No More Fever Fear, Thanks To Braun Baby Thermometers


As a mum of a six-month-old, I know how scary it can be to wake up in the middle of the night and find that your baby is burning up.

Panic mode activates and out come the fever fears. Is she sweaty from wearing too many clothes? Is the bedroom too hot, or does she actually have a fever?

We’re told that fever in babies can be quite dangerous and thus anytime my baby’s temperature starts to rise, so do my anxiety levels.

Because when our babies become hot it’s very hard to tell if it’s due to a fever or simply the result of being cuddled/wrapped/glued to the breast. This uncertainty can leave us feeling helpless. We’re the mums, we should know, right? If motherhood has taught me anything, it’s that mums can’t be expected to always know what is wrong with our babies or what they need to make it better.


A Chance to Trial & Review Braun Baby Thermometers 

Braun, Australia’s number one ear thermometer brand, has two different (yet equally amazing) baby thermometers that will literally reduce all your temperature concerns and mummy worries.

There is the favourite Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer – our choice for the most accurate temperature reader, especially in little ones. And then there’s the newly-launched Braun Touchless + Forehead Thermometer (BNT400), which allows you to check baby’s temp (and other things like bath water, bottles, and food) without risking waking them up. Clever, huh?

But the very best bit is that we’re inviting you to TRIAL AND REVIEW BOTH BRAUN’S BABY THERMOMETERS. Not only will you get the chance to test for yourself these two amazing thermometers, but you’ll also have your feedback and video review posted on Mum Central to help other mums make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the best thermometer. (Just keep on scrolling for your chance to trial and review.)

Introducing the NEW AgeSmart Braun Touchless + Forehead Thermometer (BNT400)

Choosing which thermometer to use can be difficult, particularly when it’s the middle of the night and baby feels hot but you don’t want to wake him or her. This is where the newly-launched Braun Touchless + Forehead Thermometer (BNT400) comes in super handy. 

Braun Touchless Thermometer

Here are four top reasons we love it:

1It has dual technology (as in ‘Touch’ or ‘Touchless’ mode). This allows for quick, easy and instant readings – no struggle or stress.

2. Multi-purpose temperature control. You can use the Braun Touchless + Forehead Thermometer (BNT400) to check bub’s bath, which is especially helpful when they’re newborn. You can also use it to check the temperature of purees, your baby’s bottles or any other heated foods. Talk about peace of mind any time of the day or night!

3. There’s no need to wake bub up. Simply hold the thermometer above your child’s forehead while they sleep. How cool is that?! And don’t worry, you get the same professional accuracy whether touching your child’s forehead or measuring up to 2.5cm away. Also, because it takes the measurements in under two seconds, it’s one of the fastest ways to measure temperature. Again, this ease of use provides peace of mind – something all mums would be grateful for, especially in the middle of the night!

4. Features AgeSmart technology. The colour-coded display takes the guesswork out of reading temperatures. Use the AgeSmart button to select the appropriate age. Once the temperature reading is taken the coloured light will indicate whether there is fever or not. Green suggests no fever. Yellow indicated moderate fever and red signals high fever.

WHO’S IT BEST FOR? The Braun Touchless + Forehead Thermometer (BNT400) is great for mums who tend to worry. It’s your go-to for daily baby temperature tasks, giving you complete peace of mind.

braun touchless + forehead thermometer

Peace of Mind And Precision With Braun’s AgeSmart ThermoScan 7

When you’re a mum, worrying comes with the territory. But the trusted Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer is definitely your go-to gadget when it comes to total peace of mind and an accurate temperature reading. It uses light and sound to confirm proper positioning and ensure the best accuracy.

braun baby thermometers

Here are four top reasons we love it:

1. ExactTemp™ for accuracy. It features exclusive pre-warmed tip technology, which is designed to minimise the cooling effect of the tip inside the ear canal, providing accurate measurements time after time.

2. Fast – 1 second readings. The ThermoScan 7 measures temperature at the touch of a button in just one second, making it perfect for infants or squirmy toddlers.

3. Memory recall. The last temperature reading is displayed automatically. This makes it easier to identify a difference in temperature.

4. Features AgeSmart technology. Braun’s clever AgeSmart colour-coded display panel makes it super easy to interpret every family member’s temperature reading. Simply select the appropriate age setting, take the temperature and look at the colour. Green indicates no fever. Yellow suggests moderate fever and red signals high fever.

WHO’S IT BEST FOR? The Braun ThermoScan 7 is our top pick for mums with brand new babies and for mums who want the most accurate way to check for fever in infants and toddlers.

braun thermoscan 7 baby thermometer

No More Fever Fear, Thanks To Braun

Exclusive to Braun, ‘AgeSmart’ technology features on BOTH the Touchless + Forehead (BNT400) and ThermoScan 7 Thermometers. It accounts for the fact that the definition of fever will change depending on the age of your child. For example, what counts as a fever in a newborn isn’t the same as in a six-month-old.

Have a look at the graphic below to see what we mean.

Braun Fever Guide

Pretty cool, right? Here’s why we LOVE it — and know you will too.

1. Provides a colour-coded temperature reading. RED for high, YELLOW for mild fever and GREEN for normal. This is especially awesome at 2am when your brain isn’t exactly up for hard temperature calculations. Check the colour, understand the severity and stop the concern.

2. Features a child age selection. Simply select your child’s age bracket (from newborn – 36 months) and get instant peace of mind when trying to determine whether they have a fever or not.

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Braun thermometer features

You can pick up both of these baby thermometers at Chemist Warehouse. The ThermoScan 7 is currently on sale for $120.99 and the Braun Touchless + Forehead (BNT400) is $109.99.

Foam Alive

Personally, I love them both and the peace of mind they bring are well worth the investment – especially as I am a bit of a worry wart when it comes to my little girl. I trust the brand name and the results they promise, and with these two thermometers on hand, I’ve learned to cool my jets and not panic every time she gets a bit hot.

 Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

mum central


We’re searching for new mums to trial BOTH the Braun ThermoScan 7 and the Braun Touchless + Forehead Thermometer (BNT400).

Try them both out and let us know what you think!

We’re looking for 6 mums to trial and review both thermometers. Put them through their paces, take some photos and answer our survey. Then jump in front of the camera and answer a set of predetermined questions about your experience and you’re done!  Easy as that!


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