Check Out Our Jenny Craig Winner after 12 Weeks on the Program

Congratulations again to Bec Wilkin, our winner in the Mum Central & Jenny Craig Promotion.  Now she’s completed her 12 week challenge, read below at just how much it’s transformed her life!

Now that her 12 weeks are complete, we caught up with Bec again to see how she went.  Here’s her story.  WOW!

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On Christmas Day last year a few friends decided to make an early New Years resolution to get fitter and more healthy. So we all jumped on the scales and recorded our weight. I was mortified to learn that I was almost 100kg! This shook me into gear and I managed to lose the first five kilos my myself, however I was still not happy with my weight and needed a change.

I had gotten to the point where my self image was so poor that I would actually avoid looking at mirrors, even if I was out shopping. I also had to seriously look for some photos of myself to submit as I would either be the one taking the photo or I would hide at the back of the group.

I found that I was very good at hiding my weight from others. For example – in the attached photo named “party pic” I am wearing that many layers of control garments, but I look pregnant in the photo, which I definitely was not! This was a photo with some great friends, but I actually sneakily cropped the photo to use on facebook so that it hid my stomach!  Or I would quietly “untag” myself from other people’s photos of me on facebook as I was so unhappy with how I looked.

Health wise I was doing ok, but my BMI was 30, which put me in the obese category! As I am turning 40 in a year or two, I knew that I couldn’t keep this up without affecting my long-term health.

So when I saw the competition I knew it would be THE opportunity that I needed to make some changes.

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Initially I was mortified about the idea of someone else weighing me, but excited about making changes to my health. My consultant “Helen” was lovely and made me at ease while she took my measurements and recorded my weight. We discussed my eating habits and she encouraged me to start some exercise. Following the consultation we got to the most exciting bit – the food! I took home two shopping bags worth of food, as well as a program which indicated what and when to eat the food. It was all provided, except for some dairy and fruit/vegetables.

I found the having weekly weigh-ins kept me on track, and I was thrilled to lose 2.5 kilos in the first week!! My consultant encouraged me at each step, and would call me during the week to keep me focused and motivated. During this time I also went to my local Goodlife Health Club as often as I could, and quickly found myself getting fitter and stronger as the weeks went on. I particularly enjoyed using a personal trainer and found that going to the gym was the “me time” that I needed.

Although my weight loss fluctuated, I remained focused and was so excited to lose 9.9 kilos during the 12 weeks. What was even more exciting was that I lost a total of 40.5cm during the 12 weeks. My “after” photos show me wearing my previously snug size 16 jeans which are now wayyyyy too big!

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I have to say that having the food prepared was one of the best bits of the program. It was great not having to think about what I was going to eat that day and the meals really didn’t feel like diet food. For example for lunch I had baked potatoes, pies, couscous and pasta bake to name a few. Some of my favourite dinners included Thai pumpkin noodles, Chicken Fettucine and Macaroni & Cheese. I just added non-starchy veggies or salad to each meal and as a result I rarely felt hungry. My work colleagues would often check out what I had for lunch, and were amazed that I could eat “real” food and still lose weight.

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In my initial photos I was a size 16-18, and I am squeezed into a pair of 16 jeans and had quite the muffin-top as a result. Now, I can walk into any store and pick up a pair of size 14 jeans and they will fit, even skinny jeans!!  I love shopping and trying on new clothes – at one point I went shopping with my husband and tried on a size 14 jacket but it was too big! It was the BEST feeling calling out from the change room and asking him to get a SMALLER size!

A few weeks ago we went to a fancy dress party – We went to a costume hire shop and the first thing that went through my mind was to focus on finding something that would fit, thinking that my choices would be slim. However I soon realised that I am now a “normal” size, and I could pick out pretty much any outfit and it would fit – it was a wonderful feeling.

People are also constantly commenting on the change, particularly if they haven’t seen me for a few weeks. Recently a friend was looking for me at a sporting event and she kept on asking her daughter where I was, and it took her a few minutes to realise that I was just near her but she didn’t recognise me due to the weight loss!

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By doing the Jenny Craig program, I have become more aware of portion sizes, which I feel was my downfall previously. I eat a lot more fruit and vegetables, and the family is eating better. I am keeping up the exercise and now look for excuses to exercise, rather than excuses not to!

My BMI is now 27, and I now have eight more kilos to lose to put me in the healthy weight range for my height. I am still really motivated and hope to be in the healthy weight range by Christmas – what a difference 12 months will make!

Thanks again Mum Central – it has been a great experience!

Bec Wilkin

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