BISSELL SpotClean : The Perfect Solution to Everyday Cleanups

Let’s face it, having kids and pets can be messy. And there’s nothing more frustrating than having to deal with the day to day accidents, spills and messes a busy household can bring.

Cue the clever and convenient BISSELL SpotClean.

It quickly removes most spots and stains from wherever you find them using water, BISSELL formula, and handheld cleaning tools with powerful suction. The device comes with two stain tool heads and operates with mains power, water and Bissell formulas.

And to be honest, anything that is going to give me some sense of comfort to stop me following master 4 like a stalker in case he spills something on the carpet (or the dog with her muddy paws after she’s been outside). I love my carpet. I love it clean. I don’t want dirt and stains and the thought of them just does my head in. Seriously!

It will remove most dirt and stains from carpets, rugs, soft furnishings and fabric upholstery, plus she’s light, quick and easy to use and stores in a cupboard easily.

Her repertoire is pretty impressive too! She removes common stains including wine (YEP!), vomit (ugh), cola, grape juice, dirt (mud), fruit juice, coffee, chocolate, gravy and salad dressing.  *nods impressingly*

So how does it work I hear you say? Watch this clever little review and see for yourself. Pretty handy huh? 

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