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Light the Christmas candles, deck those halls and jingle those bells mums, because Christmas is literally just around the corner.

Can we get a festive woot woot?!

Yes, that’s right, somehow we are already counting down the days until the Big Man in Red arrives and it’s officially acceptable to start decorating our homes with Christmas cheer. Sure, it’s not December just yet, but, hey, close enough!

In addition to rummaging through last year’s decorations, make a beeline to our FAVE shop for all things Christmas cheer – dusk!

dusk candles
Christmas done and dusted thanks to dusk. Photo: Supplied

If you haven’t discovered the delicious joy that is dusk yet, now’s the perfect time to head into a store. Why? Because dusk is a mecca for Christmas items. We’re talking Christmas candles, scented sprays, festive figurines, and unique ornaments. All Insta-worthy, over-the-top beautiful and serious #ChristmasCheerGoals.

The hardest thing about shopping at dusk? Deciding which assortment of items you want to buy. Because trust us, you will want them ALL!

dusk christmas figurines
Deck the halls with cute Christmas decorations. Photo: Supplied

dusk snow globes

dusk Christmas setting
So much PRETTY! Photo: Supplied

Less is more. Except when it’s Christmas time. Then the more, the merrier! 

It’s easy to go a little overboard when it comes to Christmas shopping. So we at Mum Central wanted to make things a little bit easier for you by sharing our MUST-HAVE decorations.

So, without further ado, let’s start the parade of pretty Christmasy things!

dusk christmas cookie jars
Get the whole collection of Christmas characters. Photo: Supplied

PICK #1:  Adorable animal encounters

Nothing says ‘Welcome to our Christmas wonderland’ quite like an assortment of adorable animals. And when they double as candles, well … you can’t go wrong. We’re LOVING the trio of little owls ($19.99) and sweater-wearing kitten candles ($19.99).

dusk animal candles
Animal candles – what a hoot! Photo: Supplied

PICK #2:  Tree-rrific tealight ornaments

Up your Christmas game with these next-level decorations for your table. These spinning tealight holders are delightful. We love both the Tinsel Town LED Spinning Tealight Holder ($69.99) and the Fruit Tingle Gingerbread House Tealight Holder ($89.99). It’s sooo hard to choose.

dusk christmas tealights
Capture the Christmas magic with these spinning tealight houses. Photo: Supplied

PICK #3:  Go nuts with a nutcracker

A nutcracker is a cute addition to any room, even if you don’t want to use him to crack nuts. Alvin, the Nutcracker ($49.00) is a tall, cheery chap who is sure to add a bit of festive fun to your Christmas collection. dusk has a few different colours and styles to choose from so you can mix and match!

dusk nutcrackers
Alvin the Nutcracker and his mates. Photo: Supplied

PICK #4:  Too cute cookie jars

‘Tis the season to bake a whole bunch of Christmas goodies! Or, at least pick up a selection of sweets at the shops and pass it off as your own baking. With these colourful Christmas critters, you can easily store biscuits for the taking. Even if you aren’t a baker, we reckon these cookie jars still brighten up any nook or cranny! We love the Candyland Cookie Jar ($49.99).

dusk candyland cookie jar
A perfect place to store the Christmas bickies. Photo: Supplied

PICK #5:  Christmas crackers

Every Christmas table needs a selection of Christmas crackers. dusk has you covered on this end too with heaps to choose from, including both traditional and kids’ Christmas crackers ($34.99 each).

dusk Christmas crackers
Crack open and enjoy! Photo: Supplied

PICK #6: Christmas candles 

It’s just not Christmas without a yummy-smelling candle filling the room with festive aroma. Christmas candles are dusk’s speciality and there is no end to the Christmas candle options.

Our favourite collections this year are the clever Bauble candles ($14.99 each) and the Berry candle range ($34.99 each).

dusk Christmas candles
Berry Candles and sprays. Yum yum! Photo: Supplied
dusk Christmas bauble candles
How cute are these bauble candles? Photo: Supplied

The Belle Jasmine collection ($34.99) and the Gingerbread Pudding Candle ($44.99) are worth a second look, especially if you are looking for a candle that fills up the entire house with delicious Christmas smells.

Belle Jasmine candles from dusk
The divine Belle Jasmine collection from dusk. Photo: Supplied
Christmas pudding candles from dusk
dusk’s delightful Gingerbread Pudding Candles. Photo: Supplied

PICK #7: Festive figurines 

Our final fave Christmas item? Figurines, of course. Not only are they cute, but kids LOVE to play with them. And, unlike that cheeky Elf on the Shelf, you don’t have to move them every night. #bonus.

When it comes to our favourite, it’s a toss-up between the LED Glitter Santa ($34.99) and the LED Glitter Reindeers ($24.99 each). Simply flick the switch at the base to make the snow at the base swirl as the gorgeous figurines transition through multiple colour LEDs. #mesmerising.

dusk Santa and reindeer LED lights
Glittery AND LED operated, these figurines will light up your Christmas day. Photo: Supplied

Decorate with dusk this Christmas

Pretty beautiful collection, right? I know – we have serious Christmas decor envy right now. dusk’s colourful Christmas collection is the perfect way to celebrate your holiday season. And these are just some of the MANY Christmas candles, ornaments and figurines that dusk carry.

Indulge in a little bit of Christmas delight and have a look at this one-stop-shop for Christmas. You can buy for yourself, for friends, for family and even for teachers and Secret Santa. Heck, there is something for everybody on your list!

dusk christmas items 2019
Photo: Supplied

From Christmas candles to festive fragrances, it’s easy peasy to create scented memories in the home this holiday season.

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dusk reindeer christmas collection
Christmas never looked so good. Photo: Supplied

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