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Popular Baby Shark Bath Toy Sold at Kmart Recalled After Several Children Injured

A popular Baby Shark bath toy has been recalled after 12 children suffered “impalement injuries, lacerations and puncture wounds”.

Several of the children have been hospitalised due to their injuries which occurred after the children have either fallen or sat on the Baby Shark’s plastic fin.

Baby Shark Bath Toy Recall

The incredibly popular bath toy is manufactured by Zuru and is sold around the world, including in Australia at Kmart and Amazon. At Kmart, the product retails for $18.00 and is marketed to children 18+ months. The toy swims and sings when placed in water.

Baby Shark Bath toy recalled
Baby Shark bath toys sold at Amazon and Kmart being recalled. Source: Kmart

Zuru has recalled 7.5 million copies of the two different Baby Shark bath toys including:

  • 6.5 million full-size Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark Sing Swim Bath Toys 
  • 1 million mini-size Robo Alive Junior Mini Baby Shark Swimming Bath Toys

The recall comes after Zuru was made aware of the reports of the 12 children who suffered serious injuries including impalement injuries, lacerations and puncture wounds. Of the 12 children, nine of the children required stitches and medical attention.

Recalled bath toy
Only Baby Sharks with a hard plastic fin are being recalled. Source: Amazon

The toy-related injuries were to the children’s “genital, anorectal and facial areas,” according to US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). 

“When using the recalled bath toys, particularly in a bathtub or wading pool, a child can slip and fall or sit onto the hard plastic top fin of the shark,” the company said in a media release.

Recall -baby shark bath toy sold at Kmart and Amazon
The danger is with the hard plastic fin which has since been rectified to silicone. Source: Amazon

Two Versions – Which One Is Yours?

The Baby Shark bath toy has a hard plastic fin on the top. Since March 2023, Zuru has sold a version of the full-size Baby Shark with a silicone top fin which is not impacted by this voluntary recall.

While there isn’t an official recall in Australia for this product yet, consumers are still strongly advised to discontinue the use of the recalled bath toys “immediately”.

Additional bath toy concerns: 

Kmart fidget toy causes chemical burns

Earlier this year Mum Central also reported on an instance where a fidget toy, sold at Kmart, chemically burnt two young children.

Jessie Tidyman’s 18-month-old daughter and six-year-old daughter were playing in the bath with a glitter-filled sensory shaker when her toddler let out an ear-piercing scream.

Kmart fidget toy causes acid burns to toddler
Source: Today

Jessie raced in to see what had happened and discovered the sensory shaker had been opened and leaked all over her toddler, Willow’s body, resulting in acid burns on her stomach and legs.

Jessie purchased the fidget toy known as a Sensory Shaker ($9.00) at Kmart but there is no ingredient list so doctors couldn’t determine what was exactly in the toy. It wasn’t until they did testing that the medical staff discovered phosphate acid in the popular fidget toy.

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