Biozet Attack Plus Sensitive: The Perfect Laundry Detergent for Skin Sensitivities


Looking to switch to a laundry detergent specially designed for skin sensitivities? Check out our real mum’s review of Biozet Attack Plus Sensitive below, thanks to our reviewer, Brisbane-based mum, Lauren. 

As a busy mum of two primary-school-aged kids, plus a dog, I’m always looking for the most effective, efficient and affordable laundry solutions. Like most parents, I feel like I am NEVER on top of the washing – there’s always more to do! 

Lauren doing the washing with Biozet Attack Plus Sensitive
As a busy mum, it feels like sometimes the washing never ends! Source: Supplied

I’m washing lots of school uniforms, sweaty soccer kits, general work clothes, and sometimes clothes that get muddy at the dog park. And, of course, I’m also washing linen, tea pillows, blankets, towels and swimmers, especially as we’re leading into summer. 

Lauren and her children who have loved using Biozet Attack Plus Sensitive
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Laundry is a part of life, but I have yet to find my perfect laundry detergent that delivers amazing stain removal, a lovely scent and is good for sensitive skin.

Until I tried Biozet Attack Plus Sensitive, that is.

Lauren's review of Biozet Attack Plus Sensitive
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Biozet Attack Plus Sensitive ticks all the boxes! 

I was asked to review the Biozet Attack Plus Sensitive, which is specifically designed for families who have skin sensitivity. It’s proven to be gentler on the skin, dermatologically tested and has a powerful stain remover, too. You can find it at Woolworths in the laundry aisle – just look for the white and green label with the blue lid. 

My family and I all have different sensitivities that flare up at different times of the year. My husband has asthma, I get a lot of hay fever symptoms, and I have sensitive skin, and my son has food allergies. Both of my kids have had rashes from band-aids and different sunscreens before, so we have always had to be careful in selecting products that are both gentle and effective. 

We’ve tried a few different products, but most have caused either allergic or skin reactions in our family. I was really curious to try the new Biozet Attack Plus Sensitive and see if it made a difference to my laundry regime. 

Biozet Attack plus Sensitive - gentle laundry detergent
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My overall thoughts: 

Lauren Bride
Source: Supplied

I’m really impressed with Biozet Attack Plus Sensitive! My first impressions were that it has a lovely light, fresh scent, it’s easy to pour, and there are no added colours so it’s a clear liquid. 

We’ve washed linen, football socks, school uniforms and even a load that came back from school camp, and we’ve been impressed!

Our washing seems fresher and cleaner and it hasn’t triggered my allergies (unlike other washing liquids on the market) and my kids who have sensitive skin haven’t reacted to this product either. 

We’ll definitely keep using Biozet Attack Plus Sensitive now that we’ve tried it.”

Gentler on skin

One of the things that stood out for us was how gentle it was on the skin. I know a lot of mums are looking for a detergent that is for sensitive skin, especially if you have a new baby, and this detergent certainly ticks this box! 

Our family has had no issues at all with it! No one in our family has experienced any rashes, redness or discomfort from this product.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially to people who might have sensitive skin or allergies.”

Biozet Attack Plus Sensitive - detergent for skin sensitivities
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A natural yet powerful stain remover

Another thing that stood out for us was the fact that Biozet Attack Plus Sensitive contains naturally derived ingredients.

Using natural products where possible is important to me and my family. Their advanced formula comes with no added dyes, enzymes or optical brighteners and still does the trick to effectively clean our clothes and other items. 

It’s easy to use and the clothes I’ve washed have come out clean and smelling fresh. We’ve been really impressed with the results!

The scent is lovely too and the washing comes out smelling fresh and clean. Even my change-averse 7 year old says he prefers it to the product we were using!”

Biozet Attack Plus Sensitive laundry detergent
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Biozet Attack review

Take a look at my review and see for yourself just how it worked for us!

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Biozet Attack Plus Sensitive Laundry Liquid

Value for Money 9.0
Stain Removal 8.5
Scent 10.0
Gentle on Skin 8.5
Ingredients 9.0

mum centralFind it at Woolworths

Biozet Attack Plus Sensitive is now available in the laundry section of Woolworths. It retails for $26 for 2 litres/40 loads of washing, which is great value when you don’t have to re-wash clothes because they aren’t coming out clean or if you have a reaction and have to throw out a whole container of washing liquid.

Biozet Attack Plus Sensitive
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Suitable for grey water and septic tanks together with both top and front-load washing machines. Plus, it contains no added phosphorus, no bleaching agents and readily biodegradable surfactants. 

For a product that’s gentle enough on our allergies and sensitive skin, but also effective at cleaning clothes, it’s been a great find. We’re making the switch to Biozet Attack Plus Sensitive – it doesn’t trigger my allergies or any skin reactions and our clothes seem fresher and cleaner!” 

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