This is a sponsored post for Woolworths. Don’t bake it, FAKE IT! A gift box of delicious goodies is always the perfect gift to give to someone who already has everything BUT here’s the gamechanger – you DON’T have to be a French pastry chef to deliver the delicious pressie. Nope. Not at all. In fact, you can have these Christmas gift boxes ready to gift in well under an hour thanks to Woolworths!

Christmas Gifting Made Easy!

We’re all super busy at this time of the year so finding the time to spend in the kitchen to create a dozen different delicious morsels can be as challenging as perfecting my baking skills. This is where I consider Woolworths to be the Christmas elves we ALL need in the kitchen this festive season.

Woolworths has all the baked goods I need right there at my fingertips, perfect for pulling the ultimate swifty with this Christmas gifting hack – and there’s not one burnt fruit mince pie in sight!

Woolworths gift box hack
Value for money Christmas gifting: Not one, but TWO no-bake foodie gift hampers filled for under $50! Source: Mum Central

Woolworths Delivering BIG on Value For Money

And because I know you’re all going to want to crunch the numbers for the Christmas budget – I filled these two gift-boxes boxes to the brim for just $47.50. AMAZING, right? No extensive ingredient list, no recipe fails, no time in the kitchen – it’s practically a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. Every item is perfectly made already which means a whole lot more time is available for festive fun!

Shop Now & Prepare Your Ultimate Gift Box Later

You can buy your foodie hamper gear in advance and keep it handy in your pantry for when you need it. You can even buy shortbread biscuits from the Woolworths bakery, wrap the container tight in plastic wrap and pop them in the freezer for later.

Woolworths gift box hack
You can absolutely freeze these shortbread stars! Source: Mum Central

Here’s what I bought for my two hampers above:

  • Woolworths Lemon & Macadamia Shortbread Stars 12pk ($3.50)
  • Gold Lemon Myrtle Meringues 4pk ($6)
  • Free From Gluten Gingerbread Cookies 4pk ($5)
  • Gold White Chocolate & Macadamia Tarts 6pk ($9)
  • Festive Candy Cane Slice 4pk ($4)
  • Gold Gin Infused Fruit Mince Tarts 6pk ($9)
  • Free From Gluten Iced Fruit Cake Slices 4pk ($6)
  • Decadent Chocolate Rum Balls 8pk ($4)
  • Woolworths Candy Canes 10pk ($1)


Woolworths gift box hack
Perfect tarts, every time – thanks a bunch Woolworths! Source: Mum Central

Crafty Extras Required…

Fair warning, you will need some craft kind of items, but don’t FREAK OUT. There’s also no real crafting wizardry required.

A STURDY BOX: You need a sturdy box to hold your loot. I like a bamboo tray because they can be used afterwards (hot tip: check out Woolworths Inspire Bathroom Bamboo Tray ($10) as an option, they’re an awesome size too!). Of course, you can always use a cardboard box – even a decorated shoebox!

CELLOPHANE BAGS OR WRAP: The beauty of the gift box is it’s something that can be eaten over a few days or shared. So it’s important to wrap everything so it remains fresh as can be. Cellophane bags from your local cake or cookie suppliers are awesome. Just seal them with sticky tape.

SHREDDED PAPER, RIBBON & GIFT TAG: Shredded paper is a must to cushion and prop up your tasty morsels and prevent breakage. Use a pretty ribbon and gift tag to finish off your delicious pressie. AWESOME!

Woolworths gift box hack
A few crafty items are needed for this Christmas gifting hack! Source: Mum Central

So how do these gift boxes come together? EASY PEASY, CHRISTMAS SQUEEZY. Watch our video below to see the Christmas magic unfold! Don’t have time right now to watch? Scroll down for quick read instructions.


How to Create a Delicious Gift Hack

  1. Visit Woolworths and stock up on their yummy festive treats. Don’t forget a pack of candy canes!
  2. Gather your craft supplies: a sturdy box (big box or little box, they’ll be loved by all!), cello bags, sticky tape, ribbon, shredded paper, ribbon and a gift card!
  3. Repack your bought items into cello bags, sealing them tight. If using gingerbread men, decorate them with icing or tie a ribbon to personalise them.
  4. Line your box with some tissue paper or shredded paper.
  5. Start adding the biggest treats in first, then filling in the spaces. It’s a game of FESTIVE TETRIS! You can use small containers within to create ‘easy to pack’ zones too, such as paper cupcake liners, card muffin liners or ice cream bowls.
  6. Add a pretty ribbon, a gift card and some candy canes for that festive touch – and YOU’RE READY TO GIFT IT!

Woolworths gift box hack

That’s all there is to know about creating the ultimate foodie gift box hack – and the BEST bit? No one is going to know you didn’t spend hours in the kitchen! IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE and all for well under $50 with the help from Christmas Elves at Woolworths.

Shop for amazing quality, brilliant convenience and epic value for money at Woolworths TODAY and get busy creating your gift hacks!

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