The Women Making Big Bucks Selling Breastmilk and Baby Formula


Meet the two women who are raking in the cash selling breastmilk and baby formula to eager (and unusual) niches. 

But before you get out the breast pump, you may want to read the fine print.

One sells her breastmilk to men. The other sells Australian baby formula overseas. Both are making some serious coin for doing so. And raising A LOT of eyebrows in the process.

Pump and sell

Like many mums, Rafaela Lamprou found she had a bounty of breastmilk while feeding her son. Unsure of what to do with the freezer full of milk, the 24-year-old mum-of-two turned to the Internet to see if she could sell the surplus.

And sell she did! Not only to other mums, but to men.

Yes, men. Men looking to buy breastmilk to help them beef up. Apparently, breast milk is not only good for babies, but also for bodybuilders. Go figure!

men drinking breast milk

The mum, who lives in Cyprus, sells her excess milk to men in her home country and ships to the UK. She has sold about 500 litres of breast milk to strangers, making around $7,400 so far. She’s started a Facebook group to connect to her buyers and even gets drug tested to prove her milk is safe.

Rafaela also sells her spare milk to men who use the milk as part of a fetish. Although she admits she runs into a fair few creepos, she tends to avoid them.

“It was a bit strange at first giving breast milk to a guy with fetishes,” Rafaela explains. “But as long as it is just that and I’m not asked to show any part of my body, I don’t mind at all. I am open-minded.”

There are several websites and groups on Facebook where mums offer their breast milk for sale for a price – or to the highest bidder,

Baby formula goldmine 

From breast milk to baby formula, Australian student, Molder Sayrao has also figured out the formula to excess cash – baby formula. The Macquarie University student is bringing in $90,000 a year shipping mostly baby formula to her home country, China.

baby formula sold for profit to China

She has nearly 1500 customers and sends approximately 1000 parcels each week, making around $90,000 a year. She also ships cosmetics, vitamins and other products her customers ask for. While baby formula generally costs around $23 per tin here, it can fetch up to $80 in China. And you won’t believe how much Weet-Bix go for over there! 

Of course, Molder isn’t the first person to cash in on baby formula. She is only one of the estimated 80,000 personal shoppers who do this every week. The practice of shipping formula to China is causing serious formula shortage and sparking outrage from mums and retailers across Australia.

But, for many, money talks. And formula gets shipped.

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