This is What Happens When Dad Pretends to be the Tooth Fairy

The teeth brushing battle is one that many parents know too well. One father decided he had had enough.

And he found a very clever way of finally convincing his son that he needs to take better care of his teeth. 

Enter the Tooth Fairy.

There is something whimsical about the Tooth Fairy, right? Mention the Tooth Fairy and thoughts of glitter, magic and fairy sparkles come to mind, right?.

Nope. Not in the Warren house, at least.

From the Desk of Barry T. Tooth Fairy 

In the Warren residence the Tooth Fairy’s name is Barry. He appears to be quite corporate, especially with his incessant use of formal jargon.

But his message seemed to do the trick!

Clever dad Henry Warren took to Twitter to share the letter the Tooth Fairy penned to his son, who is dreadful at brushing his teeth.

As the letter explains, very very formally, the tooth left under the pillow is not up to the standards of quality, due to improper teeth brushing practices and residual amounts of Fanta, cereal and chocolate.

In other words (and in words that seven-year-old children will actually understand):

“Your teeth brushing skills suck. Do better or the Tooth Fairy won’t come anymore. Here, have some money. And some glitter.”

The clever letter has since gone viral, with countless parents looking to pen a similar letter for their teeth-brushing bandits.

Lost in Tooth Fairy translation? 

What do you think? Would your kids respond to a message like this? Or would they be as confused as can be?

I can assure you my seven-year-old son would have been lost by the second line. Thank the fairy gods that his Tooth Fairy isn’t quite so fancy (or formal).

But perhaps that’s because his Tooth Fairy is far too lazy to actually pen such a letter. Or perhaps it’s because she has been known to consume one too many wines before attempting to collect his teeth. I’m gonna go with the latter…

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