These Acts of Coronavirus Kindness Delivers all the Feels!

Every dark cloud has a silver lining, right? Correct. Take Coronavirus kindness for example – ALL SILVER LINING.

Every week we’re going to make it our mission to find five heart-warming, warm and fuzzy Coronavirus acts of kindness. Because they’re out there, restoring our faith in humanity on the daily.

Check out our first five picks of the week (and you can TOTALLY do these too!).

5 sweet acts of Coronavirus kindness that will give you all the feels!

1. A nationwide bear hunt

If you’ve noticed an influx of bears sitting in your neighbour’s window, perched on a porch or peeking out of a mailbox, don’t fret. Sweeping social media platforms is a growing “bear hunt” activity for kids to spot when on a walk or drive with their family. It’s rapidly spreading from suburb to suburb and it’s easy to join in! #coronaviruskindness

Coronavirus kindness
Put your bears out and have some fun! Source: Instagram / Bakeronedesign

2. The pop-up open pantry

Supermarkets have been looking a little dire for a few weeks now here in Australia, making it particularly hard for many. I LOVE this idea of a thoughtful pop-up open pantry. Pasta or a pansy – take if you need! In a world where you can be anything.. be kind. If you can give, then give!

Coronavirus kindness
Spread the love and GIVE! Source: Instagram / 1043freshradio

3. A letter of appreciation for those on the front line

Let’s face it, many of us wouldn’t actually choose to face the dangers of contracting Coronavirus every single day now that we know how dangerous it is. The real heroes are those who go into the battlefield day after day, shift after shift. Our medical staff, supermarket workers, public transport drivers – all the people who are SO very important to delivering essential services to our community. THANK YOU. Why not drop them an anonymous note to say as much?

Coronavirus kindness
Letters of appreciation – sneaky and awesome. Source: Instagram / Jackie Fletcher ABCinSydney

4. Don’t pack the lights away, plug them in!

If you thought this Coronavirus season was a time where you could finally pack up the Christmas lights, you’d be wrong. US and UK residents have begun dragging all of the holiday gear out and decorating their yards to lift the spirits of passersby. SO SWEET!

Coronavirus kindness
Source Instagram / litratobylorie

5. Celebrities reading our favourite children’s books

Give your own reading voice a break and tune into Instagram to catch some of our favourite celebs (Hello Margot Robbie!) read a whole library (give or take) of children’s literature at Save With Stories. SO COOL!

Thank you to those who continue to reach out and show people – often perfect strangers – that you care, you lift our spirits everyday!

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