The clever folk at St John Ambulance make remembering how to perform CPR easy with this cute two-minute cartoon. It even includes a few cameos from our favourite nursery rhyme characters.

We should all know how to perform CPR. FACT.  Yet many of us worry that even if we learn CPA, will we remember how to do it in the heat of the moment — when panic strikes.

Whether you have a fear of forgetting what you’ve been taught or learning CPR simply still remains on your To Do List, this fantastic video from UK’s St John Ambulance teaches infant CPR to a catchy tune.

CPR performed by nursery rhyme faves

Featuring cameo appearances from much-loved nursery rhyme characters Humpty Dumpty, Incy Wincy Spider and Jack and Jill, this is one CPR video you’re likely to remember. The two-minute cartoon (check it out below) shows step-by-step how to perform CPR on infants. It includes what actions to take and how long to perform them.

Plus, because it’s in the form of a musical video, it makes the steps super easy to remember.

Just like the hit opening songs from Frozen, Postman Pat and The Wiggles, I’m near positive if you watch this video half a dozen times, that ear-worm will settle in just nicely for future reference.

How to perform CPR on a baby

Performing CPR on a baby is as easy as going through the steps as seen in the St John video:

  1. Call an ambulance.
  2. Place baby on a flat surface and tilt their head back.
  3. Cover baby’s mouth and nose with your mouth to make a seal and give 5 short, one-second puffs of breath.
  4. Place two fingers in the centre of your baby’s chest and give 30 pumps to the chest.
  5. Repeat 2 short breath puffs and 30 pumps to the chest until the ambulance arrives.

Time is the most important factor when assisting someone who isn’t breathing. Start CPR straight away and have someone near you ring an ambulance for help, or if you’re alone, start CPR and continue for one minute before quickly calling for help.

SAFETY TIP: iPhone users can activate the ‘Hey Siri‘ voice activation function on their phone and Siri can dial for you. It’s a super handy function, especially in case of an emergency.

For more in-depth first aid training

St John offers amazing first aid training courses (including how to perform CPR) which are accessible to everyone! You can learn first aid at a venue near you or even in your own home via an e-course over the internet. It’s all too easy and something you will never regret doing. It’s also super reassuring to have that knowledge as parents!

In the event of an emergency, always ring 000

Speaking of first aid, here’s some hot tips on how to deal with kids managing that annoying, ever so itchy skin condition, eczema!


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