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Mums are Raving About the Cookie Diet. Backed By Science, Here’s 6 Reasons Why it Works!


Are you ready to redefine the way you approach weight loss? Introducing the revolutionary Cookie Diet! Yep, you heard right. This innovative science-backed program challenges the traditional norms by incorporating delicious cookies into your weight loss journey.

Containing a special mix of proteins that naturally suppress your hunger, these cookies have helped customers lose over 20 MILLION KILOS. Perfect for busy mums, it’s time to enjoy the journey to a healthier, happier you, one cookie at a time.

The Cookie Diet
The Cookie Diet is considered Australia’s most convenient diet and we can see why! Source: Supplied

It’s been a viral sensation

You’ve probably seen it on Today Tonight or Channel 9 News, because after all, they’ve been around for about 40 years and are all over your socials for good reason!  Whether you’ve heard of it or not, we’d love for you to try it out, for free! Thanks to the Cookie Diet, we have 3 x 30 day packs to give away.

This prize is their best-selling cookie box, featuring four delicious flavours and enough cookies for a month of the revolutionary Cookie Diet.


cookie diet media success
The success stories just keep coming! Source: Supplied

Australian-made cookies to combat hunger

Pre-made, fresh-baked, soft and delicious cookies that not only taste delicious but are also made with 100% natural ingredients including a special mixture of natural proteins that suppresses hunger. Made right here in Australia, they are all-natural with no artificial flavours or sweeteners.

Developed by Dr Sanford Siegal almost 50 years ago, the Cookie Diet has since helped 6 million people lose over 20 million kilograms and received over 1,500+ x 5 STAR REVIEWS!

People choose the Cookie Diet for many reasons, but the main reason is that it really does work. Designed to keep you feeling full, customers find it easier to stick to a low-calorie diet and achieve the weight loss goals they’re seeking. This could be 1kg or it could be 30kg.

Busy Mum of 4 Loses 30kg on the Cookie Diet

Meet Tarra, an Aussie mum of 4, who has now lost 30kg since starting The Cookie Diet. Burnt out from her busy career, she was sceptical at first but soon realised just how easily it fit into her busy working lifestyle. Before she knew it she was losing weight and powering through her days.

Watch her explain just how it worked for her and why it’s been a game-changer for her busy lifestyle.


The Cookie Diet also works because it’s incredibly convenient. You don’t have to bake anything, or even prepare meals. Simply take a bag of cookies with you, snack on 1 or 2 every 2 hours and then enjoy a simple dinner every night.

mum centralHOT TIP:  For a fresh baked taste, pop them in the microwave for 5-10 seconds!

Plus, you also don’t need to work out daily on the Cookie Diet. Again, making it incredibly convenient for time-poor parents who are struggling to find enough time in a day without adding a daily trip to the gym. A simple walk twice a week is a great starting point and anything past that is a bonus!

So how does the Cookie Diet work?

The Cookie Diet works by combining the convenience of portion-controlled cookies with a carefully designed meal plan. These specially formulated cookies are packed with essential nutrients to provide a balanced and satisfying meal replacement.

By following the Cookie Diet plan, you’ll enjoy a structured eating schedule that includes eating wholesome meals alongside the cookies. The cookies help to control your hunger, regulate your calorie intake, and promote weight loss. They are designed to keep you feeling satisfied while providing the necessary nutrients your body needs. With the Cookie Diet, you can enjoy the benefits of portion control, convenience, and a delicious treat while achieving your weight loss goals.

Source: Supplied

Depending on your goals, you’d approach it in the following ways:

1. To lose weight

If you’re looking to lose weight, there is a specific diet to follow which includes:

  • Consume 9 cookies each day (1 to 2 cookies every two hours) plus a healthy dinner (lean meat, salad, veggies)
  • Work on a daily intake of 1,000-1,200 calories each day
  • Take a daily multivitamin plus 8 glasses of water each day
  • Tea and coffee is allowed but try to avoid full cream milk and sugar (sweeteners are fine)
  • You only need to do light exercise during this stage (a 30-minute walk 2-3 times per week is sufficient)

Part of the magic behind the Cookie Diet is its ability to curb your hunger and keep you energised throughout the day, all while maintaining a low-calorie diet. By including specially formulated cookies in your meal plan, you’ll experience a satisfying feeling that helps prevent hunger pangs and cravings.

Not only can you achieve a calorie deficit without the constant struggle of feeling like you’re depriving yourself or losing energy. Best of all, the Cookie Diet allows you to focus on your dietary goals without having to incorporate daily gym visits into your routine. With this innovative approach, you can navigate your weight loss journey with ease and confidence.

The Cookie Diet
Nine cookies per day are recommended for weight loss! Source: Supplied

2. To maintain weight 

If you’re simply looking for a better way to stay fuller for longer and reduce unhealthy snacking, then you can reduce your cookie intake. Most people reach their goal weight and enter this maintenance phase.

  • Instead, eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • In between meals, snack on 1-2 cookies
  • Add moderate exercise to your week (30-40 minutes, 2 -3 times a week)
1,000+ five-star reviews speak volumes! Source: Supplied

6 Reasons the Cookie Diet is a Winner for Busy Aussie Mums

  1. IDEAL FOR BUSY MUMS – There is no need to prepare elaborate meals or spend hours at the gym to achieve results, which, let’s face it, after a long day of chauffeuring kids around, can be challenging. There’s also no need to meal prep and no clean-up either!
  2. CONVENIENCE: The Cookie Diet offers a convenient and hassle-free way to manage your meals. The cookies are pre-portioned and ready to eat, making it easy to stick to the program even on busy days.
  3. HUNGER CONTROL:  With the Cookie Diet, you can say goodbye to constant hunger and cravings. The specially formulated cookies are designed to keep you feeling satisfied and prevent overeating, helping you stick to your calorie goals.
  4. BALANCED NUTRITION: The Cookie Diet ensures that you receive essential nutrients while managing your calorie intake. The cookies are formulated to provide a balanced combination of proteins, fibers, and other key nutrients, supporting your overall health and well-being.
  5. SUPER TASTY: Not only does the Cookie Diet offer its unique benefits, but the cookies themselves are also a delight for your taste buds. Indulge in the delectable flavours of Chocolate Brownie, Cinnamon Oatmeal, Maple Pancakes, and Butterscotch. 
  6. SUCCESS STORIES: The Cookie Diet has garnered numerous success stories from individuals who have achieved their weight loss goals and improved their overall health. These inspiring stories demonstrate the effectiveness and potential benefits of the program.

Remember, before starting any diet or weight loss program, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure it aligns with your individual circumstances and health needs. Pregnant or breastfeeding mums should probably enjoy the cookies as a healthy snack alternative to chips, muffins or other cookies, not as part of a low-calorie diet. 

Some of the thousands of happy customers. Source: Supplied

Try the Cookie Diet for a month for under $200

One Cookie Diet box which gives you a month’s worth of cookies, will set you back $199 (less if you buy more than one month). Best of all it’s actually quite affordable when you break it down as you only really need to factor the cost of your dinner on the weight loss plan.

Half the battle with diets is convenience, the other half is hunger and this diet conquers both and gives you a way to keep the weight afterwards. The Cookie Diet has helped over 6 million people reach their weight goals.

Give it a try for the month and see what you think. It really doesn’t require anything except indulging in yummy cookies!

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