How to Make Easy Slow Cooker Roast Potatoes!


Slow cooker roast potatoes? You had better believe it. The slow cooker might not be your first choice for making a delicious roast spud side dish but when the oven is already occupied – it has to be said – the slow cooker is up to the task!

Not just for casseroles, the slow cooker continues to shine on in the kitchen with its versatility. Remember the time we nailed a slow cooker pavlova? Or perhaps the slow cooker big breakfast? Well, now I’m here to tell you to give slow cooker roast potatoes a crack.

What’s your potato preference?

Potato skin on or skin off, it’s up to you! I will say this much though – peeled potatoes make for crispier potatoes. Especially when you give them the game-changer fluffing up potato prep treatment, which celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is famous in my home for.

How you’ll feel after fluffing up your potatoes. via GIPHY

Fluffing potatoes? Say what?

The process of fluffing up your potatoes for the best crispy roast potato results is simply to peel your potatoes and par-boil them for 10 minutes in salted boiling water. Drain the potatoes into a colander and leave them to dry in their steam for a minute. Give the potatoes a little toss in the colander to rough up their edges. If you’re too clumsy to toss a colander, pop the spuds in a clean tea towel and give it a little swing.

The surface of your potatoes should be fluffy and roughed up a bit. PERFECT.

Add flavour to your slow cooker roast potatoes!

Extra virgin olive oil is a healthier option for roast potatoes but if you want to go all out (and frankly, who doesn’t?) go for duck fat for the most delicious crunch of them all. Add a glug of oil to the slow cooker and let it heat up on high heat so that the oil is hot before adding the potatoes.

Season the potatoes with salt, a touch of rosemary and you can even add some garlic cloves into the mix. Want some extra flavour? Try shaking them through some French Onion Soup mix for a real flavour hit. Place them in the base of the slow cooker and toss through the hot oil.

slow cooker cheese and bacon bread recipe
No soggy spuds! Stop condensation building up in your slow cooker with a tea towel under the lid. Source: Supplied

Place a clean tea towel under the lid and let the slow cooker do its thing on high for the next 4 or so hours (give the potatoes a quick toss a few times) until tender! Serve hot with a sprinkle of fresh rosemary and you’re good to go!

slow cooker roast potatoes
Save on oven space with slow cooker roast potatoes! Source: Canva

Slow cooker roast potatoes save you space

Slow cooker roast potatoes free up valuable real estate space in the oven – imagine what other delicious side dish (or dessert!) you can now fit in the oven where the potatoes once were. GENIUS.

We have ALL the potato ideas!

If potatoes are a staple in your family’s diet, try these ideas for something different at your family table. We have recipes for yummy, cheesy pizza hasselback potatoes, Nigella Lawson’s salt and vinegar potatoes, French potato bake – otherwise known as dauphinoise potatoes, smashed cheesy garlic sweet potatoes and a whole lot of ways to elevate the humble baked potato with delicious stuffings.

pizza hasselback potatoes
Pizza hasselback potatoes – just one of the many potato recipes we have! Source: Facebook/Twisted

Are you already nailing slow cooker roast potatoes? We’d love to hear what else you cook in your slow cooker which might surprise us. Leave a comment below to let us know!

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