Remember when adult colouring in was all the rage? Well move over mandalas – LEGO is releasing stress-reducing sets for adults that are all kinds of fishy awesome!

Adults only LEGO made to help us relax? We’re in!

Ok so maybe we all got sucked in a little to the colouring-yourself-calm fad a while back. But lugging pencils and a colouring in book everywhere wasn’t exactly practical – and may have caused the odd sideways look at the café!

No pencils needed!

Enter the new LEGO Forma building sets! Made for adults – but adults-only not because of R-rated material but because they’re all about relaxation. Now what parent can say no to that!

Each LEGO Forma set involves constructing fish skeletons with cool, customisable skins. The idea is that building something that is a beautiful, organic form might help your mental wellbeing, even easing stress and anxiety.

Pick your favourite fishy friend

There’s various fishy friends to choose from, including colourful koi and (slightly sinister looking) sharks.

Ok so this one is kind of cute. Reminds me of the goldfish swimming in my kid’s fishbowl (hang on, when did I feed Goggles last – BRB). But unlike real fish, these ones don’t need to be fed or have their tanks cleaned. They come on their own little stands and are perfectly happy hanging out water-free.

Image source: LEGO

Um, I feel like sharks could be a slightly angry choice for a stressed out adult, but ok they are cool nonetheless.

LEGO Forma shark
Image source: LEGO

Ah, I feel like we might be moving slightly into colouring-in territory here with the koi on the right, but let’s just keep swimming…

LEGO Forma sets
Image source: LEGO

You can also make your fish appear to swim, because the sets move thanks to a crankshaft and gear system. The project was launched by the open source innovation platform LEGO Ideas and crowdfunded via IndieGoGo.

Now for the sad news – these LEGO Forma fish won’t be swimming over to Australia anytime soon so you’ll have to make do with your kids’ leftover bricks if you want to destress the LEGO way.

Prefer to colour yourself calm? Check out this adults-only very sweary colouring book!


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