Mega HALF PRICE Freezer Food Sale TOMORROW ONLY at Woolworths

Attention shoppers!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL. If you love a fully stocked freezer this big, big news from Woolworths is not to be missed. 

For one day only Australia’ favourite supermarket has incredible savings on freezer items offering 50% off all the brand names you love.

Here’s everything you need to know to stock up and save in this once in a lifetime opportunity:

  • Woolworths will slash half price off its freezer food items for one day only
  • Save 50% off all your favourite big-name brands 
  • The Australian supermarket giant has announced the mega online sale
  • Delivery or click and collect options are available 
  • The sale will begin on Thursday between 12am until 11.59pm, while stocks last
  • All items from the freezer section – except Woolworths homebrand – will be half price

Tomorrow, Woolworths will launch a massive 50 per cent off sale on items from the freezer section for just 24 hours including brand names such as McCain, Steggles, Lean Cuisine, Four N Twenty, Sara Lee, Birds Eye and more.

Taking place online, the supermarket giant will allow shoppers to score all frozen foods – except Woolworths homebrand products – for half price.

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Think of the huge savings 

If you’ve got capacity to store a lot of frozen items this is an amazing opportunity to save an incredible amount of money. With so many of your favourite grocery items on offer, there’s hundreds of dollars to be saved in just a single, smart shop. Best of all with online shopping, they’ll even lug all that shopping right to your front door.

Think of the possibilities 

If you’re looking to stock up on your weekly ready-made meals, you can buy ready-to-eat curry, pasta, lasagne , slow cooked lamb, chicken schnitzels and kids meals – perfect for busy mum lunches, sports training night and when you’re just feeling to tired to cook!

When it comes to the staples can you ever have enough frozen vegetables? And don’t forget to consider future entertaining with frozen cakes, desserts and items like sausage rolls, spring rolls or puff pastry triangles!

In the seafood section, there will be oven baked goods such as fish fingers, battered fish, calamari, dory fillets, salmon or even steamed fish with herbs – right in time for Good Friday and Easter!

For smoothies or baking desserts, there are frozen fruits on sale, including mixed berries, pineapple pieces, mangoes, bananas and passionfruit pulp. If you love to cook, now is your chance to stock up on those items that are often a more expensive ‘maybe’ on the family shopping list!

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Get online and stock up now! 

Shoppers are required to purchase the frozen items via the Woolworth’s website on Thursday – and pick up or delivery will be available.

‘A selection of freezer items will be half price on March 14 until 11.59 AEDT or while stocks last. This offer is Australia wide, and online only,’ a Woolworths spokesperson said. ‘The promotion excludes Woolworths branded, Low Price Always and Prices Dropped products.

Our advice? Write your list, think of what’s ahead this month (Easter, school holidays, long weekends and more!) and defrost your freezer today to make space. Check out online tomorrow and enjoy the mega savings.

Thanks Woolies, you know how to make a budget-conscious mumma smile!

Top image via: Daily Mail. 

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  1. Avatar of Amanda

    #woolworths. This is crap i was all excited to fill my freezer but quess what i can only buy 20 items and i cannot them up at my local store and delivery is only available on sat .biggest waste of my time .i will never use qoolworths online ever again

    • Avatar of John

      Scam to get everyones personal information. Why dont they say up front that its online?
      What a joke so many people turned up at their stores to be told … “ oh sorry its online only”
      Whackjob Woolorths!

  2. Avatar of Donna Battams
    Donna BattamsReply

    And what a crock it ended up being. The 20 items MAX per order wasn’t actually seen on site until this morning.
    The site still had full price stuff on- the prices kept changing and there just so happened to be the majority of their products were on sale (reduced by one dollar etc) so were excluded. They will cop a backlash for this.
    I think anyone who goes to a half price sale expects a limit on each item but not a measly limit of 20 items total.

  3. Avatar of Kerry

    Try to buy products on line to get the half price promo. But they say they don’t stock the products , which I know they do so had to go in store and pay full price .

  4. Avatar of OO

    Just a stupid publicity gimmick wanting to clear a few old stock perhaps. Don’t believe in it.

  5. Avatar of Annette

    This was all a load of bullshist, just more lie’s from Safeway again and again went in store to do stock up on freezer shopping and there was hardly anything half price what a waste of time that was

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