It’s a dream come true for devoted Disney fans as Cinderella makes a comeback on the big screen these school holidays with a real live-action twist. To celebrate, we’ve got 10 Family passes to give away.

Downton Abbey‘s Lily James will star as Cinderella, Cate Blanchett takes over as the wicked stepmother and Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden will appear as Prince Charming.

The story of “Cinderella” follows the fortunes of young Ella (Lily James) whose merchant father remarries following the death of her mother. Eager to support her loving father, Ella welcomes her new stepmother (Cate Blanchett) and her daughters Anastasia (Holliday Grainger) and Drisella (Sophie McShera) into the family home.

But, when Ella’s father unexpectedly passes away, she finds herself at the mercy of a jealous and cruel new family. Finally relegated to nothing more than a servant girl covered in ashes, and spitefully renamed Cinderella, Ella could easily begin to lose hope.

Yet, despite the cruelty inflicted upon her, Ella is determined to honor her mother’s dying words and to “have courage and be kind.” She will not give in to despair nor despise those who mistreat her.

And then there is the dashing stranger she meets in the woods. Unaware that he is really a prince, not merely an apprentice at the Palace, Ella finally feels she has met a kindred soul. It appears her fortunes may be about to change when the Palace sends out an open invitation for all maidens to attend a ball, raising Ella’s hopes of once again encountering the charming Kit (Richard Madden).

Alas, her stepmother forbids her to attend and callously rips apart her dress. But, as in all good fairy tales, help is at hand, and a kindly beggar woman (Helena Bonham Carter) steps forward and – armed with a pumpkin and a few mice – changes Cinderella’s life forever.


Check out the latest trailer from Disney’s Cinderella. A live-action feature inspired by the classic fairy tale, “Cinderella” brings to life the timeless images from Disney’s 1950 animated masterpiece as fully-realiSed characters in a visually dazzling spectacle for a whole new generation.

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  1. Tory Daviss Reply

    My daughter Abby is our Cinderella fan and looking forward to seeing this movie.

  2. Granddad.. He still treats Grandmama as his special “princess”

  3. Kristina S Reply

    I have 2 daughters they are my princesses. Though they do not wear crowns, I am their mother and will always do my best to see they feel like they do. Every girl should be made to feel like a princess

  4. Bec Cronin Reply

    My daughter Hunter, she loves Cinderella especially her glass slippers and that the nice girl got her Prince Charming!

  5. Cherry Pountney Reply

    I have to say my daughter is the biggest Cinderella fan, she was introduced to her at Christmas and hasn’t stopped carrying the doll around!

  6. Karen Pamment Reply

    Out of my 3 daughter i would have to say my middle one Mikayla who is 6 is the BIGGEST cinderella fan in our house.

  7. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    My daughter will be the biggest fan ever, feels so sorry for Cinderella’s upbringing but so comforted that she met her Prince in the end:)

  8. My daughter Abby absolutely loves fairy tales and Cinderella is one of her favourites.

  9. As a child I was Cinderellas number one fan and called my now 8 year old daughter Ella. She is the excuse for me to buy new shoes as they can change your life, However I could never figure out if the the shoe fitted her perfect…Why did it fall off???

  10. Linda Wilson Reply

    Cinderella is the best fairytale I would love dorky 5 year old to enjoy it with me

  11. Nina Prior Reply

    Me and my daughter love fairytails but surprisingly my son is probably the biggest fan although he would never admit it.

  12. Elissa Lamb Reply

    Me. Even at 24, the magic of Cinderella is still very much alive.

  13. Leanne White Reply

    I would be the biggest disney fan of any sort. Months leading up to book week I start planning my costume…never wearing the same one twice and always a disney princess. The pre primary’s and the rest of the school wait in anticipation what Mrs White will wear next.

  14. tasha walker Reply

    Would love to have a mummy daughter date to see this and my daughter is 18. Never too old for Disney

  15. Me! It was the only Disney film I had on VHS as a child and I literally wore the tape out from rewinding it and rewatching it so many times!!!

  16. Dianne Childs Reply

    I’m a huge Cinderella fan, but I want to take my son to the cinema and share this classic fairy tale with him!

  17. I would love to see this with my daughter and her 3 daughters my adorable little grandchildren …What a life time of a memory to leave with them …….

  18. Sarah Phillips Reply

    My 5 year old daughter loves Cinderella. Apparently when she grows up she wants to be a princess.

  19. Michelle Green Reply

    ME! Oh, and my daughter. Lol. We both love Cinderella. <3

  20. It’s a toss up between my niece, my daughter and of course myself.

  21. My daughter adores Cinderalla (and so do I actually) – and it would be wonderful to have a mummy/daughter time out to see this amazing film 🙂

  22. Narelle Rock Reply

    I would be the biggest fan in this house, have always loved the story of Cinderella!

  23. Ian Russell Reply

    It would have to be my nephew Riley….he loves the wicked step-mother

  24. Tina Clausen Reply

    My three little nieces all want to be Cinderella and are equally big fans, lol <3

  25. My daughters would love to see this. I bet they feel like cinderella sometimes having to do chores.

  26. That would have to be me. But most days I feel like the Prince, running around trying to find “someone’s” other shoe!!

  27. Lara Daebritz Reply

    As a teacher librarian in a primary school, it seems to be that every little girl aged between 4 and 8 is Cinderella’s Number One fan…the Cinderella books are always out!

  28. Vanessa Moussa Reply

    My youngest daughter has been a huge fan of Cinderella since she was a baby… she loves her pretty blue dress

  29. My 2 year old daughter loves Cinderella and everything “Princess”

  30. Actually I think Iam. Love the whole story and the ideas to portrays

  31. My nieces love Cinderella. At least they are not obsessed with Frozen!

  32. amandagorton Reply

    We all are! The Disney Princesses inspire to make us believe and achieve our dreams that can really come true!

  33. I’m the biggest fan in my household, having grown up watching all of the Disney Princesses, I absolutely love sharing my favourite childhood characters with the next generation!

  34. think its a toss between daughter and me we both love her i like that it teaches kids work hard you will end up with the better life

  35. Cathryn Cavaney Reply

    My daughter Grace – too young for facebook but just right for Cinderella!

  36. My eldest son, Seth. But we’ve only watched the classic cartoon!

  37. Loz Jordan Reply

    Our daughter, Lucy. She’s only seen the Playschool version but we have to skip the part when “Cindabella cries” because she gets so upset!

  38. Helen Hamilton Reply

    My daughter she loves both watching and reading the stories and we have had ovatipjd costumes and shoes over time.

  39. Michelle Griguol Harris Reply

    My daughter she watches every Cinderella type movie out there

  40. Kristal Villis Reply

    My little princess Chelsey who adores Cinderella as Cinderella is proof that “Dreams really do come true”

  41. Honestly, its me, I still have my Cinderella book which I’ve had since I was a child!

  42. Emma Simpson Reply

    My 4yo daughter will be I’m sure! She’s currently Snow White obsessed

  43. Me, I absolutley love Cinderella. I grew up watching the original dvd all the time and I love sitting down with my daughter watching all the disney classics.

  44. Lana Adele Wood Reply

    I am! My favourite movie as a little girl. Can’t wait to see the remake.

  45. My 4yo daughter would love to be Cinderella when she grows up!!!

  46. My daughter and I,we both love and admire her;her beauty(inside and out)her strength,and her beautiful innocence 🙂

  47. Carol Rittner Reply

    My 14 year old Grandaughter, she would love to go and see this.

  48. Ilonka Bruce Reply

    I think apart from my daughter I am the biggest Cinderella fan 🙂

  49. Faye Hannam Reply

    Our Queen Tayla Jade would love to see this movie. She has a new “Coronation” gown and like Cinders needs to go where the action is… “the movies” will do as there isn’t a Ball!

  50. Lenora Peary Reply

    I am the biggest fan around my house, including my 4yo granddaughter

  51. Natalie Cain Reply

    my son, Elric, since watching Into The Woods.. he thought it was awesome that Cinderella ended up rejecting the prince instead over swooning over him! 🙂

  52. Kasey Evans Reply

    My five year old, she’s fasinated Cinderella and her magical world.

  53. Kristie Ryan Reply

    My 7 year old loves her, dresses in her costume all the time, I’m sure in time my 18month old will love her too

  54. i think it’s a toss up between my daughter and myself…i am perhaps a little more excited that this movie is finally coming out!

  55. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    My two daughters are fan of Cinderella. This movie has been remake by new technology and new ideas. It would be a great movie for all ages.

  56. Me, I love Cinderella, she is my fave princess of all time. My Daughter loves her too and what timing it is her birthday at the end of March!! x

  57. Cinderella was the first animated disney movie I remember seeing and it has started my love for all their movies. I have even travelled to Walt Disney World in the US 5 times just to visit Cinderella’s castle and eat breakfast in the castle with her.

  58. Firstly she’s beautiful and secondly, even though people tried to crush her dreams, she still kept her head up until she fulfilled them!

  59. Katherine Bamford Reply

    My little girl, Jessica. With a cupboard filled with pretty little dress-ups, her favourite dress is Cinderella’s…never an afternoon without it on 🙂


    we all love Cinderella ,my two girls love the singing and of course the pretty dresses

  61. My daughters love cinderella and would be very excited to see the movie

  62. Amanda Tudosa Reply

    Cassidy is and will be the biggest fan I know, and the littlest 🙂

  63. Ruth Laker Reply

    I have a princess in the house Princess Paige .. she would love to see Cinderella and maybe take me or our Fella

  64. Jade Ebert Reply

    My 4 year old daughter is a HUGE Cinderella fan she even had a bed in the shape of a carriage!

  65. Kerry Owen Reply

    My daughter Tahlia and I are the biggest fans of Richard Madden who plays Prince Charming.

  66. Stephanie H Beauchamp Reply

    5 girls in my house Caitlyn, Cayley, Amber, Meira and Giselle – my princesses would love to see this movie

  67. Zara is my biggest Cinderella fan. She loves the book and when I showed her the trailers she was SSOO excited. Definitely going to see this movie

  68. Elizabeth Agha Reply

    My daughter is in love with big, fluffy dresses and fairy tales that have a happy ending.

  69. My young boy, He loves happy ever afters, loves old fashion romance, he sings and dances his way through the day and can’t wait to meet his princess.<3

  70. Elly Newall Reply

    My daughter Chloe, she is always dressing up as Cinderella with a dress and one shoe on 🙂

  71. My five year old daughter loves the story of Cinderella and also the charater

  72. My adorable and precious niece and I would absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see this show!!! We are HUGE fans of Cinderella

  73. Lauren Barnes Reply

    Oh my son as we are rushing through shopping center he will lose a shoe, so I always call him my Cinderella

  74. My adorable and precious niece and I would absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see show!!! We are HUGE fans of Cinderella

  75. Cinderella fairytale in all its different versions is a firm family favourite from the heirloom “Little Golden Book” to the ‘fractured fairytale’ in the movie “Into the Woods”. As a family we’ve enjoyed them all. Would love to experience, as a family, the Disney magical Cinderella.

  76. My adorable little niece and my daughter are both big Cinderella and all thing fairytail lovers. They adore the magic, fantacy and make believe that these movies offer.

  77. My step daughter she loves everything Disney and has been constantly asking when can we go see the new Cinderella. And we have a closet Cinderella fan (my step son who’s 10) we seen the trailer for Cinderella when we went and watched Big Hero 6 and he was glued to the cinema screen after the movie we asked him if he wanted to go see Cinderella he said ‘oh i dont know…. but i’ll go with Kayla (step daughter) to keep her company and just incase she gets scared’

  78. My 7 yo daughter. SHe is always playing “cinderella and of course she’s always Cinderella and Im always the evil stepmother…. starting to get a complex….lol

  79. I will be honest and say that if I win I will be embracing my inner child, taking my sister along and reliving our childhood. We loved Cinderella! (My 18 month old wont sit through a full movie and my 4 year old son isn’t interested! :-P)

  80. My knight in shining armour is Declan as he will make a very handsome prince.

  81. My son who loves his Cinderella doll & watches the animated movie repeatedly

  82. Andrea Ponga-Morgan Reply

    I would be taking my 4 year old daughter as she saw the trailer and hasn’t stopped asking to go since! We would also take my mum and make it a girls day out

  83. Vanessa Maguire Reply

    My daughter is apoplectic everytime she sees anything to do with this movie it would be a great thrill for her knowing that she also won the tickets.

  84. Amy Hinaki Ngawaka Reply

    my daughter Paris, right from a little girl she has always been our family’s little princess!

  85. I am I played Cinderella when I was 10. Mum made me the most beautiful dress hoop and all out of crepe paper. Light blue and white with glitter around the bottom of the ball gown.

  86. Nerys Lewis Reply

    Me – next to my sister 🙂
    My daughter is still a little timid of the Cinderella movie but will love it when she gets a little older.

  87. Magdelina Wood Reply

    My two daughters are massive Cinderella fans, both having dressed up as princess multiple times and watching the classic cinderella movies at least 20 times each.
    No matter how fast they grow up, they’ll still be my princesses.

  88. Sandra Beretin Zivkovic Reply

    My daughter Lia, even though she looks more like Snow White!!

  89. Nicki Cambourn Reply

    My daughter Amelia has started a countdown until this movie is released, every day she is crossing it off her calander.

  90. Deanne Ennis Reply

    I am pmsl, my first memory of going to the movies when I was a little with my dad to see the originals 🙂

  91. Alysha Davidson Reply

    My daughter Zoe – at 3, she has a fairly loose grasp of who the heck Cinderella is, let alone the story, but if it involves princesses and foofy dresses, she’s totally onboard

  92. My daughter Harper is a huge princess fan but hasn’t really be introduced to Cinderella. What an amazing way to do this!

  93. Sonia Vella Reply

    Both my youngest daughters just absolutely adore Cinderella and they would love to finally go to the cinemas and see it on the big screen, must say I would enjoy it as much as they would.

  94. Angela Tennent Reply

    my 2 girls are Cinderella obsessed and I feel like the wicked step mum telling them to clean up constantly

  95. Suzy kapteinis Reply

    The cinderella story will never get old. It’s timeless and beautiful. Cannot wait to watch this movie with my kids.

  96. I’m a closet Cinderella fan but how can you not be with shoes and Mr Right?

  97. Claire Bansagi Reply

    My BFF! If I can convince her to take my daughter too it’s win win for me 😉

  98. Blanche Ryan Reply

    Little Miss 6-year-old twins!!! My little princesses are completely enamoured with Cinderella! They are more excited about this movie than they are about the Easter Bunny!
    To be fair… so am I!

  99. Maree Schmidt Reply

    Miss 2 is loving Cinderella and princesses I general at the moment!! Totally didn’t push it but she just loves the pretty dresses and the dancing!!

  100. me, I am still a little girl just like peter pan was that did not grow up
    love fairytales

  101. Casey & co Reply

    In our house Cinderella is my favourite Disney Princess. She always has been and always will be! Love a rag to riches tale

  102. My daughter loves anything to do with princesses and dressing up!

  103. Cinderella is a faourite in our home. Wall decals, book coverings and dolls.

  104. Simone Valentine Reply

    My Niece Ruby & I would Love to take her to see this 🙂

  105. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    “Cinderella” I loved the story when a child and told it toy son and daughter, then came 4 Granddaughters who I told and now two Great Granddaughters, who I had to buy Cinderella dresses for as they loved the story.

  106. Kylie Clayton Reply

    Probably me as I own so many variations of the story! I’ve also enjoyed sharing with my kids and would like to take Miss 10 on a special outing.

  107. Jenni Braden Reply

    My eldest daughter!! Every time she plays dress ups with her little sister she NEVER gives
    anyone else a chance to wear HER Cinderella costume and matching shoes. 🙂

  108. My daughter…she even has a collectible Cinderella doll that no one is allowed to touvch! 🙂

  109. Elizabeth Ellery Reply

    My mum, me and my little girl. my mum took me as a little girl now I would like to take my little girl.

  110. sars_angelchik Reply

    ***blushes*** I would have to say that it would be a toss up between my husband and I we love all the classic fairy tales and our little 2 year old girl just loves anything Disney- she calls all the characters ‘Frozen’.

  111. My daughter Taylah, its her favourite storybook and makes me read it to her all the time!

  112. Renee Powell Reply

    My daughter Morgan, she asked me for a blue Cinderella ball gown for her 5th birthday so she can be a real life Princess

  113. Joella Bryant Reply

    Me and my daughter, It was the first Disney movie we both watched as kids!

  114. I adored the original as a child so I’d love to see what this one is like!!

  115. Danielle Farrugia Reply

    I have always loved this movie/story, I adore Disney. I especially love the music…….A dream is a wish your heart makes.

  116. Effie Diacos Reply

    Oh, yes Please…..even I would love to see this movie. My 14 year old daughter has seen the preview and has already made it very clear she would love to see this in the school holidays. I would also take my 8yr old niece who is coming to stay with us in the school holidays and my two boys who are 5yrs and 3yrs old. Looks amazing, us girls are really looking forward to this one.

  117. Melissa Grenci Reply

    My niece for sure!! She loves to wear her ‘cindarella’ dress any chance that she gets!!

  118. My eldest daughters Anna & Elyssa are both big Cinderella fans!

  119. Rebecca Costa Reply

    Im the biggest fan. Amazing story about finding love were you not expecting.

  120. Ooh – who doesn’t love a princessy flouncey dress and a great pair of glass slippers?

  121. Chantel Rowley Reply

    My daughter is obsessed with Cinderella. So much so that I had to sew her a dress like Cinderella out of Cinderella material. Also who doesn’t love a good romantic princess storey.

  122. it unashamedly me – i could do with a little romance in my life – even if it is only fleeting 🙂

  123. Melanie J Patterson Reply

    My cousin and Me!!! We are desperate to see this new movie!

  124. Shannan Sullivan Reply

    i am. since i was little ive wanted some of those glass slippers!!

  125. Little Miss 5 is a huge Cinderella fan, she even pretend to be sitting in the cinders!!

  126. Debbie Phillips Reply

    My g/daughter Miah Williams…….and myself,,,,,,,,we <3 CINDERELLA

  127. Kelly-Anne Leddy Reply

    I am – ever since I was a kid Cinderella has been my favourite movie and I dressed up as Cinderella for Halloween a few years ago

  128. I am – I saw the shorts to this movie recently and resolved to go see it. Probably by myself so I can have a good cry!

  129. Maria Braund Reply

    My daughter Emily, She is 10 now and we have watched a few Cinderella movies together.

  130. Ledam Nguyen Reply

    same story but different actors and actress who make the movie good or not. my daughter loves fairytales

  131. Kathy Solomons Reply

    I am have always loved this fairy tale, my grand daughter will too!

  132. My wife and daughter. I’m told, even if the shoes give blisters or have no cushioning with every step; a fun, energizing change is needed from the drudgery of day to day home work. As I’m currently the house chauffeur, cleaner and chef; it better be good.

  133. tanya clarke Reply

    My son is a huge Cinderella fan! There’s nothing like feeding an imaginative mind.

  134. Lara Hainsworth Reply

    I’m the biggest Cinderella fan and one day I will find my Prince Charming!!

  135. Hmmm my daughter isn’t yet a “princess” fan of any sort- she prefers Cars and Thomas – but I think she would be a fan of the Cinderella movie because she also loves shoes! She will be begging for glass slippers afterwards I imagine 🙂

  136. Pauline Rimmer Stacey Reply

    I am the biggest Cinderella fan cause i played one of the ugly sisters in my school play

  137. Becca J Lord Reply

    My 5yr old daughter loves Cinderella but her Nan demanded that she be taken along too. She said she is a bigger fan because Cinderella has been her favourite princess since she was a little girl herself. Lol

  138. Nicole Hielscher Reply

    I am very excited to see this movie. Can not wait to take my daughters as we all love Cinderelly!

  139. mustangmum Reply

    I have a Princess Ava, Princess Ella and Princess Audrey who would love to see Cinderella.

  140. Andrew McKeown Reply

    My youngest daughter Bella just loves Cinderella. I think she can relate with two older sisters who try to boss her around.

  141. Me, I love Cinderella. Have been enchanted by the magical story since childhood

  142. My daughter… such a magical story I’d love to share with her!

  143. Michelle Cleland Reply

    Brielle the belle of the ball ! my beautiful daughter Brielle will always be my princess and my princess would like to take her handsome prince (her daddy) to the ball (the cinema).

  144. Bella, my 3 year old granddaughter is mesmerized by all Disney stories, especially Cinderella.

  145. lovelyloves Reply

    You won’t believe it..but my mother who is not exactly young. This shows how fairy tales such as Cinderella capture the hearts of people young and old.

  146. My 6 year old daughter Emily. She loves princessess and fairytales of all kinds

  147. I have 3 daughters (4, 7 & 10) who have all once believed that they were a princess. To see a real princess in full size would be a great family outing for us all

  148. My daughter will love this movie, but I will likely enjoy it even more as an escape to a fairytale place!

  149. My 4 year old daughter Lily. Cinderella is her favourite movie and we have 4 Cinderella dress ups!

  150. My 4.5 year old daughter Zoe, she loves all princesses and at the moment it’s Cinderella.

  151. My 6 year old daughter. She loves princesses, and her name Zaara also means princess. She acts like one too. And one day hopes to marry a prince!

  152. Sandra Hall Reply

    My daughter would just adore this movie – we have read the story so many times.

  153. Sarah McCulloch Reply

    Possibly my husband as he likes that she can go from housework and rags to beautifully done up and ready to go so quickly… as opposed to me who takes hours.

  154. Marilyn Long Reply

    Funnily enough my 3 year old son Campbell LOVES watching the Disney movie ‘Cinderella’ he says its his favourite movie (well for now it is) he laughs so much when the mice are playing with the cat….. 🙂

  155. Me! I especially love the Dream’s a Wish Your heart Makes song

  156. Cheynon Gemmell Reply

    My 5 year old daughter Ava, her nickname is Princess since birth…she is the ultimate girly girl!

  157. Amanda Harris Reply

    My 3yo adores all princess movies and can’t wait to see The “real” Cinderella movie

  158. Merryn Boulton Reply

    My daughter Audrey – Cinderella is her favourite princess

  159. Linda Cleary Reply

    My daughter miss 5 and it’s been her favourite princess to adore since she was one

  160. Sarah Sabatino Reply

    Me – by a long shot! But hoping my enthusiasm will Rub off on another family member soon!!

  161. My daughter – she has loved Cinderella since she was old enough to choose her favourite story Our book is well loved!

  162. Kate Reynolds Reply

    My princess and biggest Cinderlla fan my daughter Amelia.

  163. My little 2 yo niece loves Cinderella and wants to be a Princess 🙂

  164. My daughter would love this film but I think deep down I would love it just as much!

  165. melinda nardella Reply

    I would love to take my Nanna to this movie. Always a romantic!

  166. Tana M Hewett Reply

    Our 12 year old daughter absolutely loves Cinderella. She’s always humming the tunes from Disneys animated version. I think this would make her day

  167. Holly-Anne S Reply

    My daughter. She loves to dress up, sing, put on performances, watch the movies, use her dolls. You name it my husband and I do it!

  168. My daughter. Cinderella has always been one of her favourite stories. Between the ages of 2-4, reading Cinderella involved multiple parts and costume changes as she acted out the story – her as Cinderella, and the narrating adult as the stepmother/fairy godmother/ prince/ etc

  169. Kel Montano Reply

    I would love to take Evie and Lawson to see this. They love to original but I believe even I will love the new addition to the Cinderella family (hello Rob Stark)

  170. Steph Watson Reply

    My 5 year old absolutely adores cinderella, it’s her favourite princess movie! We watch it just about everyday, so we would love to.see the new version!

  171. Alisha Robinson Reply

    My 4 year old daughter Bethany can often be found in her Cinderella costume singing “the dream that you wish will come true” and she truly believes it. Both my daughters and I all love the magic of Disney and cannot wait to see the new Cinderella movie!

  172. My 10 YO believes that one day the man of her dreams will just appear “poof” out of thin air!

  173. I would take my 4 year old daughter to see Cinderella, as she is a Disney princess fanatic! She would love a mummy/daughter day out, we havn’t had one since I was pregnant with her youngest brother a year ago!

  174. I should say my 7yo daughter followed very close by my husband lol

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