Sneaky High Fibre Pineapple Smoothie: Mum’s Delicious Secret Weapon for Pregnancy & Kids

Perfect for the whole family, this sneaky high fibre pineapple smoothie tastes delish but it’s got the ‘goodness’ to keep you super-regular. 

Toddlers can struggle with toileting (and that’s painful for everyone!) and pregnancy can bring some less-than-lovely side-effects as well. (Let’s not even mention those huh?) Whether you’re looking to solve a problem or just improve your general bowel health this smoothie is new your go-to! Oh… and did we mention it’s actually yummy too?

Easy to make with only a handful of ingredients this clever concoction has all the fibre you need but the sweetness of pineapple makes it easy to drink. Getting anything healthy into kids can be a challenge so something that has hidden goodness is mum’s secret weapon… the little ones will never realise that you’re secretly filling them up with all the fibre they need…. shhhh, don’t breathe a word!

This smoothie contains 75% of the recommended daily fibre intake for an adult and if you’re lacking fibre elsewhere in your diet you can tweak it later to meet your full daily quota.

Pineapple Blender

Sneaky High Fibre Pineapple Smoothie Mum’s Delicious Secret Weapon for Pregnancy & Kids

  • 1 cup of raw pineapple cut into chunks (contains 11% of recommended daily fibre intake)
  • 1 apple cut into chunks (contains 14% of recommended daily fibre intake)
  • 1 rounded teaspoon of fine ground psyllium (contains 50% of recommended daily fibre intake, can be increased as desired)
  • 1 cup of water to start – add more as you blend for consistency
  • 1 cup crushed ice

Blend all ingredients together until smooth. Psyllium has no taste so rest-assured even the fussiest toddler ‘detective’ will not find it! It’s important to adjust your water quantity based on the consistency you wish to drink as the psyllium absorbs water as you blend.

Small children should not have the fibre quantity in this smoothie increased. If your child has not had psyllium before you may like to start with a half teaspoon and build up the amount over a period of time.

HANDY TIP: Pineapples are on special in your supermarket right now! Cut them up and section them into complete portions in zip lock bags. You can then freeze these individually and use them as desired.

Pineapple blender

Be sure to look for the Pure Gold pineapple variety (that’s the ones without the crown) as they’re sweet eating all year round! They’re in abundance at the moment and great value at your local supermarket. 

If you’re looking for further information on the health benefits of pineapples be sure to explore the Link Between Fresh Pineapple and Your Health as well as 16 Reasons Pineapple Will Improve Your Health. If you’re also looking for further information on constipation during pregnancy and constipation in kids follow the links.


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