The $3 Ceiling Fan Cleaning Hack Breaking the Internet

We all love a good cleaning hack. Especially one that works like a dream and costs us next to nothing. 

Well, the good people of the interwebs have shared this absolute cracker for cleaning ceiling fans. And Australia has gone nuts.

Ceiling fans are very much apart of Aussie life. Let’s be straight, we couldn’t survive torturous summer nights without them whirring above our sweat-dripping brows.

The thing we can very much do without is the dirt and grime that collects on their blades. Worse, if you don’t keep those ceiling fans clean the minute you turn it on you’re spraying all that grit and grime all over your kids, floors and furniture. Gross.

So, what’s a busy mum to do when it comes to cleaning her ceiling fans? Well, try this hack, of course!

This ceiling fan cleaning hack is fan-tastic

Well, here’s the ceiling fan cleaning hack that you need to know.

Grab yourself a cheap pillowcase and the rest is history. Say goodbye to discoloured, dusty fans and hello to your new favourite cleaning trick!

Place the pillowcase over the blade and use it to simultaneously slide off the dirt whilst catching it as it falls.
If you need to really give it a scrub a spray of your favourite household cleaner can be applied before you slide.

Once you’ve done the dirty work simply throw the pillowcase into the washing for next time. You’ll never look up at your fans and sigh ever again.

Ceiling fan cleaning hack #forthewin. Here’s to an annoying job made easy!

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