With Disney on Ice Presents Frozen hitting our shores real soon, let us take you behind the scenes and show you why Disney simply do it the best!

There’s few things you get to do as a parent that are as incredible for you as it is for your kids.

Hands down Disney on Ice is one of these and without fail each time catches the breath (and imagination) of mothers and children alike. , leaving the whole family agreeing it to be one of your ‘best days ever!’

Copyright Disney. All Rights Reserved

1. It’s not your everyday stage show

The minute you enter the giant arena, the energy changes and the buzz of excited fission is upon you. The air is cold and the anticipation is high. You know that something special is about to unfold but exactly…. what?

How can a stage production take the entire cinematography of a movie and translate it to an ice show in a way that is as (if not more) engaging than a film? Well, the answer is as complex as it is simple… the magic of Disney on Ice!

From incredible sets which leave you gasping at their sheer size, depth and detail, to costumes fit for a princess (literally!) – no detail is left untouched when it comes to Disney on Ice.

Copyright Disney. All Rights Reserved

2. It’s a feast for the senses

With talented casts of amazing skaters, incredible music, dazzling and dramatic lights, smoke gusts and falling snow, the enchanting, sensory experience of Disney on Ice will leave you with goose bumps.

Behind the scenes with testing for the blizzard scene. Simply mesmerising!   Copyright Disney. All Rights Reserved

Watch the much-loved tales unfold before your eyes. With soft, flickering lights and Disney’s love stories to the intense, stadium-high chase scenes or daring escapes, every element combines to tell your favourite Disney tales. There’s no stone left unturned – and it’s all incredibly achieved on skates!

Rehearsing under lights for the first time, such a magnificent spectacular.  Copyright Disney. All Rights Reserved

3.  The sheer scale of the whole production will blow your mind. Did you know…

  • It takes almost a whole day to set up the production for the show yet only 5 hours to pull it down at completion.
  • There’s 15 crew members and it takes 16 semi-trailers to move the entire set between cities.
  • There’s 18 male performers in the troop and 21 females.
  • It takes 3 buses to transport the entire crew, cast and staff for the show.
  • The set up includes 20 snow machines, 170 movable lights, over 200 props and the largest, a bridge weighing over 500kg.
With over 170 moveable lights, Disney on Ice presents Frozen is sure to captivate your senses. Copyright Disney. All Rights Reserved

4.  The costumes are something else, captivating and stunning all in one! Five fast facts to capture your imagination…

    1. It takes 8 different designers and over 100 people to produce the attire for the entire cast.
    2. There’s over 650 individual pieces that come together to make the 108 total looks.
    3. To make the costumes demands thousands of yards of fabric with some costumes weighing up to 23kg.
    4. Elsa’s Ice Queen Dress is hand-painted chiffon made by exclusive costumer Pearson-Meares in New York City.
    5. Each cast member has between 1 and 5 looks per show.
Over 650 individual pieces that come together to make the 108 total looks.  Copyright Disney. All Rights Reserved

5.  It’ll make you feel young all over again! Who doesn’t want to re-visit the wonder of being absolutely enchanted? 

Disney on Ice has the incredible capacity to make you forget your grown-up responsibilities and whisk you away to a place where you’re seven years old all over again. The beauty of a Disney on Ice performance touches that part of your heart that sees you feel like a child once more… the wonder, the magic, the sheer ‘oh my gosh how did they do that?’ factor – it’s the very best feeling on earth! Disney on Ice is genuinely an experience that will captivate the whole family – big and small – with it’s spell-binding awe…

All facts and reasons aside, there’s one thing that just can’t be measured when it comes to Disney on Ice, and that’s the memories! 

Join the Mum Central team this year and enter a fantastical winter wonderland beyond your imagination at Disney On Ice presents Frozen. The heart-warming Academy Award® winning tale you love is skating into your town soon – we promise you this is a magical family experience you’ll never forget!

Disney on Ice certainly captivates its audiences with incredible costumes, storylines, lights, sounds and is absolutely a feast for the senses on a GRAND SCALE! Copyright Disney. All Rights Reserved

Grab your Mickey ears, don your Elsa tiara, it’s time to create some memories Mum! Disney on Ice is a magnificent day out you’ll cherish for years to come.

WA: Perth Arena
JUNE: Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th, Monday 5th

SA: Adelaide Entertainment Centre
JUNE: Friday 9th, Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th, Monday 12th

NSW: Newcastle Entertainment Centre
JUNE: Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th, Sunday 25th

QLD: Brisbane Entertainment Centre
JUNE/JULY: Thursday 29th June, Friday 30th June, Saturday 1st July

VIC: Hisense Arena, Melbourne
JULY: Wednesday 5th, Thursday 6th, Friday 7th, Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th

NSW: Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney
JULY: Wednesday 12th, Thursday 13th, Friday 14th, Saturday 15th, Sunday 16th, Monday 17th.buy tickets here


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  1. Lauren Geier Reply

    Disney on Ice is just so magical and I can’t wait to introduce my daughter to it!

  2. The magic and enchantment. A great show for both kids and adults!!

  3. carolineavard Reply

    Everything I love the music the characters and the entertainment which will keep my grandkids glued for hours on end. ❤️

  4. Allyson Metcher Reply

    Love Frozen as does my young grandaughter we would both love to be a part of this amazing show. She would just be awestruck to see the characters up close.

  5. My wife and my daughter went to see Disney on Ice last year, and she had became Elsa since then. She also started learning ballet. I think it will be a different and amazing experience for the whole family if we can watch it together.

  6. I have never been to Disney on Ice but my daughter is utterly obsessed with Frozen and she would absolutely love to see this show!

  7. Janine McNaughton Reply

    I love how it takes both my girls and I back to a place of magic, fun, beauty and music!

  8. Stephanie Hope Reply

    I’ve always loved Disney films and am so keen to introduce them to my son

  9. Would be awesome to be able to take my two girls to see Disneys Frozen on Ice. They would be mesmerised by the show I’m sure.

  10. Bree Hansen Reply

    I love the magical atmosphere that Disney on Ice brings and the joy that it brings to my children.

  11. Kaja korczyk Reply

    Disney on ice brings stories to life and makes for a magical experience x

  12. The way Disney on ice makes children feel, it takes children where they always dream of being and seeing in real life. It’s magical, beautiful and creates life long happy memories for children.

  13. Kim Bonavia Reply

    I want to enlighten my two boys; 5 and 4 to experience a world other then super heroes and Star Wars. Diversity is also relevant in the reverse.

  14. Paula Sutherland Reply

    My girls and I love Frozen! And to see it as a Disney on Ice production, it would be amazing! Their shows are spectacular!

  15. Rebecca Eustance Reply

    It’s such a spectacular show! I went as a child and I want to give my daughter the same experience for her 4th birthday in July

  16. Laurina Ainscough Reply

    I have never been to Disney on Ice but would love to take my boys.

  17. Rachel Ch'ng Reply

    I love the amazing talented characters, music, suspense, skating stunts, breathtakingly beautiful costumes, and the magical feeling it imparts on audiences young and old. I especially love watching the excitement coming out from my little one as the show progresses!

  18. Would love to take the kids to see it. None of us have ever been to one. Would be a fantastic experience.

  19. Sherna Swanepoel Reply

    Living in rural area we don’t get to do much things like this and would be amazing to take my 2 as it is such an amazing picture!

  20. Amy Hinaki Ngawaka Reply

    I’ve always loved Disney, so I would love to experience “Disney on Ice” too because “the cold never bothered me anyway” and who better to snuggle up to and keep me warm than my favourite little people.

  21. Andrea Roberts Reply

    I’ve always loved Disney. I was so lucky to go to (what I think was) the first Disney on Ice in Australia circa late 80s/ early 90s! I remember just loving the music and seeing the old familiar, lovable characters gliding around the ice. That love and memory has stuck with me and I was so excited to take my 4yo last year to see all her favourite princesses. And that magic was still there for me and my Mum too! Such a magical show for young and not so young! <3

  22. Emma Petrak Reply

    I’ve never been to a Disney on ice show. But I’ve heard so many great reviews on them!! Plus Frozen on ice who doesn’t love a dancing and singing snowman!!

  23. Lisa Radford Reply

    Wow. Hope to get this. My little girl is in love with frozen.

  24. Monique Hirst Reply

    I love it all. I use to go before I had my kids with a friend! I am yet to go with my 2 daughters though and I know it will be even more enjoyable with them.

  25. Lisa Abejja Reply

    I love the MAGIC coming to life right before our eyes!! Seeing that magic shine within the eyes of my children with their awe and their wonder. It’s truly incredible to witness.

  26. Isabella Basile Reply

    Adding Frozen to Disney on Ice just makes it more current, enjoyable and relevant!!

  27. Lauren Ellis Reply

    We would love to take our two boys to Disney On Ice to see the magic of Disney with amazing talented performers, elaborate costumes & magical music! My husband & I would be able to feel the joy of which Disney gives to young & old!

  28. Stefanie Seiler Reply

    I love watching all Disney movies turn into magic on ice.

  29. Leonnie Rainsford Reply

    Gosh I remember travelling o launceston as a child to see disney ice but haven’t had the pleasure to treat my children as they haven’t returned to tasmania in while

  30. Shannon Discombe Reply

    I’d love spoil my daughters with seeing the magic of their favourite Disney characters floating around the ice it’s a wonderful thing to see their little faces light up

  31. Watching kids in absolute awe & amazement as the story unfolds they are transported into the magic of the story

  32. Disney films and magic has always been a favourite pastime of mine as a little girl to adulthood, I would love to share that same happiness with my daughter.

  33. As any little girl, my daughter adores anything and all Disney!
    I would love for her to have a first time experience of seeing ice skating and a wonderful Disney production.

  34. Nicole Holaj-Vos Reply

    It’s a beautiful and entertaining way of enjoying Disney. My daughters just love Disney, not just them, also me!

  35. Jo Jo Ryan-Garnsey Reply

    I would love to take my little boy to see this. I haven’t been to Disney on ice since I was a child and I think he would absolutely enjoy it

  36. I have never taken my kids to Disney on Ice as I have never been able to afford the tickets. I know they would love it cos they love the movie.

  37. Aurelia Alanna Amaya Salim Reply

    My daughter love EVERYTHING about Disney. It’s also teaches her about life, moral and kindness. So I am forever in debt with Disney.

  38. Heather Coutts Reply

    It’s a great show for all ages and a movie we all love

  39. Jodie Dorricott Reply

    I love that it always takes me back to my childhood, and brings the memories flooding back of being a little girl with a Mother who LOVED mickey mouse and anything Disney. I love that i can watch my child share these magic moments still with his grandma and his Mummy.

  40. Disney makes me feel like a kid again and makes me forget about the stresses of adulthood. The kids love all Disney related things too which is a bonus for me as I get to see Disney movies in the cinemas. I also didn’t mind watching Frozen for 125 times either with the kids.

  41. Transporting you to a magical wonderland. Fascinates, charms,dazzles and allures

  42. Nadine Cameron Reply

    There’s so much to love…the costumes, the music, the variety of Disney characters, the gracefulness of the ice-skating, and especially, seeing how mesmerised my kids are throughout the show. Love it!

  43. Kyles Tulloch Reply

    A yearly tradition for my girls and I to go. We love all things Disney and on ice just adds to a special atmosphere

  44. cloughmachine Reply

    the magic of disney brought to life in this way is great for young (and old) , can’t wait for all the kids to be singing 🙂

  45. Disney is amazing and on Ice is even better! I love it because it’s like theatre but it’s entertaining for the kids as well!

  46. Juliska Duthie Reply

    Disney on ice brings wonder , delight and fairytales to life. They are magical proformances done by talented people!!

  47. Shaylyn Smart Reply

    Disney on Ice is magical and beautiful and I remember going once as a child. I would love to take my kids to experience the magic. Frozen will be awesome, we have watched a thousand times 🙂 A great story told live on ice would be amazing!

  48. Victoria Buckeridge Reply

    Disney on ice is magical. Every child should get a chance to experience it!

  49. Judith Ann Bryant Reply

    Disney on Ice brings everything to life spectacularly to all we have watched on the screen. And to watch little one’s faces, so very excited, is glee to watch.

  50. Melanie J Patterson Reply

    Disney on Ice is so entertaining for me and my kids! It’s something we would love to experience because of the characters are fun, loving and the show would just be a spectacular.

  51. Just magical. My girls love it. To see their eyes light up is amazing

  52. sars_angelchik Reply

    It brings the characters alive in dance and brilliant colours. I loved it as a child and I know that it will bring the magic alive for my daughter too.

  53. Yasmin Jones Reply

    Would love to take my little girl to her first performance- what could be better than Frozen!

  54. My daughter and I both love Frozen and this would be our first Disney on Ice!

  55. Disney on Ice is so breathtaking and takes the audience away to a magical place. Love seeing the amazed faces on the children.

  56. I took my children to Disney on Ice when they were young and now I would love to take my granddaughter so she can have the same experience that they have never forgotten.

  57. Claire Mounsey Reply

    Seeing Disney on Ice as a kid is one of my fondest memories and I’ll love to share that with my kids.

  58. Ineedacoffee Reply

    Simply the joy on the face of miss 7 seeing frozen so close would be what makes it for me. Miss 7 would be in heaven

  59. Watching the magic of the show and watching your kids dream one day they could be doing the same thing.

  60. Disney magic on ice, everyone from great-grandma to the youngest would enjoy the delights of Frozen!

  61. Jude Little Reply

    Disney on Ice
    Is a holiday delight
    Filled with music and our favourite stars
    Every scene is a beautiful sight.

  62. The look on the children’s faces as they watch the magic of the show.

  63. Anthea Irene Reply

    There’s something magical about it and it reminds me of my childhood I would love to share the experience with my Daughter she would be amazed with how real everything looks.

  64. My daughter and I have been going for years and my son is now at the age where he will love it as well. They like Frozen and my husband and I can’t wait to see their faces light up with excitement.

  65. Maree Gray Reply

    I remember seeing Disney on Ice shows as a kid and I loved them so much. I hope the kids feel the magic as I still do.

  66. Tracey Lee MacBeth-Dunn Reply

    Just love the movie and know my girls would love this!! Not to mention me!!!

  67. I love the smoothness of the production. All involved glide on the ice so effortlessly.

  68. renae donohue Reply

    The excitement and magic of the show! I can remember nana taking me as a child and now we take my nice and still get the same feeling!

  69. whole package atmosphere and excitement watching talented characters

  70. Kat Anderson Reply

    Because my daughter and her best friend would think that a frozen on ice show was the best thing ever!!

  71. Kristal Villis Reply

    I love the magical breathing taking experience of Disney on Ice!

  72. My daughter has never been to Brisbane or anything so exciting like this, so I would love to drag her away from her seclusion and take her to something spectacular 🙂

  73. I have 2 young adoring of Frozen. We all loveeith doing or watching iceskating concerts and competitions on TV.

  74. Linda Luczak Reply

    Disney on Ice is where all my children’s favourite characters come to life in a magical singing, acting, dancing and skating performance. The memories are priceless!

  75. You feel like you’re a part of the story and get to sing along to all your favourite songs. Great memories.

  76. Disney on Ice brings a magical, incredible feel to an already amazing movie 🙂

  77. Jessica Ervin Reply

    Would love to take my Elsa obsessed daughter to her first disney on ice show

  78. Mary Moschovakis Reply

    to see a amazing show with incredible music, dazzling lights, falling snow. A enchanting experience Disney on Ice will leave my gorgeous nephews Jesse and Kiran mesmorised and thrilled.

  79. Courtney Foster Reply

    I still remember the shows I went and seen when I was younger and I would love to take my son to his first one so he can experience the magic and make life long memories

  80. As you said in the article, it’s a show that’s equally as entertaining for parents as it is our kids

  81. Ellen Kolmer Reply

    I love to win this for my sister in law who has a lung disease – 24/7 on OXYGEN – and mother of 2 young children. An afternoon/evening like this will take the stress off for a few hours.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the 4 tickets, that would be soooo good.
    Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this competition.

  82. Sandra Sunny Reply

    Grandma’ma~ that’s me’
    would be enthralled to be able to take my 2 adorable grand’babies now 1&2 to the Frozen Fantasy land of Disney’s production;
    Every precious memory is magical

  83. Alma Lucia Leyland Reply

    I’d love to send my 2 beautiful nieces to have a great time as they love Frozen

  84. Katherine Bamford Reply

    Disney on Ice is more than just a musical. It’s breathtakingly gorgeous beauty, performances and orchestrated music is soulfully touching. You can’t help but be taken on an imaginary journey through the Kingdom of Disney, through his love and passion of excitement on the screen. My children would love to feel the magic staged on ice, it’d be a moment in their life which will stay with them forever!

  85. Jlyoungplus4 Reply

    As with anything Disney, the magic! I loved Disney on Ice as a kid and would love my kids to have wonderful magical memories just like I do! If we can’t get to the happiest place on earth, this would be the next best thing!

  86. Jennalee Izzard Reply

    It’s timeless family fun! I remember going with my family as a child! My mini mouse torch was so cool!! Now I am excited to take my kids and make Disney magic memories with them too

  87. Renata Marchionna Reply

    Frozen is extra special for us as it’s the story of the bond and friendship between two sisters, and that you don’t need to be rescued by a man – true love can be found within a family

  88. Donna Lawson Reply

    I couldn’t even tell you how awesome this prize is and would be something that stays with us forever. We love Frozen from the very first time we all watched it together. We were so excited last year <3

  89. Jud Peters Reply

    I Love the joy ‘Disney on Ice’ gives to my children as they see their character’s come alive.

  90. We haven’t had a chance to go because with 4 children it gets expensive, but we’ve heard wonderful things about it and it would be amazing to see it ourselves. We’re also a Frozen Fanclub in our house! 🙂

  91. Janice Kathleen Marsh Reply

    Our 6 year old granddaughter Chloe, is at “Ballerina” classes every Thursday as she puts it. I would love her to see professional dancers in story lines that she knows and can relate to. Now this would entail myself travelling to Sydney, then Dubbo, getting one very excited little girl, and then back to Sydney then Newcastle and reverse. I would love her to be encouraged in her ballet classes.

  92. 78DaysofSummer Reply

    Its one thing to read the books and watch the films but to see all your favourite character come to life on stage is amazing – on ice would be fantastic! thanks for the chance Mum Central 🙂

  93. humptydumpedme Reply

    I’ve been wanting to take my grandsons to Disney on ice forever but can never find the money, I so want to take them and my daughter too

  94. Disney on Ice is just such a fantastic, child-friendly show. Everything about it is just perfect for children and it’s a great way to introduce children to live shows. That’s why I love it!

  95. Amanda Tudosa Reply

    I love the fact that all of the great songs and characters are presented in a creative way that mixes fun of ice skating with the whimsy of Disney!

  96. Mandy Smith Reply

    My kids have never seen a live show before. This would make my daughter’s year.

  97. Nicole Woods Reply

    I’ve never been able to afford to take the kids, so I can’t really say what I love most about it.

  98. Just being there! The 3 previous times we have attended have left magical moments that will last our lifetime 🙂

  99. Melissa Moore Reply

    It has become a family tradition for Nan to take the kids to Disney on Ice now that I’m a Nan I want to keep the tradition going but sadly can’t afford tickets. It would be wonderful to win tickets.

  100. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    I have never been but have heard awesome reviews about it. My dream to take my family there to enjoy a spectacular show that would leave great memories together!

  101. Tamara Palmer Reply

    Would love to take my kids to see Disney On Ice. I have always wanted to go since I was little. Would be magical!

  102. Jordana Hodgetts Reply

    I’ve always wanted to go to an ice skating show so this would be awesome

  103. Taryn McPherson Reply

    Disney On Ice is a magical adventure that the whole family can enjoy. Winning tickets for my 2 year old girl would have us jumping with joy!

  104. compingKaz Reply

    I would love to take my grandson to this spectacular show, which sounds both amazing and enchanting. What a fantastic treat it would be, and a dream come true.

  105. Jessica Louise Reply

    I would love to take my sister and our daughters to see this beautiful, empowering story – not only for the lessons we can take from the story of Frozen, but also for the experience of seeing a Disney on Ice show (I was lucky enough to earn tickets to see Beauty and the Beast On Ice when I was a little girl – I was given tickets when I came first in my age group in a national LOTE – French test) and I would absolutely love to be able to give our girls the opportunity to experience the absolute magic that is Disney on Ice.

  106. Tash Louise Roberts Reply

    Have not been to a disney on ice before be great to take my 4 year old daughter and 8 year old son! All though his sister might enjoy it a bit more but can not leave him out of the experience he might actually enjoy it 🙂

  107. Amanda Nawer Reply

    This would be amazing for my granddaughter the amazing skating and costumes so enthralling to see

  108. With costumes and spotlights that dazzles,
    And favourite characters that come to life –
    Creating unexplainable magic that sizzles,
    Disney on Ice presents Frozen is definitely worth melting for!

  109. With costumes and spotlights that dazzle,
    And a fantastic cast and storyline with that sizzle.
    Disney on Ice presents Frozen delights my senses,
    Experiencing the magic of Disney will forever be frozen in memories!

  110. I love everything about disney on ice the costumes, the skating, music etc but most of all i’d love to share the experience with my daughter and watch her face light up as she takes in all the magic of the show.

  111. Christie Louise Reply

    Disney invites you in every time, with magical stories that invite you into a world of wonder and excitement- adult or child, everyone loves Disney. I’d love to take my daughter.

  112. Gillian Harridge Reply

    Disney, it brings my family together, with big smiles.

  113. Ebony Turski Reply

    Have you ever tried to ice skate? It is anything but a breeze.
    But watching the magical talents, they make it seem a breeze.
    Combine this with the stories of Disney and you will soon see,
    That the enchanting performance of Disney on Ice is as beautiful as can be.

  114. John Halls Reply

    Levayah (nearly 4) and Zayvien (nearly 2) sit spellbound watching the Frozen DVD. I think if they saw Disney on Ice in person, they would need to be constantly reminded to breathe. Good luck to all who enter. It will be a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience.

  115. Karen Tatum-Hunnam Reply

    whats there not to love about these productions – colourful magical and fun. The look on my dons face as he watches the show come to life is priceless for me

  116. Sarah Sabatino Reply

    I love the memories I have associated with the productions. I remember my grandfather taking me when I was 4, my Mum taking me when I was 5, taking my cousins, 13 years my junior, and now I get to take my kids too! Great family memories.

  117. Angela Eccles Reply

    I love the memories I have when I saw Disney on ice as a little girl, it was so amazing and magical! I would love to experience the same thing with my kids as my mum got to experience with me!

  118. I’d love to take my grandchildren to experience all the colour, characters, costumes and all the magic of this wonderful Disney show. They love the movie I can only imagine their excitement at seeing the show live!

  119. Mary Whitta Reply

    When you are fortunate enough to experience any of the Disney on Ice shows the characters come to life in a very special way making the moments so much more real!

  120. Jessica Stacey Reply

    I love that it captures the heart and soul of my daughter as she experiences her favourite Disney movies that she watches at home come to life right in front of her eyes. We have had the privilege of seeing Disney princesses on ice and for months all my daughter would talk about is how beautiful and “tricky” the cast were when out on the ice.

  121. Kristy Bidwell Reply

    I love that there is a Disney show that’s touring and that each Disney production has a beautiful story through it, one that anyone can watch. My daughter loves the Frozen movie and I love the little adult puns through out – especially that this is Frozen on Ice!

  122. I love Disney and would love to win because the stories remind me of my childhood. When I was growing up Disney taught me how to dream, how to be myself and also to realise that anything was possible.

  123. amandagorton Reply

    Whether you are 8 or 80, Disney creates fairytale magic that can be enjoyed by everyone

  124. Andieharrie Reply

    Disney on Ice
    it very very nice
    costumes, characters and gliding
    stories so exciting

  125. The magic! I have never seen a Disney on Ice show and would love to take my daughter to her first one (age 10)!

  126. They make great films their animation is amazing and they make kids smile

  127. Nicole Williams Reply

    Never been to a Disney on Ice performance but this would make an amazing first time. My son and I loved Frozen. This would be awesome.

  128. This would be the first time for our family of 5 so would be a totally new experience with I’m sure one that they will all love

  129. Renee rogers Reply

    I love that it brings some of the best movies to life!!! It’s incredible how talented the performers are as some of the costumes would be so difficult to skate in!!!

  130. Kit Man Ha Hau Reply

    Love Disney on Ice about the vibrant and excitement being created on Ice, it can illustrate the movements and scene of typical Disney cartoon.

  131. I’ve never been to Disney on Ice but I’ve got a 3 year old who is OBSESSED with Frozen and has suddenly decided her favourite thing in the whole world is snow (she’s never seen it except on Frozen!). She would absolutely love to go to this as a special treat.

  132. We’ve never been to a Disney on ice performance and this one sounds magical. Our 4 year old twins would love it!

  133. I love how the stories are told so beautifully with so much grace and amazing talent it is truly magical.

  134. My daughter would die to see this! Living in Tassie we miss out on all these performances, and when we do hear about them all the good seats are gone! Who wouldn’t love to see Disney on Ice?? Even the big kids here are keen 😉

  135. Rachel amanatidis Reply

    I love that is brings me back in time to my childhood, a place where wonderful stories come to life , bringing smiles to both young and old !

  136. We have never been to disney on ice but we love all the disney stories so would love to see a show

  137. Like all little girls, my 3 and 1 year old love Frozen, they refer to is as “Let it go” and my youngest will cry when the movie ends

  138. Frozen is one of our favorite Disney movies, what an experience it would be to see it on the ice! Let us Go!, Let us Go!, Let us Go!

  139. We have never been to Disney on ice and my daughter LOVES frozen.. Would be amazing to take her, and I’m sure I would enjoy the show to 🙂

  140. This would be absolutely amazing for my daughter and great niece they share the same love of Frozen, especially this one as it looks so magical and they will be swept away ..

  141. Rita Farah Reply

    I’m about to have my third daughter. Nothing like taking my other girls to a magical show that reinforces sisterly love!

  142. Denise Capell Reply

    My little girl Tahan I turning four this year and she is just hitting the Frozen fever pitch! We are to call her Queen Elsa of Arendelle Frozen and she LOVES singing all the songs from the movie. She will tell us ‘Daddy, Mummy, only one sing ok? Just me’. I would love to be able to spoil her with this for once

  143. harriet capes Reply

    All the drama and excitement of a wonderful show with characters who are so well loved by all

  144. I have never seen Disney on Ice… I think that the Costumes will be Amazing, with lots of Colour and Detail.

  145. Adele Smith Reply

    Disney is pure magic, but when it is done on ice there is something more ethereal and entrancing about it. The story becomes interactive and more engaging. The children and parents believe!

  146. Stephanie Greer Reply

    Wow! This show looks amazing! I am sure this event would be highly enjoyable and memorable.
    We would be thrilled to win tickets!

  147. Disney on Ice productions are just magical, no matter what age you are. I have seen many of them, first with my older daughter, now with my youngest daughter. Frozen would be so beautiful on ice.

  148. Alana Godden Reply

    it looks AH-MAZING!! I love how it is such an exciting and exhilarating show for all ages, you become engrossed in the atmosphere and can’t help but be swept up in the magic and love of Frozen!

  149. Janelle Vassallo Reply

    My daughter wont wearing anything but her Elsa costume even in the bath, I just cant get her to “LET IT GO!”

  150. Angela Ruhland Reply

    I love magical world that you get swept up in with a cornucopia of colours as the characters glide effortlessly across the stage!

  151. Stephanie Veljanovska Reply

    It’s so Magical and I just love the memories it brings back for me when I went as a Child.

  152. I love the amazing music and costumes which take you to a magical Disneyland!!

  153. Sidra Sajid Reply

    what’s better than watching frozen presented on actual ice. live storey, the set, the characters….its mesmerizing.

  154. Jann Trapp Reply

    This is simply amazing,the costumes are so beautiful,it would be a wonderful show.

  155. I’ve watched Disney on ice show before. It was amazing. Everyone on the stage performed so wonderful with fabulous baxckground music.

  156. Lisa Paine Reply

    Its Disney, what’s not to love? Magic, wonder, whimsy and imagination. Fantastic.

  157. Jessica Clerihew Reply

    Oh gosh! I would love to take my 5 year old daughter to see this. She is as obsessed with Disney as I am. I have never been to a Disney on Ice Show.

  158. Natalie Cassin Reply

    I love how kids both young and old can be captivated by a Disney show. I love watching my girls eyes light up when their favourite movie comes alive

  159. Louise Webster Reply

    I’ve never been but heard fantastic reviews. It looks amazing my kids would love being transported into the magical world of Disney

  160. I love that Disney on Ice is not just for kids, the whole family can enjoy it.

  161. Luce Smith Reply

    I’ll never forget the magic; the sense of bewilderment and excitement of my first Disney on Ice experience. It was my 12th birthday and I was there to see MY favourite princess, Princess Jasmine of Disneys Aladdin. Many years (and 2 children) later, my children are ready to experience their first Disney on Ice taste of magic. Elsa and Anna are my daughters “girl power superheroes” – I would love to be able to take them so that they too can hold dear a memory of the Disney spectacle on ice!

  162. Sarah doughton Reply

    It takes me back to my favourite times as a child and I now get to experience it with my daughter!

  163. Amanda Reed Reply

    The beautiful, evocative music that perfectly matches the skating and dancing and gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day!

  164. I love watching the looks on my kids faces at all the magic they are seeing, it magical!

  165. The costumes and beautiful music is just so magical, think I’d even love it more than the kids!

  166. Trudy Mylrea Reply

    The costumes and how amazing and talented the whole cast is.

  167. Belinda Poznik Reply

    I love the excitement on my daughters face when she watches the shows.

  168. Cassie Woolley Reply

    I would so love to send my sister and her daughter to this. They are saving to eventually go to disneyland. Please help me give them some disney magic now.

  169. Disney on Ice was never something I went to as a child – my parents were no fun. My daughter has loved going to it and I would love to include my young son in the wonderful world of DOI. He loves Frozen even more than she does these days so they would both be enthralled.

  170. Candice Stavast Reply

    I remember going to disney on ice as a small child. It was magical and a memory that has stayed with me a lifetime. I can’t afford to take my children but would love them to have same memories.

  171. Maraed Duffy Reply

    I have amazing memories of seeing beauty and the beast on ice when i was a child. I cant wait to give my daughters these memories too!

  172. I have 2 sons and don’t often get to do things that I really love. Disney on Ice is the one time I get to let out my inner ‘princess’ without my 10 and 6 year old whining. Although my 10 year old won’t admit it, he LOVES Disney on Ice.

  173. Narelle Tanner Reply

    The magic, beauty and sheer talent of the performers! Simply breathtaking!!!

  174. I’ve not had the privilege of taking my kids to a Disney On Ice show before but I can picture their excited faces and enjoyment of being there, which I will love.

  175. Bec Cronin Reply

    You are never too old for the magic of Disney, it leaves you in awe

  176. Sarah Phillips Reply

    I love the magic of it all and seeing the amazing Disney movies come to life right before your eyes.

  177. Margaret Ann Davies Reply

    Sounds absolutely magical… love Disney on Ice shows never disappoints

  178. Holly Clark Reply

    I love the magic of it, the way Disney on Ice brings the stories we know and love to life right in front of us, with living, breathing people. I love the magic it brings to our kids, how it makes the characters more real for them. I think I love that most.

  179. i love that the grand kids laugh and smile when they see the characters they love

  180. Amelia Jane Reply

    My daughter’s favourite, familiar characters with the novelty of ice-skating. Something old, something new, and complete amazement when you’re two!

  181. Kelli Feen Reply

    My daughter would love to see Elsa on ice ❤️ She is still obsessed with frozen. It’s the most played soundtrack in our car.

  182. Kylie Rantall Reply

    i love watching how happy it makes the kids I love the look on there faces when it starts its a look that money cant buy.

  183. Paula Baker Reply

    Disney On Ice brings dreams to life! Imagine being 5 and seeing your favourite characters in such a magical setting. Thats what I love about Disney on Ice and I would love to share it with my children ❤

  184. I wouldn’t even know what to expect I have never been and my kids have been itching to go but haven’t been

  185. Bianca Bonakey Reply

    It’s one of those shows that the kids just can’t sit still from excitement .. we went to the Disney one but haven’t seen the frozen one

  186. Anna de Kleyn Reply

    The props, costumes, atmosphere in general is what makes Disney On Ice so amazing. Would love to take my girls to what will be a truly magical experience❤️

  187. Lauren Jordan Reply

    I still remember going to Disney on ice as a kid! At Newcastle entertainment centre. I love how skilled the performers are, i’d love to skate like that! Or sing like that!!

  188. Belinda Mouk Reply

    My nieces were absolutely in awe of the Disney on Ice show last year. The skill of the performers, the costumes and the inspiring songs were amazing.

  189. Tracy Davis Reply

    I love that it’s fun for all ages and abilities. My sons were lucky enough to go a few years ago and they loved it. I even remember going with my parents and brother when I was young. Best memories that I will never forget, great family fun.

  190. Amanda Wilson Reply

    I love the performance from beginning to end, it takes me back to my childhood

  191. Laurel Hosking Reply

    In a time when ticket prices and theatre and concerts are so expensive, it is impossible to take my children to see anything live. It would be like a disney dream to be able to take them to see this.

  192. Had taken my daughter to see a show a few years ago and she still remembers part of it and how excited she was to watch it. Now my nieces are huge disney princess /frozen fans

  193. Alysha Davidson Reply

    I have two little fierce princesses who would be completely rapt with this – and one mummy who’s always wanted to see Anything On Ice! Our three year old Liana has been through a rough trot, with chemo and a bone marrow transplant last year – this would be a pretty special first public outing!

  194. malissa marshall Reply

    We would love this. I still remember going to disney on ice as a kid

  195. Melissa Smithson Reply

    Have never been and have a princess who adores frozen!!

  196. Claire H Simmons Reply

    the most amazing smiles on my girls faces as the skaters twirl and move so beautifully amoung the ice palace

  197. Brooke Parker Reply

    Seeing the Disney Princesses perform special tricks on the ice. Makes you feel like your in the movie..

  198. I love that it combines a not so common sport/art with modern stories for a wonderful event that the whole family can enjoy. Plus I love SVEN!!!

  199. Karina Lee Reply

    I love crooning to Disney hits as the characters glide around on silky smooth ice.

  200. Mel vinall Reply

    Children awaiting in anticipation
    For their much-loved tales to begin,
    The depth, detail, the imagination,
    Immense engery from the crowd within,
    In echanted costumes disney takes to ice,
    They twirl,whisk, leap and captivate,
    They show us a mesmerizing preformance,
    All on the edge of their seat as they skate,
    I am sure this eperience will exceed all expectations,
    Mine and my childrens aswell,
    All reasons why we’d love to win this magical adventure,
    Such amazing memories to retell.

  201. Jacqui Roodenburg Reply

    I love that I will be fulfilling a childhood dream of my two little girls, even though they don’t know that it even is a dream to see Disney on Ice. Can not wait to see their faces light up from the winter wonderland.

  202. Brings back child hood memories. You never out grow Disney. My girls and I would love to see Disney on Ice, never too old!

  203. My daughter would love to see all her favourite characters from the much-loved Frozen movie, dancing and singing on the ice, it would be such an exciting extravaganza!

  204. Linda Cleary Reply

    I ❤️ that its a great winters afternoon spent with Disney. It creates beautiful family memories to treasure of set designs, costumes, songs and storylines and attending together.

  205. Peter Cleary Reply

    We love everything about Disney on Ice! I love to see the look of amazement and wonder on my kids faces and the memories created not only on that day but cherished for a lifetime. For us to see the enchanting incredible sets with such attention to detail, dazzling costumes, fun terrific sing along songs, brilliant choreography and familiar characters makes for a truly wonderful captivating family winter experience.

  206. shelbyward Reply

    Disney on Ice gives me a feeling of nostalgia, like I’m seeing Disney pantomime from my own childhood when I believed anything is possible. I still kind of believe this so this is a special piece of magic to share with my children.

  207. Melissa Laurence Reply

    I love how magical it is with the ice, the amazing costumes and the creative sets.

  208. Renee Hobbs Reply

    Just love Disney on ice an amazing experience for young and old my four children would love to see frozen on ice!! Great family bonding time

  209. That it caters to the big kid in all of us. Fosters a love of both the new and classic characters .

  210. Indika Wijayasekera Reply

    My son is a die-hard fan of this show.We’d love to see the characters performance punctuating by the jumps, flips and twirls that enhances the overall joy of watching it live.My son would love to see the massive ice monster and inflatable creature.Most of all, we’d love to listen to the Academy Award winning songs.We surely would not want to miss on it!Thanks for the opportunity.

  211. Catherine Helbig Reply

    I just love how it brings it to life for the kids and well i enjoy it aswell

  212. Jess Wadey Reply

    I have never been to Disney on Ice so I can only imaging that it’s the magic and wonder it brings to children and adults a like by seeing their favourite characters brought to life.

  213. What is better then Disney… bringing it too life! No matter how old you get and how many generations there are in your family each person has fond memories of Disney. Disney on Ice brings those childhood dreams of becoming a real life princess to reality and we are never too old to reminisce on childhood dreams. I actually love Disney even more now that I can show my daughter all the classics but have a reason to keep enjoying the newer movies such as Frozen. It allows me to sing at the top of my lungs to “Let it Go,” without at all looking foolish after all anything to make my little “princess” happy.

  214. Catherine Porter Reply

    Disney on ice is nothing short of brilliant but the thrill i get when I watch my daughters face light up with amazement when she sees it is priceless.

  215. Am widowed grandma who would love to win this prize for my gorgeous grandaughters who are disney princessess

  216. Donna Armoogum Reply

    Ive never been interested in this sort of musical. But since ive had my 7 year old life is too short n i try and do things my daughter would love to do lateasha loves frozen me too love it. This would make my daughter the happiest n even id be the bigger kid. I.just cant afford to do alot of things these days i struggle to work sleep my 1 year old keeps me awake n on my toes.

  217. Emma Corbett Reply

    Its my daughters 3rd birthday in July what a special birthday present this would be for her as she is elsa mad!!

  218. You get to experience the magic & wonder of Disney right here in Australia. Like all Disney, it takes you away to another world.

  219. Leigh Isabeth Reply

    Disney is so magical, and I remember as a child being swept away in their wonderful story telling and beautiful movies. Now as a mum its not only nostalgic but still magical for me to share disney with my child, and open his eyes to the culture of live entertainment, which I also love, disney on ice will be amazing for my nearly 4 year old who loves olaf!!

  220. Celeste Gabriel Reply

    We haven’t yet experienced Disney on ice, we imagine it to be very magical & With “Ice and snow we’ll be ready to go”

  221. Melissa Branagh Reply

    Experiencing ‘Frozen on Ice’ would bring the full story to life in the right atmosphere. My four-year-old daughter loves the movie, knows all the songs and would treasure this unique experience. Thank you for the opportunity.

  222. My kids would love to experience Disney magic on live performance.

  223. It never snows here so Mr 5 is fascinating by all things cold weather related

  224. Teresa Sinclair Reply

    disney on ice is always magical! love feeling that magical experience everytime i see a disney performance 🙂

  225. Chrissie Dattilo Reply

    Absolutely love disney on ice. My daughter loves frozen and to see it on ice would be amazing. The atmosphere at a disney on ice show is magical and my daughter loves ice skating so she loves all the skating and tricks they do in the show!

  226. Lara Brown Reply

    I have never been to nay Disney on ice But I have heard it is amazing, My little girls would be over the moon to see Anna and Elsa .

  227. Having boys… Disney Princess has always been my all time favorite and they live ice skating so this is the best of both worlds for them and me!

  228. Lara Hamlyn Reply

    I have such fond memories of my parents taking me to see Disney on ice as a child. We got all dressed up in our best clothes and it was such a special night! I’d love to give my girls the same experience to have special memories to last a lifetime. After we welcomed twin girls 3 months ago, my older two girls deserve a special treat and this would be perfect!

  229. Bronwyn Louise Evans Reply

    It’s a family tradition my grandmother used to take my mum and now i take my girls it’s hreat for the whole family.

  230. My daughter really likes Frozen and even my 2 year old son can sing Let It Go. I never had a chance to go Disney on Ice as a child. I wish to win the tickets so that my children can experience Disney on Ice.

  231. Maria Mendez Timoko Reply

    My daughter has never been to any shows like this and since Frozen is her favourite movie, I know she will be amazed and absolutely happy.

  232. Belinda Ranse Reply

    Growing up we went and they were magical to watch… would love the chance to now be able to share this with my 5yr old!

  233. The dedication to the set and how much effort it takes to bring the magic alive.

  234. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    My Great Granddaughters [twins] saw last years and now they are driving everyone stupid wanting to go. At 5 years old they just adore Elsa.

  235. Maree Concha Reply

    When I took them 2 years ago they were wondering where Elsa and friends were, as they just adore Frozen, so this would be a superb birthday gift to present them with.

  236. Candice Patrick Reply

    I would love to take my daughter to Disney on Ice. She loves frozen and she would love watching the skating.

  237. Rachel McGuire Reply

    I have always wanted to take my kids to Disney on ice, they are now the perfect age to enjoy the show. The show has such amazing costumes and corriography.

  238. Christina E Reply

    Love how magical Disney on Ice is. My girls would be over the moon to see frozen on ice and all the magic it involves.

  239. When the lights go down and the music starts and seeing the costumed skaters is exciting for every new show.

  240. Lisa Mckay Reply

    My daughter has just gotten into the movie & I would LOVE to take her to see it on ice!

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