden BW 3451R

Real confidence at home – and away

The Uniden BW3101R Baby Watch has a super-clear monitor allowing you to observe baby from any room in the house. Forget checking on your little one endlessly ‘just to be sure’ or leaping off the couch at every tiny noise. With a giant 10.9cm screen, you’ll be able to see everything that’s happening quickly and safely. (You might even get through a whole episode of your fave show without putting your feet to the floor!)

If you’re away from the home and someone else is caring for baby, you’ll love the ability to sync your smart phone and check in on what’s happening in the cot. Whether you’re at work, out for dinner with your other half (good for you!) or just hanging out the washing while bub is asleep, your Uniden-enhanced mobile phone is your new BFF.

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Uniden BW 3101R

End temperature worries for bed time and naps

One of the biggest struggles of first time mums is knowing if baby is at a comfortable temperature. Put your worries aside as the Uniden BW3101R Baby Watch incorporates a built-in thermometer display so you always know the temperature in bub’s nursery. Even better, it has a built in alarm which signals you if there’s a worrisome change. Sleep peacefully knowing that Uniden is on temperature guard – if baby needs a layer removed or the heater turning on, the Baby Watch will be sure to let you know.

Soothing yet safe

Helping your bub feel safe and soothed in their nursery is key to a settled baby. Uniden hasn’t just designed the safest monitor around, they’ve also managed to jam it with features that enhance sleep time for everyone. There’s a night light to stop you stumbling around in the dark and a selection of lullabies to create routine and help baby relax to sleep. Our favourite? The two-way talk to help with settling when bub needs some reassurance of a loving, familiar voice. 

Uniden Baby Watch range
Uniden BW 3101R

Award winning quality you can trust

When buying for baby you want to know you’ve chosen the most reliable and reputable brand around. When it comes to monitors, that’s Uniden. Full stop. As a new mum a baby monitor is go-to for knowing bubs is safe and secure, choosing anything less is sure to end in tears. Don’t just take our word for it, take the advice of 1,300 Aussie mums. The Uniden BW3101R Baby Watch has scooped the awards pool, winning the CANSTAR ‘Most Satisfied Customers Award’ in 2018 and Gold from Mother & Baby in 2016. 

If you’ve ever worried about baby monitor problems like network security, now is the time to realise not all monitors are created alike. The Uniden BW3101R Baby Watch has a digitally encrypted signal which means complete privacy and safety for your family and home.

Uniden BW range
Uniden BW 3002

Stop worrying and enjoy #mumlife

Being a mum is a big – and sometimes daunting task. First (second and third!) time mum doubts are normal. Second-guessing yourself and worrying is common. But what if a product can help you relax and enjoy your little one more, knowing they are safe and sound?

The Uniden BW3101R Baby Watch is peace-of-mind in a box. With clever technology, and endless reliability, this feature-packed monitor is every mumma’s new best friend. There’s plenty of things ahead you need to worry about (yep, that kid is eventually going to drive, have sleep-overs and want to date one day!) but in the meantime here’s one less thing you need to dwell on!


Want your very own Uniden BW3101R Baby Watch monitor valued at $249.95? Of course you do! Simply fill in the form below and you’re in with a chance. Fingers crossed!

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    This would be perfect for a toddler with Epilepsy. The parents could monitor her without walking into her room and disturbing her sleep.

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    This would be such a big help; thanks for an opportunity to win and good luck everyone.

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