Coles Dishes up HOT KitchenAid Ovenware Worth Up to $300!

Prepare to spice up your kitchen game, Coles has just announced their latest FlyBuys promo, and it’s pretty epic!  They’ve partnered with KitchenAid to reintroduce their popular KitchenAid Ovenware collection, just in time for winter!

Imagine whipping up your family’s favourites using these beauties – because, let’s be honest, everything tastes better when it’s cooked with quality cookware!

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Coles partners with Kitchenaid for FlyBuys Cookware Promo

Simply spend $20 or more at Coles, show your Flybuys card, and boom – you’re accumulating credits to purchase KitchenAid Ovenware for absolutely free!  Plus, they’re tossing in extra credits on a range of popular products from companies you know and love, as well as all the Coles Finest treats you can’t pass up.

As the cold sets in, we’re all about the cosy vibes and delicious meals to make your heart sing. Starting April 3, your Coles shopping excursions will be a whole lot more interesting, and maybe your choices might get a little more strategic to build up your credits and explore the KitchenAid Ovenware line.

“To date we have provided over 31 million kitchen items to Australians for free and each time we run these programs our customers love the opportunity to top up their kitchens with new products to inspire their love and creativity of cooking.”

“To help customers get their hands on the range faster, we’re offering BONUS credits from 13 household brands including Continental, Finish, Colgate, Primo, Up & Go and over 170 Coles Finest products across the store.” Amanda VcVay – Coles   

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A solid 6-piece Kitchenaid cookware set

Designed for both cooking and serving right to your table, this versatile 6-piece set caters to all tastes. It includes three beloved returning items:

  • Small, medium, and large nesting bakers
  • Utensil rest (NEW)
  • Marinating dish (NEW)
  • 26cm cast iron grill pan (NEW)
  • 30cm cast iron oval casserole dish with lid (NEW)


Amazing value from a leading global brand

We can’t locate this Kitchenaid ovenware range in the Australian market yet. However, they recently launched this new cast iron cookware range in the UK, and the 30cm cast iron oval casserole dish retails at over $300! Now that’s some serious value if you get savvy with your shopping and shop smart!

Kitchenaid Ovenware cast iron collection
Source: KitchenAid

The faster way to build your set

If you’re looking to maximise the opportunity and build out your collection quicker during the promo, simply combine your credits with cash, and you’ll have access to high-end kitchenware. From sizzling grill pans to elegant casserole plates, Coles really is dishing up everything you need to arrange a successful dinner party and impress your guests.

Coles Ambassador Courtney Roulston will be serving up delicious seasonal recipes to inspire you to use the cookware, too. Imagine lasagnas that hug your soul, roasts that whisper sweet nothings, and crumbles that tickle your taste buds, all served up in KitchenAid style.

Six quality cooking staples, one awesome promo! Source: Supplied

Meet the  KitchenAid Ovenware collection

The bakers and utensil rest / marinating dish are made using durable stoneware, which heats evenly for great results. Cast iron cookware can withstand high temperatures and is suitable for all stovetops, including induction.

Utensil Rest / Marinating Dish, 20 credits: This all-in-one spoon rest, pouring spout, and basting dish allow you to create and add marinades or sauces to cooking.
BEST FOR Mixing up sauces and marinades for basting roasted meats.

Small Baker, 36 credits: Preparing meals for just 1 or 2? This dish fits ingredients snugly, making it perfect for evenly cooking smaller portions.
BEST FOR Baking sides and light meals, such as veggies, frittatas or even breakfast dishes.

Medium Baker, 56 credits: The ideal size for making sweet or savoury recipes that serve 4-6, the Medium Baker is also super versatile – cook, serve and store food all within one dish.
BEST FOR Baking crumbles and cakes, or cooking fish, quiches and meatballs.

Large Baker, 76 credits: This dish holds enough for 8-10 people, so it’s great for when friends and family get together. The smooth finish also makes cleaning up a breeze.
BEST FOR Cooking hearty meals like lasagne, pasta bakes or roast dinner

Cast Iron Grill Pan 26cm, 100 credits: Cast Iron Grill Pan Safe for the stove, oven and barbecue – or even a campfire – this multipurpose pan can withstand high temperatures, making it perfect for grilling meats.
BEST FOR Searing fish, steaks, chicken fillets or burger patties.

Cast Iron Oval Casserole Dish 30cm, 160 credits: This pan has a large capacity designed to feed the family or a crowd. Its lid creates a barrier to reduce moisture evaporation during slow cooking, making meats super tender. Plus, the oval shape easily fits larger cuts of meat, making it ideal for batch cooking.
BEST FOR Slow-cooking lamb leg, shanks, pork shoulder, or whole chicken.

Mark your calendars for April 3

This is your golden ticket to turning routine meals into unforgettable experiences. Join Coles and KitchenAid to cook, create, and celebrate!

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