Say goodbye to phone lines, messy cables and long connection wait times with the clever wireless internet service from vividwireless.  

It’s pretty simple really, all you need is a power point, be in a service area and simply plug and play! In return, they offer unlimited 4G LTE internet access with a wireless internet connection!

There’s no need for cable or DSL, with their clever and very simple ‘plug and play’ modem, having you online in just minutes. No phone technicians, messy cables or access to a phone line required!


Their plans are pretty competitive too, starting at just $29 per month^ to an ‘all you can eat’ unlimited GB access for only $89 per month~, allowing you to download as many movies, music tracks or games as you like!


We’re hungry internet users in this house! Given I run 3 online businesses, often working with music streaming through the day, have 2 kids and a husband who love watching YouTube and the like, it’s safe to say this was going to be one good test!

And to be honest, I’ve always been curious about Netflix so when Vividwireless offered me a month of unlimited internet to check it out, I figured it was as good a time as any!

Once the modem arrived, all I had to do was plug it into a powerpoint and we were connected. Seriously, it’s THAT easy!

While my modem was on its way to me in the mail, I popped down to my local Officeworks and grabbed a Google Chromecast ($55) so that I could connect to Netflix on my TV. Now my internet was connected I then went about setting up Netflix. I simply plugged the Chromecast into the HDMI plug in the back of my TV, followed the step by step instructions on the Chromecast setup, downloaded the Netflix app to my phone and within about 4 steps we were connected too!

Oh dear, this could be dangerous!! 😉

Oh my gosh is vividwireless that simple? Really? You bet! So here’s what we thought:

IT’S SO EASY!  Essentially all you need to do is plug your Vividwireless router into a powerpoint and have it close to a window (preferably for stronger signal). There’s no cables, no technicians, no waiting (best bit!) and really it’s just so portable it’s not funny!

IT’S SO PORTABLE!  Given it’s just a standard plug and play type modem with no special cables or connections required, providing they offer service to the area you’re going to, you could take it with you if you’re away for periods at a time and avoid pricey hotel internet rates. Simply pop the Vividwireless router in your suitcase and bring it with you – plug it in and voila, instant internet! Imagine the savings, imagine the practicalities and of course, the convenience!!

IT’S PRETTY GOOD VALUE:  Considering I’m already paying $69 for a limited download package, their value offering is pretty impressive for what you get! They have a middle of the range $59 package with 40GB (suitable for moderate family use) or their all you can eat unlimited service at $89.

THEY STAND BY THEIR SERVICE:  vividwireless offer a 14 day Money Back Guarantee if you cannot use their service due to poor coverage. So if you’re in a touchy area and have issues with Cable or DSL services, you can jump onto their website and see if vividwireless is the solution for you!


Get online in minutes with Vividwireless’ 1,2,3 easy set up….

1. Check your coverage:

2. Buy the modem

  • Call Centre: 1300 327 837
  • In-stores: Harvey Norman and The Good Guys

3. Self-activate your internet in minutes once you get your modem

NOTE: Plans start from just $29 per month (Unit cost per MB $ .0015) to unlimited GB access for only $89/month, there is something for everyone’s budget with these great pocket saving deals. Acceptable use policy applies to Unlimited Plan.

Vividwireless’ LTE internet service provides up to 10 mbps download and 1 mbps upload.

divider-3*Modem costs RRP $199 for month-to-month plans with no lock-in contract. 24 month internet plans with $0 upfront modem cost are also available for online and phone orders. $10 delivery fee applies to online and call centre orders.
^Unit cost per MB $ .0015, speed is limited to 64Kbps once data allowance has been used.

~Acceptable use policy applies.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post for vividwireless however my opinions and recommendations are my own. Oh, and Orange is the New Black is my favourite new Netflix show!! 😉

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