Tree Fluffing: How to Take Your Christmas Tree to the Next Level

Tree fluffing. Yes, it’s a thing. No, it’s not what you think it is. Yes, it will TRANSFORM your Christmas tree!

I’ve started seeing the ‘internet versus reality’ posts popping up on social media with people bitterly disappointed in their (fake) Christmas tree purchases when unboxing a skeletal looking tree instead of a lush, magazine-spread worthy beacon of festivity.

But just hang on to your Santa hat, disappointed shoppers.  I have one question… have you fluffed?

Have you fluffed your tree?

If you know, you know. Try fluffing your tree for a solid time (an hour isn’t excessive, believe it or not) and SEE the difference. If there is no difference and it really is an awful, falsely advertised tree then, by all means, go take it back. But the point is – you have to give it a chance to shine first.

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Sad tree before fluffing. After fluffing – A SWAN! Source: Facebook/Trinity Collison

Tree fluffer extraordinaire Trinity posted this awesome example of fluffing to a popular Facebook group. 

What a difference, right?! And she pairs her fluffing masterpiece picture with possibly the greatest community service announcement to kick off the festive season:

I have seen A LOT of posts regarding the fullness of various different trees, not looking like the box etc. I just wanted to share my experience over the years I have spent a lot of time “fluffing trees”. Yes you need fluff a lot, yes it takes a long time but you can get that advertised look with some time invested.

I just wanted to add some hope to people who have been disappointed when pulling their trees out. Remember that they have been squished into a small box (that it never fits back into) for a long time.

Here is my comparison of pulling my tree out VS 2 hours of fluffing before decorating.”

As expected, the comments came thick and fast from people wanting to know more on how to make their tree look super full.

How to fluff your tree

The actual process of fluffing your tree should always be the second step of putting up the tree. The first step is giving it a solid spray with Mortein just in case new residents have moved in the past 12 months.

As Trinity explains,

Work from the bottom to the top, inside to out. Every branch needs to be placed, straight up on the inside and fan outwards as you work your way out.

Those familiar with the technique also chimed in, fuelling the fluffing fire and sending people back to their trees with new hope. Ahh Christmas, it’s a magical time!

It’s really worth the effort!

Right! Mine takes a good 2-3 hours to fluff and I’m not even mad because the results make the magic.

OMG 2 hours of fluffing but how amazing is the end product!!

And just in case you thought the more high-end the tree, the less fluffing required. Not the case. Kyree of Instagram page Miss Kyree Loves showed us that even a premium Balsam Hill tree requires a little help.

tree fluffing
Even premium Christmas trees need fluffing! Source: Instagram/misskyreeloves

Tree fluffing tips:

And with fluffing now spreading like fake snow from a can, here are some rather useful fluffing tips

  • The more time you spend fluffing, the better the result.
  • Wear gloves and a long sleeve shirt. Even fake trees can be prickly. You need to touch every centimetre of your tree which can be rough on your hands, so protect yourself!
  • After fluffing your branches, stand back and look for gaps in the tree. Twist and turn the little branches up and down to help fill those gaps.
  • Make fluffing fun. We know everyone just wants to get straight in with the decorations but you could run a comp with the kids for who fluffed best.
  • Finally, next year when we won’t be under COVID restrictions, consider advertising your expertise as an experienced tree fluffer. It’s a well-paying gig this time of year!

Once you’ve devoted your morning to fluffing the tree, it’s time to decorate it. Lights first, then baubles, tinsel and decorations, even the homemade ones your kids bring home from kindy – they usually end up at the back on our tree.

You’re sure to be AMAZED by the glorious end result and a spectacular tree. Merry Christmas!

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