Bust the Boredom with Awesome Lonely Planet Kids Books!


Parents, we’re entering a whole new dimension of kid-wrangling  – one that requires our children to be home with us 24/7. EEK! It’s going to be challenging to keep them entertained while waiting out the coronavirus pandemic.

But, hey, who doesn’t love a good challenge?

If ever there was a way to burst through the rapidly growing ‘I’M BORED MUM’ bubble of being stuck at home around the clock, it’s with books. But not just any books. Activity books, pop-up books, colouring books – oh my!

It takes a special book to get kids out of a boredom funk and we have the perfect boredom buster books right here!

Lonely Planet Kids books are the perfect options for kids (and the young at heart) who love nothing more than igniting their imagination and soaking up knowledge. And best of all, no batteries required. Thank the electronic gods for that!

Just a quiet comfy spot is needed to discover a world of places, cultures, creatures and environments. Plus, these books are so cool, the kids barely even realise they’re educational. Score – BOOKS ARE COOL!

Not sure which Lonely Planet Kids books your kids will love best? Read on for our top four best reading picks!

For kids aged 6 to 8

1. Lonely Planet Kids Build Your Own History Museum

Here’s a book for every budding archaeologist! A truly spectacularly interactive book, Build Your Own History Museum ($29.99) is a hands-on way to learn about ancient cultures, people and traditions.

Packed with amazing history facts, awesome illustrations and pop-out pieces, children can even build museum displays such as an Egyptian sarcophagus, a Greek temple and a Chinese Terracotta Army! That’s right – they can read AND build cool things, plus, there are no itty bitty brick pieces to clean up or step on afterward.

Lonely Planet Kids books
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2. Lonely Planet Kids The World’s Cutest Animal Colouring Book

Pull up a stool and reach for the pencils, there’s a whole menagerie of animals to be coloured in with The World’s Cutest Animal Colouring Book ($14.99)!

Each spread of pages includes a coloured animal pattern on the left and the same on the right, in black and white. From foxes to koalas with all the alpacas and rabbits in between, there are a huge 22 animals to colour in this book (some of them even wearing adorable and funky outfits)! I can picture my daughter spending hours and hours with this book. Heck, I may even join her (better than doing the laundry).

The fun isn’t over when the colouring stops either. There’s a world map showing where each animal is from, along with some fun facts for each featured animal. What a hoot to be had!

Lonely Planet Kids books
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For the 9 to 12-year-old gang

3. Lonely Planet Kids The Big World of Fun Facts

This book is brought to you by my 10-year-old son who would rather watch paint dry than read. Who also told me, “Wow, this book is actually pretty cool, Mum,” when I brought it home.

That’s right, even the most reading resistant kid won’t be able to resist sinking into a book full of super interesting fun facts! There are a dozen themes to cover including everything from nations of the world to food and drink, sports and games in this fab read, The Big World of Fun Facts ($29.99).

Perfect for the kid who loves to ask ALL the questions, finally they’ll have ALL the answers like where to find taxis shaped like coconuts and who watches competitive cockroach racing. AMAZING facts that will blow any kid’s (and adult’s) brain!

Lonely Planet Kids books
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4. Lonely Planet Kids Animal Atlas

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned Atlas? Sure, encyclopedias and Encarta (remember Encarta??!!) may be things of the past but I’m all for bringing back the atlas! Amazing facts, fold-out maps and life-size surprises – I mean, what’s not to love?

Lonely Planet Kids Animal Atlas ($29.99) is filled with adorable animal facts, life-size photos, maps and fun fact flaps revealing unique environments and habitats. From animals living on icy mountain caps and the depths of the ocean to teeny-tiny insects the human eye can’t see – kids can learn all about them right here in this round-the-world animal adventure.

Kids will be exploring the animal kingdom like never before!

Lonely Planet Kids books

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See for yourself just how brilliantly interactive Lonely Planet Kids books really are.

If you’re keen to build your child’s library to the cries of “there’s nothing to do…”, bust the boredom with Lonely Planet Kids!

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