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To the Altar! Bride Trapped by Rising Flood Waters Weds in Epic Style

It’s said that rain on your wedding day brings good luck, and we’re sure this couple believe it to be true. Especially so after rising floodwaters kept them from getting to the aisle on their wedding day. That was, until the bride-to-be’s social media cry for help turned despair into delight!

In what could have easily appeared to be the plot from an adventure-fuelled movie, this was the reality amidst the current flood disaster unfolding for soon-to-be newlyweds, Kate and Wayne.

A wedding day story like no other

Like many couples bound to wed, Kate and her fiancé Wayne had spent the night before their wedding day apart. It’s tradition, and no big deal, right?

But when Kate woke in the morning, she faced an unthinkable sight …. the rising floodwater had surrounded her parent’s property, and had also cut off access to the bridge into their nearby town.

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HELP ME!!!! The most unlikely bridal demand ever via a tweet. Source: Twitter

And so with little options in a fast-changing environment, Kate turned to Twitter with a simple tweet, tagging television networks who were stationed in the area covering the flood and (we imagine) hoped for the best.

Help to the rescue!

Before long, Kate’s tweet for help was heard. Affinity Helicopters flew to the rescue, literally. A helicopter was sent to pick up Kate, her parents and the all-important wedding gown, dropping them safely at Wingham Showgrounds and on with the show they went. No global pandemic nor a once in 50-year flood can keep these two love-birds apart.

Update: MADE IT!

Kate later tweeted an update along with this stunning photo for those following her unfolding drama among the mid-north coast flood coverage, of which we all sighed a collective sigh of relief, I’m sure.

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PHEW, they made it, guys! Source: Twitter

Congratulations Kate and Wayne! What an epic wedding day story – and superb pictures – you have to tell the kids one day!

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Source: Amanda Hibberd

It all goes to show that love really does conquer all – even in rising flood-waters. Happy honeymooning, lovers!

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Love conquered all – bravo! Source: Amanda Hibberd

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