FREE TRIAL: Move Over Netflix and Stan, Disney+ Launches

Prepare for “Netflix and chill” to take a back seat to the newest live streaming service to hit our shores and take over our televisions.

The service is called Disney+ and it’s sure to become a family favourite in your household, especially with the school holidays (and the complaints of being bored) looming. In fact, this may be the best thing for families to hit our small screens in a very long time!

Best of all, it’s launching in Australia today! Discover the Disney magic and find out how you can get a sneak peek of the service for free.

How it works in Australia

Similar to Netflix and Stan, Disney+ offers viewers the chance to watch unlimited movies and shows from the comfort of home and for a monthly or yearly fee. The service focuses on titles from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic.

Disney plus australia Launch
Launching in Australia today. Source: Supplied

Having only just launched in the United States last week, over 10 million families have signed up already. They’ve been raving about it all week so we can’t wait to check it out ourselves, so here’s a sneak peek of what’s on offer.

The magic of Disney on your television

What can viewers expect to see? Well, all the Disney movies that you could ever want, for one. We’re talking Disney’s animated classics like The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Dumbo. Childhood nostalgia here we come!

There are also our kids’ fave Disney flicks such as Moana, Tangled, Mulan, and, of course, Frozen. Not to mention Ralph Breaks the Internet, Big Hero 6 and Mary Poppins.

But there is so much more in store than just princesses.

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There are also Disney+ Originals such as the Lady and the Tramp live-action (I’m talking about real dogs, eating spaghetti, people!!) and the uber-cute Christmas flick Noelle. You can expect heaps of other live-action Disney remakes too, including 101 Dalmations, Finding Dory and Beauty and the Beast.

Avengers Assemble on your TV 

And so many Marvel movies too – pretty much ALL the Avengers movies in the one place, from Captain America movies to the Iron Man trilogy from Doctor Strange to Guardians of the Galaxy and every other flick in between.

There are also the newest Black Panther and classic Marvel animated series such as Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. 

Disney+ Launch today
24/7 access to endless Disney favourites. Source: Supplied

Star Wars, Pixar and so much more! 

Disney+ also features a galaxy of Star Wars titles including the new live-action The Mandalorian and all the sagas in the timeless series, from The Phantom Menace to The Last Jedi. 

And then there are the Pixar movies, from Brave to Wall-E and every other great title that you could easily watch on repeat over and over. Coco, Finding Dory, Inside Out, The Incredibles, Ratatouille – so many more too! Honestly, your kids will never be bored again.

Family faves too! 

We are also pretty excited about the huge non-animated collection, including heaps of old school movies from our childhood, perfect for weekend movie nights, like Home Alone (1,2 and 3), Sister Act (YAS!!), The Mighty Ducks, The Parent Trap and The Princess Diaries. I cannot wait to introduce my kids to some of these goodies!

In addition to movies, there’s also a heap of Disney channel and Disney Junior shows too – Hannah Montana, Camp Rock, Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I’ve never heard of some of these shows but my kids inform me they are good and, hey, if it keeps them entertained, then I’m ALL for it!

Why families will love it 

  • Great for family movie night – So many choices and all of them are family-friendly so you don’t have to pull out the occasional ‘earmuffs’ or worry about any awkward sex scenes. Thank god.
  • Kid-friendly Plus, there’s a dedicated Kids Profile, designed especially for kids under seven years old!
  • A little somethin’ somethin’ for us adults too – Like 29 seasons of The Simpsons, Avatar and more than 400 episodes and features from National Geographic. Because, let’s face it, we all need a little break from animated movies.
  • Super searchable icons – Choosing what you want to watch is incredibly easy with their menu. You can even search by decade which is especially awesome when you want to watch something nostalgic from your childhood. There are also Princesses collections, Original movies and more.
  • Enough movies to binge on FOR LIFE: Seriously there are so many choices that you’ll never want to leave the couch. There are new episodes added to the menu every week too, so you’ll really never run out of things to watch.
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Users can stream up to 4 devices and download to watch anywhere, anytime. Source: Supplied

How to get in on the Disney+ action 

The cost to stream is $8.99 a month or $89.99 for an annual subscription (that’s $7.41 a month!) This is a pretty decent price considering we pay $13.99 a month for Netflix and $10 for Stan, this is easily becoming a no-brainer with exactly how much variety is on offer.

You can stream on up to four devices at once, or download and watch anywhere, anytime.

Plus, there’s also a FREE seven-day trial for families who want to test it out first. Find out more about the service and sign up for a free seven-day trial.

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We at Mum Central are pretty friggin’ excited for this epic live-streaming launch. As much as we love Netflix, it’s always good to add to the family viewing mix and we reckon this won’t disappoint!

After all, as much as we love a good ol’ fashion “Netflix and chill” sess, a “Disney+ and binge on ice-cream and cupcakes” sounds even better.

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