Cryptic Pregnancy: 15 Year Old Who Did Not Know She Was Pregnant Gives Birth on Living Room Floor

Imagine going for nine months without having any idea that you’re pregnant. It happens a lot more often than you may think – there’s even a name for it – a cryptic pregnancy! For this young mum, it happened when she was only 15 years old.

Teen mum and TikToker, who goes by Alexis Queen, has revealed she had no idea she was pregnant until she gave birth on her living room floor a day after going back to school.

Sorry I’ll be late for class today. I just had a baby. 

The then 15-year-old experienced what is called a cryptic pregnancy, when medical testing methods fail to detect a pregnancy and usual symptoms like vomiting, missed periods, and showing a bump do not occur.

Her only suspicion that she could possibly be pregnant was heartburn. She explained that she had an anterior placenta making it hard to feel any movements and “had regular periods and no symptoms, bump or signs of pregnancy at all plus a negative test”.

In several different videos on TikTok, Alexis explains the whole story:

“My mum mentioning to me she had heartburn when pregnant with me, me realising I’ve had a bit of heartburn lately and taking a pregnancy test during the summer holidays,” she said in the clip.

“The test being negative and me still having regular periods and no more symptoms, goes back to school for my first day of [year] 11 on September 5.”

Dad running out the door for pregnancy tests

Alexis explains that she went through that first day back to school okay, but started to experience back pain during the night. She was up all night in pain and, when she told her parents she hadn’t slept and was in pain the next morning, they passed it off as her attempt to wag school.

She put on her school uniform and headed to the toilet before school when she felt the urge to push.

mum central
Source: TikTok

This is when it gets hectic as mum comes rushing in and checks under her uniform to see, yep, a baby’s head. Then #TypicalDad comes barging in, all confused and rushes out the door to buy… pregnancy tests.

“Me screaming [for] my mum and telling her I think I’m giving birth. My mum … going into shock when she sees a head, my dad running out the door for pregnancy tests.” 

Think it’s a bit late for that, Dad.

Alexis was able to get off the toilet and into the living room where she gave birth to her baby boy.

Her mum called the school to let her know she wouldn’t be coming in that day.

Life after a cryptic pregnancy

Alexis obviously had to grow up quite quickly after suddenly welcoming a son into the world. She named her little man Harry, and returned to school when Harry was 7 weeks to get her GED.

Alexis and Harry’s dad are still together and Harry is obviously the light of his parents’ life. What a big surprise and beautiful blessing!

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Alexis’ greatest surprise and greatest joy. Source: TikTok

Harry is now four years old. She often shares behind the scene shots of her family as well as stories from being a very young teen mum and her very unusual cryptic pregnancy.

Could you even imagine giving birth at 15 on the living room floor, without even realising you could be pregnant?

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