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It’s the Wedding Invite that Caused Chaos, Dividing Guests into Three Groups

Organising a wedding is a BIG DEAL. But doing it all amid a worldwide pandemic? Well that’s clearly raising stress levels up and pushing etiquette our the window with some brides and grooms.


No matter where you are, COVID-19 has pretty much turned most events and celebrations on their head. Venues are operating on the bare minimum, there are limits to crowd numbers and how many people you can have seated in one area. And of course,  let’s not forget the travel bans.

The wedding WILL go ahead!

So what’s a bride-to-b e to do amongst all this craziness?  Can we recommend you DON’T do what this bride below did?  The note below was attached to a wedding invite which hit Twitter this week and promptly blew up the interwebs.

wedding invite

It’s understandable that if you were on the receiving end of this invite, you could feel somewhat put out. But at least, this person is in GROUP A. Our sympathies we reserve for those in GROUP B and C. #ouch

Bridezilla or brutal honesty, you choose

Now let’s be honest JUST FOR A MINUTE. It’s not so much Bridezilla striking here, as much as brutal honesty is. And boy, does it pack a punch.

We all have the people we REALLY want to invite to our wedding (parents, BFFs, your favourite neighbour, great aunt Maude who leaves her casserole on your doorstep every Saturday) and then there’s the ‘reserve’ list. The people in your life you’d like to invite but are kind of ‘dispensable’. For lack of a better description. The difference being you should never let a person know if they’re in the top spot or the reserved seating.

wedding invite
100% Source: Twitter

Don’t forget to refresh

Perhaps the Bridezilla behaviour could potentially be that the couple had this message for potential guests:

For group A: “Please RSVP as soon as possible. We appreciate your promptness as we will be able to extend any vacant seats to additional guests.”

And for those in group B and C: “Please keep a close watch on our wedding website for notice that we have space available. If you already know that you are unable to join us, it is helpful that you decline via the RSVP function on our website.”

Um, what?

wedding invite
AKA where’s the UNSUBSCRIBE button? Source: Twitter

Side note: Suddenly I’m having flashbacks to that time I was agonisingly trying to purchase Ed Sheeran concert tickets … that RSI from constant refreshing of the page … that’s my version of checking for availability! Anyway, I digress….

The lesson here is…

The lesson here is that we need to keep our emotions in check during COVID-19 times. Also, we need to be aware of people’s sensitivities and hurt feelings. It’s a VERY FINE LINE between both. A tightrope between confetti and rice throwing. Ugh.

But we get it. If you’ve already booked your venue and they’re not willing to budge on refunding a hefty deposit, you want to go ahead with your wedding. But maybe – and it’s JUST AN IDEA – the way to go about it is to invite immediate family only to the venue. Then for everyone else, throw a party later down the track to celebrate your nuptials. That way no one is put out, and more importantly, no one knows where they come on the friendship scale.

The icing on this wedding cake? You could even wear that gorgeous wedding dress TWICE. #ido

bridezilla on reddit
Do the unheard of and get the dress out for a second airing! Source: Bigstock

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