Calling all fairytale fanatics. That includes your princess-adoring kiddos, right? If the word “Disney” is part of the daily conversation in your house, have we got news for you!

The magic of Disney is coming to a theatre near you this July & August! Each weekend from Saturday 30 July through Sunday 28 August grab the kids and enjoy the Disney Fairytale Film Festival, exclusively brought to you by Event Cinemas, Greater Union, Birch Carroll & Coyle and Village Cinemas.

The festival features Disney favourites, such as Maleficent, Enchanted, Cinderella and Into The Woods. Not only can the kids relive their memories of seeing these fab films, but they can also get a special sneak peek into Disney’s latest film, Pete’s Dragon.


Featuring the classic tale (in a completely reimagined way), the film brings the adventures of an orphaned boy and his best friend (a dragon) to the big screen. The preview will be held on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 August.

Tickets to this not-to-miss event (especially if your little one is a Disney fan, or should we say fanatic?) are $10 a piece (or $30 for a Season Pass), and can be purchased online at the Event Cinema or Village Cinema websites.

The festival is on at all participating Event, Greater Union and BBC Cinemas (excluding George Street, Myer Centre, Townsville City, Cairns City, Wollongong, Newcastle, Skyline, Darwin City, Mackay City and Toowoomba Strand).

Thanks to our friends at Event Cinemas, we’ve got 10 family passes to the Disney Fairytale Film Festival up for grabs!

That’s right, you can win a movie-filled family fun time that features your child’s absolute Disney favourites. Yay!

Simply complete the entry form below, and tell us in the comments at the bottom of this page which movie you’d love to see and why, and you’re in the running!


Win 1 of 10 Family Passes to the Disney Fairytale Film Festival


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  1. Magical, marvellous, magnificent MALEFICENT.. missed t last time.. love to join in the Jolie super skullduggery

  2. Sarah Phillips Reply

    Pete’s Dragon, my kids & I saw the shorts when we were at the movies last week and it looks like a great movie! Plus it’s the only one I haven’t seen.

  3. Michelle Green Reply

    I haven’t seen Into The Woods yet and would really love to. Maleficent is a fantastic movie, saw it in the cinema and it was wonderful!

  4. Into the woods as I have seen the other films but didn’t get a chance to see this one.

  5. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    Absolutely love to watch ‘Enchanted’ – the story gives me a sense of curiosity to find out how a traditional Disney Princess can live in modern day New York. Its also the only movie our whole family have not watch;)

  6. Crystal Adams Reply

    I missed seeing Maleficent last time it came out and would love to see it on the big screen

  7. Harry Varvaressos Reply

    Maleficent – as wonderful as the Disney classics are, I really enjoy the way in which these stories can be reinvented in dark, mysterious ways, such as this one. Also Angelina Jolie is such a wonderful performer. 🙂

  8. Ashley Beech Reply

    I haven’t watched Into the Woods yet but love Emily Blunt so would love to see this. IF you were to ask the kids I think they would just say all of them!

  9. Lyndall Crisp Reply

    Would love to Enchanted, I haven’t had the privilege of seeing this yet!

  10. My little man is yet to see his first film,with his obsession with dragons I think Pete’s Dragon would make his birthday extra special!

  11. love to see cinderella because grandchildren just love that story

  12. Scott Crumlin Reply

    Into The Woods. Air of mystery and excitement. What is hidden in the woods?!

  13. Shu- Ching Chang Reply

    InTo The Wood would be excellent movie to see it. My both kids love mystery movies. It is a great opportunity for my family. Thank you.

  14. Tess Lindsay Reply

    Maleficent- it’s a movie that both the kids and I just adore.

  15. I would love to see cinderella with my girls, not only is it a beautiful story but that dress is amazing!!!

  16. Paula Harris Reply

    Maleficent. It’s the only one I haven’t seen…..we’re a Disney household 🙂

  17. Melissa Edwards Reply

    Maleficent! One that the husband and I haven’t seen, but my son has and loves it!!

  18. Gayle Richardson Reply

    I love Maleficent as the twist of her being not quite so mean is fantastic for younger viewers to see!

  19. Shannon Wotton Reply

    I’m looking forward to seeing Pete’s Dragon, I loved the original with the cartoon dragon, Elliott. I’m very excited to see the re-imagined version, the trailers look extraordinary!

  20. Into the Woods….. so I can embarrass my kids when I break out in song! he he he

  21. Cinderella, it’s my daughters FAVOURITE film & a pretty good movie too if I’m to be honest.

  22. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Maleficent would be nice movie for our family. Thank you.

  23. staceyshailer Reply

    Cinderella, I loved the classic Disney version as a child and would love to see this new re-make of it with my own daughters!

  24. Lara Haynes Stewart Reply

    Enchanted we have been wanting to see this one & on the big screen would be awesome

  25. Julia Mason Reply

    Ohh we’d love to re-watch Maleficent, such an amazing movie, mixed with light and dark scenes..

  26. Berenice Lawrence Reply

    Into the woods, we just watched a live performance of this and it was fantastic so would love to watch the movie now

  27. I would love to take the children to see Cinderella which I saw as a child. The children will be in awe of the dancing, not just the story.

  28. Rachel Tellan Reply

    I would love to take my daughter to see Into The Woods. She loved watching it on the TV because of all of the music

  29. Sarah Mitchell-McCabe Reply

    Enchanted because the story was fantastic and Patrick Dempsey could be my handsome prince


    INTO THE WOODS….have yet to see this….heard good reviews on it so it’s a must do

  31. littleangel Reply

    Would love to see them all, but if I have to pick just one – would have to be Into the Woods – love seeing musicals on the big screen and to be able to share with my girls.

  32. Vanessa Di Cicco Reply

    I actually can’t wait to see Pete’s Dragon! It was my favourite book as a child, and the cartoon version was wonderful. When I saw the preview for Disney’s latest remake of the movie, it sent chills down my spine!

  33. I’d like to see Into the Woods, because it sounds deliciously scary!

  34. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    Pete’s Dragon, looks so exciting even for me a Great Grandmother who knows that her adorable twin Great Granddaughters would love all these movies.

  35. Trudy Spreadborough Reply

    Would LOVE to take my daughter to see Cinderella! She is absolutely obsessed with all things Cinderella!!

  36. Cinderella is certainly suitable for our children. I know they would love the story, the clothing and absolutely everything about the movie.

  37. Maleficent looks like a fairy tale that my sons and I could enjoy!

  38. Cinderella, because I saw it with my mum last year when she visited from the UK but would love to take my son to see it too 🙂

  39. Enchanted (or any really love movies) because who doesn’t like to be enchanted?

  40. I would love to take my daughter to see Cinderella. We love our princess movies and as my daughter is dressing up as Cinderella most days, she would love a treat to the cinema to see her favourite film

  41. Cathy Aplin Reply

    Enchanted or Cinderella. My princess is a little young for the other 2 🙂

  42. Rebecca Smith Reply

    Maleficent as both my boys love the movie, awesome story line and tells us what really happened to Sleeping Beauty

  43. Cat helbig Reply

    Would love to see Cinderella that was a popular one for me as a child so would bring lots of memories back and i get to share those with my family

  44. Melissa Cox Reply

    Cinderella is an awesome tail of being able to overcome everything and anything that life throws at you

  45. Cinderella as I loved her in Downton and I can’t imagine her as anyone else (and my 5 year old would love it too.

  46. Cinderella – it’s one of my daughter’s favourite fairy tales, along with Frozen, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, you get the idea 😉

  47. Jenny Mansbridge Reply

    My grand-daughters just love anything Disney and actually so do I

  48. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    InTo The Woods is my favourite movie , I still remember it clearly. It is a great opportunity to see it again. Thank you this opportunity.

  49. Lauren Ibbotson Reply

    Id love to take my daughter to see Cinderella and introduce her to the beautiful story.

  50. Cinderella. My little daughter would love this classic fairy tale.

  51. Into the woods. My musical theater loving little brother LOVES that movie.

  52. Cinderella. I loved it as a child and now my little girl loves Cinderella too! ☺

  53. Stefanie Seiler Reply

    I would like to see Into the Woods because it looks like a cool, mysterious version of Snow White.

  54. Enchanted because even though people tried to crush Giselle’s dreams, she still kept her head up until she fulfilled them!

  55. I will have to lock the children out they are only 4 and 5 so they may be scared but I haven’t seen maleficent and into the woods yet movie day for mum 🙂

  56. Louise Staltari Reply

    Maleficent…I really love how it was reimagined and that true loves kiss was like that of a mother to her child..rather than a prince..was just beautiful, it’s how I feel about my children, they are my loves.

  57. Cinderella my 3 girls still haven’t seen it & it would be magical for them to watch it on the big screen

  58. LilMiss Kibby Reply

    Maleficent – i havent seen it and my kids would LOVE to see it again

  59. lovelyloves Reply

    I love Enchanted. The songs in it are catchy and memorable.

  60. Andrew McKeown Reply

    Maleficent as I didn’t get to see it on the big screen with the larger-than-life Angelina Jolie

  61. Sarahmary92 Reply

    Cinderella. Haven’t seen the new one yet, but I love the classical storyline.

  62. Maleficent — characters from one of my favourite fairy tales – would love to see this movie.

  63. amandagorton Reply

    Cinderella; because it is the basis of every little girls childhood dreams!

  64. Natalie Skinner Reply

    Enchanted because I didn’t get to see it on the big screen first time around

  65. Julie Ford Reply

    enchanted for it looks amazing magical and love to watch it with my children

  66. Nikki Cashion Reply

    Maleficent . Have seen it on dvd but would be amazing to see at the cinema . Fantastic movie

  67. Megan McGaffin Reply

    Maleficent – it’s my favourite and I would love to introduce my daughter to it at the cinema 🙂

  68. Christie Louise Reply

    I’d love to see Malificent!!
    Seeing Angelina Jolie in this part would be really interesting, as I haven’t seen her act this type of character. I really believe she could pull it off just in her looks alone!

  69. Sarah Kate Reply

    I’d love to see Cinderella as I was sick when it was on at the movies so I missed out!!

  70. Alicia Bardsley Reply

    Cinderella. Each remake gets better and better and I loved this version.

  71. 78DaysofSummer Reply

    I would love to see Maleficent, adore this film and love the messages. And Angelia ROCKS!

  72. Col Harper Reply

    Enchanted. The first movie i saw with my daughter that wasn’t fully animated. We both loved it. Would love to be able to take her back 9 years after we first went.

  73. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    InTo The Woods would be wonderful movie for my family. Thank you.

  74. Elisabeth Martins Reply

    I would love to see Cinderella,
    It was my mothers favourite movie growing up, my favourite movie and now my daughters too.
    It’s a timeless classic 🙂

  75. Maleficent..having never seen it and being told my granddaughter loves it…I better get with the ‘program’!

  76. Melinda Bolitho Reply

    I would love to take my daughter to Cinderella – it’s her favourite book and she loves the animated movie. She would be thrilled to see it come to life on the big screen!

  77. Vanessa Brown Reply

    Enchanted is such a beautiful movie and my 7year old and I love watching it snuggled up in bed with chocolates and milk:) Quality girl time

  78. I’d love to take my girls to see one of their very favourite movies, Enchanted on the big screen. They would love it!

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