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Disney’s Finding Dory Hits Cinemas Nationwide and We’ve Got Tickets Up For Grabs!

Disney Pixar’s “Finding Dory” reunites everyone’s favourite forgetful blue tang, Dory, with her friends Nemo and Marlin on a search for answers about her past.

What can she remember? Who are her parents? And where did she learn to speak Whale?

finding doryDirected by Andrew Stanton (“Finding Nemo,” “WALL E”) and produced by Lindsey Collins (co-producer “WALL E”), the film features the voices of Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Ed O’Neill, Kaitlin Olson, Ty Burrell, Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton.

“Finding Dory” swims into cinemas June 16, 2016. 




To celebrate the return of everyone’s favourite lil blue fish, we’ve got 5 x Family Passes for 4 up for grabs to see Finding Dory in cinemas nationwide.

To enter, simply complete the entry form in full below, comment telling us what you love about Disney and you’re in the running!

Win an In-Season Family Pass to see Disney’s Finding Dory

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Belinda's a passionate advocate for community and connection. As the founder of the Mum Central Network she’s committed to celebrating the journey that is Australian parenthood. Mum to two cheeky boys, and wife to her superstar husband, they live a busy but crazy lifestyle in Adelaide. Great conversation, close friends and good chocolate are her chosen weapons for daily survival. Oh, and bubbles. Champagne is key.


  1. Avatar of Bec Cronin

    I love that you are never too old to appreciate the magic of Disney

  2. Avatar of michelle brown
    michelle brownReply

    Its fun for little kids right up to the oldies, my gran loves disney movies 🙂

  3. Avatar of Lara Daebritz
    Lara DaebritzReply

    DISNEY doesn’t discriminate – everyone loves it!

  4. Avatar of Cleo Sids

    Allows you to escape into a world of fantasy. Fascinate, charm, dazzle and allure.

  5. Avatar of Emma Christopoulos
    Emma ChristopoulosReply

    I love Disney. The new and classics. I love that my mum got to share them with me and now i get to do the same with my son. Disney movies are timeless

  6. Avatar of Renee Bolton
    Renee BoltonReply

    I’ve loved Disney since I was a child, and my kids enjoy it with to. My kids even love the movies I loved from years ago

  7. Avatar of SonyaS

    Disney makes memories for life, takes you on adventures and bring families together!.. God bless you Walt, your imagination is priceless!!!…

  8. Avatar of Sarah Nicholas
    Sarah NicholasReply

    Everybody loves watching disney movies!! No matter how young or old.

  9. Avatar of Gillian Harridge
    Gillian HarridgeReply

    Disney + magic, happiness and wonder.
    Love Disney 🙂

  10. Avatar of Christie Louise
    Christie LouiseReply

    Disney is well known for family friendly movies, that are wonderful for children AND adults.
    Always a family favourite in our household!!

  11. Avatar of Mandy Graham
    Mandy GrahamReply

    I love Disney Movies. They entertain both kids and adults. We cant wait to see Finding Dory these school holidays.

  12. Avatar of Dale

    Classic characters, such as Tinkerbell, and Lady and the Tramp, which were my favourites as a child, and which I can now share with my 7yo!

  13. Avatar of Helena L

    Disney keeps us enthralled through the magic of imagination. If they can think it, they can create it! Anything is possible!

  14. Avatar of jayla1987

    Disney sparks imaginations ang gives children peaceful magical dreams

  15. Avatar of Danica Judge
    Danica JudgeReply

    I love Disney because it gives me 109 minutes of time to do what mummy needs to do, and when that’s done, we put on another one, so mummy can do what mummy wants to do, and sit with her kids for 109 minutes to watch a movie as a family.

  16. Avatar of Andy Graham
    Andy GrahamReply

    It’s an across generational experience… from Great Gran to Toddlers they all adore Disney.

  17. Avatar of Anita Andrews
    Anita AndrewsReply

    I love that Disney movies appeal to the whole family. From parents to the youngest kids, everyone enjoys them.

  18. Avatar of Juanita

    I love all of the Disney movies and the best part is I can share them with my children and grandchild.

  19. Avatar of Katherine Hedges
    Katherine HedgesReply

    I love Disney that bring so much joy to the movie and my family

  20. Avatar of Samara Cassidy
    Samara CassidyReply

    I love that Disney is something I remember with love from my childhood that I can share with my kids. Disney is age appropriate no matter what age

  21. Avatar of Donna Joy Leysley
    Donna Joy LeysleyReply

    I love them because the WHOLE family can enjoy them.. there are even some jokes that go over the kids head that the adult can appreciate…

  22. Avatar of Charlotte

    I love the limitless possibility of fluid animation, perfectly crafted story arcs and captivating characters – a delight for the imagination of viewers young and old!

  23. Avatar of Chelsea Gibson
    Chelsea GibsonReply

    Disney movies give children characters to idolise, and magical dreams to ignite their imaginations and the fact that you can watch them on repeat 27 times much to our dismay the children never get sick of them…

  24. Avatar of MelSkub

    Disney brings young children’s imagination to life. The smiles and laughter you see when your children are watching the movies are so delightful to see.

  25. Avatar of Paul McCallum
    Paul McCallumReply

    The songs – always catchy and my little and myself love to sing along!

  26. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey EvansReply

    I love how magical and imaginative Disney is, it let adults feel like kids again!

  27. Avatar of Jane

    Disney always embraces the philosophy of being true to yourself and love who you are. A lesson all of us can live by.

  28. Avatar of Stacey Navarro
    Stacey NavarroReply

    I love how Disney is for the young and young at heart.

  29. Avatar of Angela

    I love Disney because it brings the best out of everyone, kids and adults! 🙂

  30. Avatar of Neat22

    Disney brings fantasy to life. For young and old. Makes old feel young. We are all equal when it comes to Dis

  31. Avatar of Cayce Beasley
    Cayce BeasleyReply

    Disney movies are so amazing. I don’t know anyone of any age who doesn’t enjoy them (Usually adults more so than children!). They give us all a little extra joy in our lives.

  32. Avatar of Shell K

    I love the happiness they bring to children of all ages (and parents too) 🙂

  33. Avatar of Nicole D

    I would love to take my kiddies to see Finding Dory! They watched Finding Nemo for years, I couldn’t even tell you how many times. It’s one of my favourite movies too! 🙂

  34. Avatar of Aly

    I love the innocence and fantasy of Disney, and the fact that all ages can thoroughly enjoy the tales. Aly Mollica

  35. Avatar of Angela Tennent
    Angela TennentReply

    Disney makes every kids dreams come true. So many catchy songs, everyone young and old can enjoy it together. Memories that last a lifetime are priceless. I love how much my kids love the movies like I do!

  36. Avatar of Nicki Cambourn
    Nicki CambournReply

    I love that Disney is inclusive and has a moral to the story.

  37. Avatar of Jade o

    Disney creates lifetime memories which will be cherished forever. I will never forget watching Pinocchio for the first time and falling in love!

  38. Avatar of JessD

    I love Disney because it made all of my favourite childhood movies and now those of my son. It links generations. It makes excellent movies for family movie nights.

  39. Avatar of Kate Lee

    Wonderful timeless movies for both adults and children alike.

  40. Avatar of Charl Lowther
    Charl LowtherReply

    I have fond memories of my childhood watching Disney on Sunday nights. Disney movies are great family entertainment, lovely stories and wonderful characters!

  41. Avatar of Carly B

    awesome movies that I still love watching at 38 years old with my kids now

  42. Avatar of Jayde Hopkins
    Jayde HopkinsReply

    I love how you can enjoy a disney movie know matter how old you are. It just takes you in that journey of magic, love, family & believing.

  43. Avatar of BrisNed

    They make movies that are suitable entertainment for every generation

  44. Avatar of Amie Wilcox
    Amie WilcoxReply

    I love everything Disney, the colour, the magic, the music, the jokes!

  45. Avatar of Lynnette Bull
    Lynnette BullReply

    I love that there is a Disney movie to suit everybody. I love the magic and the dreams they create while children are watching their favourite movie.

  46. Avatar of Jo Turney

    I love how Disney are starting to introduce strong female characters. Brave and Frozen were fantastic movies for the whole family, and great role models for our girls.

  47. Avatar of Bronie Elson
    Bronie ElsonReply

    Just seeing the Disney logo conjures up wonderful childhood memories. You knew if it was disney it would be great. Sundays weren’t Sundays without Disney.

  48. Avatar of Nicole Williams
    Nicole WilliamsReply

    Movies from my childhood is Disney. All their movies are family friendly and fantastic. My son and I both love them.

  49. Avatar of Panda1975

    Disney productions are for everyone! I can’t wait to take me nieces just so I can see the film!

  50. Avatar of Blossom

    Disney has perfect animation graphics and voiceovers. Our 18 month old laughed all the way through a “short” of Mickey Mouse.

  51. Avatar of Leanne

    We love all the movies from Disney, teaching our kids to dream, believe, try and it’s ok to be yourself, love your family and care for your friends. Enjoy your life and being a kid

  52. Avatar of Barbara

    Going back to my childhood and passing it on to my little one 🙂

  53. Avatar of Felicity Walton
    Felicity WaltonReply

    What I love the most about Disney movies is the capability they have to bring people together. Young, old, no regard of race or religion, everyone has a beloved Disney film or character they relate to or reminisce on.

  54. Avatar of Kit Man Ha Hau
    Kit Man Ha HauReply

    Love the magical moments, ideas and cartoons from Disney. Always been a Disney fan since I was young, still am.

  55. Avatar of overseas

    I have always loved Disney. With great animation, the characters and the stories, what’s not to love

  56. Avatar of Heather Brownlee
    Heather BrownleeReply

    Love the fantastic animations and the values expressed by the films.

  57. Avatar of Alicia

    I love Disney! They create movies and characters that the whole family will enjoy!

  58. Avatar of Melanie Graham
    Melanie GrahamReply

    I love that Disney was created by someone who had what seemed like an impossible dream. Someone who believed in themself and their vision with the greatest of convictions. Someone who didn’t even for one second give up. Someone who despite set backs, succeeded in creating a wonderful gift to the world and for generations to come.

  59. Avatar of Michelle

    I love that all the generations enjoy Disney! The younger ones happily role play with the characters, fun times!

  60. Avatar of Don

    I love that Disney can be enjoyed by us even when we’re not watching it with the kids!! And who’s kidding who, I’ve been waiting for this movie longer than my kids have been around 😛

  61. Avatar of Alison Henderson
    Alison HendersonReply

    I love that I watched Disney as a child and im now 40, and my 5 kids 20-2 watch it too – it’s timeless.

  62. Avatar of Nicole

    I love everything about Disney. I love all of their movies and can’t wait to share them with my new bub

  63. Avatar of Jolivid

    I love that I can share my favourite Disney movies with my seven year old daughter and now be introduced to a whole new generation of characters myself.

  64. Avatar of Amanda Langdon
    Amanda LangdonReply

    I loved sitting and watching Finding Nemo with my 5 year old and feeling the same sense of excitement and joy watching it again! (and again, and again! haha)

  65. Avatar of Leisa Sandles
    Leisa SandlesReply

    Fantastic character creations,
    And amazing animations,
    Movies that entertain,
    And memories that remain,
    Family fun for everyone,
    Fingers crossed we win one!

  66. Avatar of Aleisha

    What do I love about Disney?
    I love that it can transport me to an alternate universe, filled with magic and dreams that come true.
    I love that good always triumphs over evil, that love always wins, and that happiness is endless.
    Aleisha Davidson

  67. Avatar of sapna

    Disney gives us the opportunity to dream and then motivate us enough to bring those dreams into reality.

  68. Avatar of Kristen

    That i loved disney as a kid and now i have my own kids i can take them and secretly indulge my own inner child at the same time…!

  69. Avatar of Kristy Winters
    Kristy WintersReply

    They have adjusted their product according to criticism and backlash bringing new characters that fit better for the audiences demographics.

  70. Avatar of Michelle W

    I love that my kids still enjoy the Disney movies I grew up watching,

  71. Avatar of JessK

    I love Disney because the movies are classics, enjoyed by generations past, present and future.

  72. Avatar of Dee Pauline
    Dee PaulineReply

    The thing I love about Disney is that it brings magic into every home and most importantly gives children a beautiful imagination and love for these amazing characters. Because of Disney they believe they can be anyone they want to be and they also know that there’s good all around us. Disney is magical

  73. Avatar of Josette

    Always a great movie for the whole family ❤️❤️❤️

  74. Avatar of Jodie

    I love Disney because I can enjoy it with my 3 yr old daughter and my 80 yr old grandmother. So much love right there!

  75. Avatar of Helen Victoria
    Helen VictoriaReply

    The magic of Disney movies tackle serious themes and reinforce important messages. They can be affecting us in ways we didn’t even imagine and they are often strangely inspiring. They also encourage some seriously questionable moral behaviour and then laugh about it. Disney is physically winking from screens that keep these movies relevant to grown ups and children alike.

  76. Avatar of Jennalee Izzard
    Jennalee IzzardReply

    With Disney anything is possible!! It’s timeless and a love I can share through movies and books with my children! It just keeps getting better!!

  77. Avatar of Scott Crumlin
    Scott CrumlinReply

    Many memories of growing up in a dream world with Disney and now I find as an adult I am always happy to return!

  78. Avatar of Tess

    Disney is ageless- my mum loved anything Disney, as did I and now my girls love it!

  79. Avatar of Christina

    Best thing about Disney is it’s for the young, the old & the in between. The magic Disney creates never gets old for all ages.

  80. Avatar of Sheenalila

    Disney makes you feel wonderful no matter what age you are. It crosses all generations and Races. Our lil family love everything Disney xx Sheenalila

  81. Avatar of Maree Gray

    Some of my all time favourite movies are from Disney. They are timeless and entertain the young and old alike.

  82. Avatar of Dannielle Calderwood
    Dannielle CalderwoodReply

    Miss 4 who has asd/aspergers loves Nemo and Dory and would just love to take her. Always bright and colourful and everyone seems to love Disney as it takes them back to their own childhood

  83. Avatar of silver101

    Disney has an imagination as big as a child’s and takes every audience member with them on a trip into fantasy land with every show they make. I don’t know a single person who thinks differently.

  84. Avatar of Jessica Vayro
    Jessica VayroReply

    Disney is a magical experience for any age. The Disney movies never get old and can be watched over and over again without getting sick of them

  85. Avatar of Sarah

    Love showing my 5yr old daughter all the Disney movies I loved as a kid!

  86. Avatar of Erika Little
    Erika LittleReply

    I love that all Disney movies appeal to a child’s innocence and wonder, but also to the adults inner child and humour

  87. Avatar of Heather Lynn Crncevic
    Heather Lynn CrncevicReply

    I love that the movies can be enjoyed by both parents and kids

  88. Avatar of Stephanie Merrington
    Stephanie MerringtonReply

    I love that Disney is for all ages, the whole family can enjoy and appreciate a Disney movie.
    Imaginations and magical stories that always keep you beliving #justkeepswimming

  89. Avatar of Margaret O'Shea
    Margaret O'SheaReply

    All Disney films enchant their audiences be they young or old. The stories take you to a magical place where the imagination can run free.

  90. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole WoodsReply

    I love the fact that you’re never too old for a good Disney movie. It can be difficult to find movies suitable for the whole family, but Disney movies win every time!

  91. Avatar of Nicole Jennings
    Nicole JenningsReply

    I have grown up watching Disney now my kids are watching Disney. They are just beautiful movies

  92. Avatar of Shannon Wotton
    Shannon WottonReply

    Disney is magical
    Imagination abounds
    Special memories created and
    New favourites found
    Enjoyed by all, it’s pure gold for the
    Young, young at heart or the very very old!

  93. Avatar of Deborah De Geeter
    Deborah De GeeterReply

    I loved watching Disney movies as a child and now enjoy watching with my twin boys.

  94. Avatar of Anne-Marie Wingfield
    Anne-Marie WingfieldReply

    Disney is for everyone, no matter your age everyone has a disney favourite they love.

  95. Avatar of Renee Apostol
    Renee ApostolReply

    Disney reminds me of family time. Growing up with special movie nights on a saturday night, watching all the old classics, on the couch, sharing one blanket. Disney is family!

  96. Avatar of mmurray

    Disney is timeless, love sharing movies with my daughter that I loved as a child 🙂

  97. Avatar of Lana Adele Wood
    Lana Adele WoodReply

    No matter how old you are Disney movies great! I loved watching the movies when I was a child and I still do.

  98. Avatar of Selena Baker
    Selena BakerReply

    I love how Disney movies can be enjoyed by the whole family. There’s nothing better than a raining day watching Disney movies back to back, with your loved ones. =Times-less!!!

  99. Avatar of Claire N Chris
    Claire N ChrisReply

    I love watching the disney movies more than the kids sometimes! My son loves watching disney anout the only movies he’ll actually watch

  100. Avatar of Dave

    Disney has been a family fave since I was about 5 yrs old, always will be.

  101. Avatar of robfunk

    I love that Disney movies are safe, the whole family can enjoy them together.

  102. Avatar of Tarsh Clinton
    Tarsh ClintonReply

    I love Disney movies because I love the way they make my son so happy and seeing that is the best feeling

  103. Avatar of Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca SmithReply

    i love that Disney is such interactive with all audiences

  104. Avatar of Jenny Woods
    Jenny WoodsReply

    I love that the whole family can sit down & watch Disney movies together & get such great enjoyment out of them without having to worry about bad language etc.

  105. Avatar of Monique Hirst
    Monique HirstReply

    I love that it has continued to grow and change with the ages. Love the classic Disney but love that I can continue to watch new disney with my children.

  106. Avatar of Deb Lee

    I love their stories of family togetherness and the wonderful messages they spread through their movies


    I love that they make creative stories which engages the whole family and entertains at a while different level.

  108. Avatar of Ashley Warner
    Ashley WarnerReply

    I love that Disney has the imagination of children but still cater to adults with underlying humour. They are such magical movies and characters that i have grown up with now my children are.

  109. Avatar of chantel pullen
    chantel pullenReply

    There movies really are for all ages. My family love a movie night and finding something we can all enjoy with my kids ranging from a baby to 11 it great to have a selection as large as disney has to choose from.

  110. Avatar of Melissa McClymans
    Melissa McClymansReply

    I like their animation, storyline, fun for the whole family and delivers a special message

  111. Avatar of Barry Halim
    Barry HalimReply

    I love the storylines, the characters and the magic behind Disney movies.

  112. Avatar of Louis

    I love Disney because I am sure that the materials are healthy for my kids.

  113. Avatar of Rachel Ch'ng
    Rachel Ch'ngReply

    I love Disney for its ability to transport audiences to a magical sphere and imparts joyous mood to everyone around.

  114. Avatar of Theodora Polentas
    Theodora PolentasReply

    Disney has great stories with great messages, sometimes from fantastical worlds, your imagination can run free and it always makes u happy when you watch a Disney film.

  115. Avatar of Shazillas

    Disney has captured the hearts of the world for many years. Every year becoming more illustrious as the years go by. Disney brings happiness to all,old and young.

  116. Avatar of Trish Waugh
    Trish WaughReply

    Disney movies arent just for kids, theyre for the child inside all of us adults too!

  117. Avatar of Suzanne Wynn
    Suzanne WynnReply

    It’s ageless! I loved it and my kids love it just the same.

  118. Avatar of Sally Wheaton
    Sally WheatonReply

    Disney is intrigue and imagination. The movies capture creativity with vibrant colours and characters. They have a story to tell and music to amaze and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

  119. Avatar of Tanya Ham

    Disney films are for everyone to enjoy! Never seen a bad one!

  120. Avatar of Katherine Bamford
    Katherine BamfordReply

    Disney has the magical wand that jumps into your soul and let’s the fairy’s play havoc with your amazing childhood memories. Escorting me back to my childhood, Disney will be apart of my soul forever!

  121. Avatar of Catherine Gierak
    Catherine GierakReply

    The Magic. The timeless appeal. The fact that there
    is a hidden Mickey Mouse in each movie.

  122. Avatar of Liz

    Disney is about the young at heart and suits us to a T! So much so that it was the theme of our wedding!!!

  123. Avatar of shelbyward

    Disney allows us all to enter a world where we are totally eclipsed by magic, hopes and dreams. Appealing to young and old, bringing smiles and nurturing hearts.

  124. Avatar of Pip Booker

    I love that Disney movies just keep getting better and better and the golden oldies never date!

  125. Avatar of Melissa D

    I love that Disney has a movie for everyone – even the Adults. It’s wonderful the movies I watched as child my kids now enjoy!

  126. Avatar of sharon

    I love Disney they bring out the best in children, and they have so many that show different things and storylines are fantastic I grew up watching Disney and now all my kids are growing watching Disney even my 3 yr old daughter loves watching Disney

  127. Avatar of Stefanie Seiler
    Stefanie SeilerReply

    I love all Disney princesses and have every single one of them. I will now pass them onto my daughter.

  128. Avatar of Rachel K

    I love Disney and would love to win because it’s how I hold onto my childhood. When I was growing up Disney taught me how to dream, how to be myself and also to realise that anything was possible.

  129. Avatar of Renai Roberts
    Renai RobertsReply

    I’ve loved Disney my whole life. It’s so wonderful that my kids get to experience all the amazing movies that I got to experience.

  130. Avatar of Paula Calleja
    Paula CallejaReply

    I love that Disney films are for everyone. I can sit back and have a laugh and truly enjoy the same movie my son is enjoying.

  131. Avatar of Loredana Giannaris
    Loredana GiannarisReply

    No makes films as creatively and stunningly as Disney. My kids and I are soooooo looking forward to seeing Disney’s latest creation Dory. Films that delight the young and young at heart.

  132. Avatar of Jessica Hoppo
    Jessica HoppoReply

    Whats not to love! I love I can put on a Disney movie and the kids are instantly captured, we can sit together and enjoy a movie a million times, that the movies I enjoyed as a child can be now enjoyed by my kids.

  133. Avatar of christine morris
    christine morrisReply

    Would be Fantastic to take my Granddkids to watch Finding Dory, thanks for the chance 🙂

  134. Avatar of Traci Hampson
    Traci HampsonReply

    Disney allows viewers of all ages to delve into wonderful worlds, full of imagination, magic and wonder whilst teaching us some of the most profound lessons we could ever learn in life. I and my family have always and will always adore Disney productions 🙂

  135. Avatar of Heidisea

    Disney makes timeless family classics which last for years and capture the hearts of everyone.

  136. Avatar of B Ness

    Hi love the bright vibrant colours that shows off our beautiful country. It has a storyline that is family friendly and makes Friday family movie night a joyful experience for us all

  137. Avatar of Mon Seven

    Disney is appealing to all ages. Their movies are timeless and can be enjoyed over and over again through the generations.

  138. Avatar of Rachael D

    For me Disney has created happy memories shared with family & friends.I’m hoping to create the same experience for my sons.

  139. Avatar of Patrick

    Disney has been such a large part of our families movie nights, we can’t wait to see finding Dory!

  140. Avatar of Elinor Chapman
    Elinor ChapmanReply

    I love how well Disney make their movies for both adults and kids. Makes it so fun to take the family to see the movies knowing there will be jokes for everyone.

  141. Avatar of Trudy Spreadborough
    Trudy SpreadboroughReply

    I love that Disney is for everyone, all ages.

  142. Avatar of Andrea

    I love that they create amazing movies suitable for people of all ages!

  143. Avatar of Sharon Lorman
    Sharon LormanReply

    I love the timeless delight that has spanned several generations enthralling children over and over again.

  144. Avatar of Dianne

    Disney movies are great entertainment for the whole family. Who can forget the classics like Bambi and Cinderella?

  145. Avatar of Luize

    Disney make classci fmaily movies that everyone can enjoy. They’re fun, lovable chatacters and really enoyable to watch.

  146. Avatar of Nathan Willis
    Nathan WillisReply

    Disney movies are always fantastically entertaining and can be enjoyed over and over and over!

  147. Avatar of Thuy Yau

    I love that Disney films are not only entertaining but they always have morals and themes for children to learn from. As an adult, we know that the media and society can send out negative messages. But as a mum of 3, it feels wonderful to sit down with my husband and our girls, finish a Disney movie and think, “Wow, I really learnt something from that.” It instils a bit of hope in you as a parent – that maybe the future generations of adults will be okay in the end.

  148. Avatar of Amanda

    I love disney because it always makes the kids happy!! Happy kids = Happy Mum

  149. Avatar of spog777

    Disney is so family orientated and amazing to experience

  150. Avatar of Jarrod Dancer
    Jarrod DancerReply

    I love relaxing on a Saturday night with my family watching a Disney movie. I think I get more excited about Disney movies then my kids do. Long gone are the days where going out all night are what I look forward to in my week.

  151. Avatar of Shierly Ardriani S
    Shierly Ardriani SReply

    Disney always make good quality entertainment for all ages

  152. Avatar of Andieharrie

    Disney is so much fun
    entertainment for everyone
    adult humour buried in behind the kiddie side
    Never offensive offers life portrayed on the lighter side

  153. Avatar of Julie Hodsman
    Julie HodsmanReply

    Great kids movies with something for the adults as well. Great storylines with morals to be learnt.

  154. Avatar of Debbie Moody
    Debbie MoodyReply

    I love Disney because I can trust Disney to entertain the whole family with incredible movies, toys, etc. without a worry in the world.

  155. Avatar of Rachael

    I love Disney for the imagination it inspires, for the amazing storytelling and for the pure entertainment it delivers

  156. Avatar of sarah jean

    I love disney because it don’t matter how old you are you always enjoy the movies.

  157. Avatar of Pauline Stacey
    Pauline StaceyReply

    Disney is always fun and a big hit and lots of great movies

  158. Avatar of Melissa Mulder
    Melissa MulderReply

    I love that I still love Disney movies as an adult and can enjoy these movies with my children

  159. Avatar of Lara Haynes Stewart
    Lara Haynes StewartReply

    Just the fun it brings into the house all the colours & characters are awesome my kids love Disney

  160. Avatar of Dianne Childs
    Dianne ChildsReply

    I love that Disney can be enjoyed regardless of age; the young, the old and everyone in between can watch and love Disney films!

  161. Avatar of Jan

    A Disney movie can make you laugh or can make you cry (or both), but always have a happy, feel good ending.

  162. Avatar of Katrina

    I love the magic. And that a simple story can take you on a roller coaster of emotions that can stay with you for years.

  163. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara FehmelReply

    Disney has been around since I was a girl and now here I am trying to win tickets for my 5 year old GREAT Granddaughters.

  164. Avatar of Belinda J Burns
    Belinda J BurnsReply

    Disney is the heart and soul of childhood memories and dreams , storylines and characters you remember forever

  165. Avatar of Tess Howard
    Tess HowardReply

    Disney is timeless. Its a piece of my childhood that I love sharing with my own children and honestly, the whole family enjoys watching Disney (even the grumpy pre teens)

  166. Avatar of Wynetta Duggan
    Wynetta DugganReply

    fun and enjoyment for all my kids, even though the oldest is nearly 22 and the youngest is 4!

  167. Avatar of Delwyn

    The awesome stories they keep making and remaking that I can share with my kids and relive my childhood. A good Disney movie is my go to for any kind of day or emotion.

  168. Avatar of Jane A

    creates the most wonderful stories and memorable characters that evoke memories
    of our childhoods and unforgettable moments with our own families.

  169. Avatar of Donna Bennett
    Donna BennettReply

    So looking forward to this movie. If it’s half as good as the last movie we are in for a treat!

  170. Avatar of Heather Pitkeathly
    Heather PitkeathlyReply

    I love Disney as it captures my little girls imagination and seeing her face light up while watching her favourite movies lights up my heart.

  171. Avatar of Nicole Sintrikos
    Nicole SintrikosReply

    Disney movies are simply fun and magical to watch. They can be enjoyed by the whole family!

  172. Avatar of Bianca Bonakey
    Bianca BonakeyReply

    I love that Disney makes you want to be the princess .. It’s make you feel alive and happy

  173. Avatar of Penelope Ong
    Penelope OngReply

    I love Disney productions as they are entertainsing and educational as well. You learn about the different cultures, history and values of our diverse society.

  174. Avatar of Michelle Cahill
    Michelle CahillReply

    Disney movies just make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Absolutely have loved every Disney movie I’ve ever watched, there is never a bad one and always to hard to choose a favourite. Also I’m just as excited to see Finding Dory as the kids, we are hanging! Loved Finding Nemo and still do and think it’s safe to say no one likes Darla and no one ever will lol

  175. Avatar of Cee Moodie

    I love Disney because it doesn’t matter what your age is, everybody old or young can enjoy the movies.

  176. Avatar of hellie

    I love that Disney has entertained children and adults for generations, and believe they will for many more

  177. Avatar of Johanne S

    10 years in the waiting for Disney to finally realize Dory was the big star from Finding Nemo. Now her name is up in lights we get to enjoy more of Dory’s hilarious adventure’s

  178. Avatar of Maria Braund
    Maria BraundReply

    I love the magic of Disney, how you can escape and feel like a kid again.

  179. Avatar of Amy Louise Price
    Amy Louise PriceReply

    Disney movies are great for the whole family. Everyone laughs and wants to watch again for the 5th time.

  180. Avatar of Isabelle Hershman
    Isabelle HershmanReply

    Disney means to me childhood memories as well as making new ones with my own children. Timeless.

  181. Avatar of Faibiana

    An excuse to snuggle on the couch with my babies, just like my Mum used to to with us!

  182. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon MarkwellReply

    Disney is the epitome of happiness. Just hearing the word makes me think of my happy childhood watching the Mickey Mouse Club.

  183. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia WarrickReply

    It’s a little bit of magic in our lives. 🙂

  184. Avatar of Inara Beecher
    Inara BeecherReply

    We love Disney movies in our house as there are always elements of each movie relevant to all ages – humour pitched at both the child and adult level – so everyone has an enjoyable movie experience together. 🙂

  185. Avatar of Kelly Nylander
    Kelly NylanderReply

    Happy quiet time watching Disney movies is bliss!

  186. Avatar of Samantha Yep
    Samantha YepReply

    That one simple word “Disney” lights up every single persons eyes, no matter the age.
    Everyone has that magical Disney memory moment

  187. Avatar of Sarah Kate

    what’s not to love about the magical adventures that Disney movies take you on!

  188. Avatar of Kate Slack

    Timeless fun and feel good movies for the whole family.

  189. Avatar of Joanne sampson
    Joanne sampsonReply

    It is magical and helps kids explore their own and imagination

  190. Avatar of Sarah Shelley
    Sarah ShelleyReply

    Disney for me has always invoked the inspiration to follow my dreams no matter how extraordinary or seemingly impossible they may seem. I hope that it also has the same effect for my children through the years to come.

  191. Avatar of luigi costantino
    luigi costantinoReply

    Disney means fun laughter and memorable movies!

  192. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnaneReply

    Disney always have movies that entertain and stretch the kids imagination, a Disney movie is one we can watch over and over again and love it every time. There always seems to be a new one so we have no problem finding something to take the kids to and not question we they see.

  193. Avatar of Melinda Davies
    Melinda DaviesReply

    My 9 year old son cannot wait to see this movie and neither can I!

  194. Avatar of Kristy F

    The movies can make children’s imaginations go many places. Disney are true classics for the young and old.

  195. Avatar of Nicole angus
    Nicole angusReply

    The magic! Children, parents and grandparents are transported to the beautiful world of make believe, story telling at its best and that warm fuzzy place inside of each of us!

  196. Avatar of Sharyn W

    it brings families together by creating magical movies for both young and old

  197. Avatar of Katie Eagleson
    Katie EaglesonReply

    D- delightful characters
    I – insightful storylines
    S – songs to fall in love with
    N – nobody does it better
    E – every story has a moral
    Y – you know its gonna have a happy ending 🙂

  198. Avatar of Amanda Holland
    Amanda HollandReply

    I love that it’s for all ages. I still love to sit down and watch a Disney movie.

  199. Avatar of Ailsa Roberts
    Ailsa RobertsReply

    Disney movies remind me of my childhood. Full of adventure, imagination and good feeling. I want my 4 year old triplets to experience what I did as a kid.

  200. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard HarrisonReply

    I love how the quality is only getting better but the classics still stand up

  201. Avatar of Justine Drake
    Justine DrakeReply

    I love that Disney doesn’t seem to age, I watch the oldies with my kids and they still love it!

  202. Avatar of Christina Lungo
    Christina LungoReply

    I love the imagination, the magic and the dreams that become a reality but most of all Disney movies never disappoint. They’re amazing!

  203. Avatar of Sasha Blunt
    Sasha BluntReply

    Brings out children’s imagination & even as an adult – watching Disney movies seems to make everything alright!

  204. Avatar of Lou Firli

    It never fails to delight, mesmerise and entertain! It’s a gift to parents all around the world who without Disney, wouldn’t get to finish their cup of coffee!

  205. Avatar of Vanessa Moussa
    Vanessa MoussaReply

    Disney movies always have such a great message for kids and entertaining for all the family

  206. Avatar of Laura Higgins
    Laura HigginsReply

    Love Disney movies as a child and I think this is a lovely thing to introduce to my daughter!

  207. Avatar of Meg

    Lights……..action……….Disney movies are full of action!

  208. Avatar of Antonietta

    There are messages in Disney movies for all ages, they are well thought out, brilliantly animated and a joy to watch with the family.

  209. Avatar of laureneve

    I love Disney movies, they are great for all ages and have plenty of in-jokes for the adults.

  210. Avatar of Kirsten Adams
    Kirsten AdamsReply

    Love that we get a great movie as well as the kids

  211. Avatar of kat

    I love everything Disney. How fantastic there is a medium out there that both parents and children can enjoy, love and share for years to come.

  212. Avatar of Teresa Clark
    Teresa ClarkReply

    Love everything about the Disney brand and movies, love that the movies are for both children and adults so everyones happy.

  213. Avatar of Zuzi


  214. Avatar of Rebecca

    I love that Disney make movie that the kids love but also great for adults. Whenever I sit down with the kids and they ask to watch something I often go for a Disney movie because I know I will enjoy it too 🙂

  215. Avatar of Natasha Johnson
    Natasha JohnsonReply

    Disney is filled with exciting stories with beautiful animation. Can’t wait to see the Finding Dory.

  216. Avatar of Kate

    I love that any Disney movie can set off all my feelings even at the ripe age of 28.

  217. Avatar of Mandaly Fry
    Mandaly FryReply

    You’re never too old or too young for a Disney movie – and you can never watch a Disney movie too may times!

  218. Avatar of Neen

    Disney Movies are great for the whole family regardless of age

  219. Avatar of Emily Bennett
    Emily BennettReply

    The story, the characters, the animation, the fact that no matter your age you will always be able to break into Disney songs or quote your fave movies even though you haven’t seen them for a decade, Disney will always be the undisputed, quintessential storyteller.

  220. Avatar of Kirstin Trehan
    Kirstin TrehanReply

    I love the great imagination used to produce beautiful characters and movies

  221. Avatar of Tessa St Clair
    Tessa St ClairReply

    Reliving the movies and memories with my kids, stories are universal.

  222. Avatar of Danielle Tassan
    Danielle TassanReply

    I love that my kids get so involved with singing and dancing along to their favourite Disney movies.

  223. Avatar of Amanda L

    Disney always comes up with oceans of imagination, colourful magic, a swimming storyline and not to forget (like Dory) transports us all away to a happy place!

  224. Avatar of Linda Cleary
    Linda ClearyReply

    You know they will become a classic movie because everything disney is magical and is for anyone at anyage

  225. Avatar of Mjnlb

    Disney is just magical. Always full of colour, characters and enchanting stories.

  226. Avatar of Ian Cowling
    Ian CowlingReply

    I think the older Disney movies are best. Classic stories for little children.

  227. Avatar of Melissa Keeble
    Melissa KeebleReply

    Disney allows all kids to be a super hero or a princess or whatever they wish to be. It’s a magical and enchanting world that stays with everyone forever from the young to young-at-heart

  228. Avatar of marypreston

    Disney just makes you smile. Stories that delight and enchant for generations.

  229. Avatar of Bronwyn Louise Evans
    Bronwyn Louise EvansReply

    Disney has something for everyone young or old doesn’t matter who you are or where your from there is always something relatable and a great moral to be found in Disney.

  230. Avatar of Alex

    I like Disney’s broad spectrum of creative and reimagined stories!

  231. Avatar of Megsbee

    I love that Disney always has a lesson in it and that they have such gorgeous characters

  232. Avatar of Nicole Strachan
    Nicole StrachanReply

    I love the fantasy of Disney. It’s a chance to suspend reality, but there is usually still a lesson to be learnt.

  233. Avatar of Eunice Ang

    Disney is full of life learning lessons and the starting of Disney company itself is a great motivation for all!

  234. Avatar of Rory Dean

    I love Disney movies because I can get into the movies as much as my kids

  235. Avatar of Rebecca Lewis
    Rebecca LewisReply

    Reminds me of all the Disney from when I was younger! Love the characters!

  236. Avatar of Ira

    Beautiful animation, cute characters, and the stories behind

  237. Avatar of Barbara

    You always know a movie is going to be real good when it is a Disney Movie because they just bring out the magic. The whole family can relate to a Disney movie.

  238. Avatar of Kirsty Bunyan
    Kirsty BunyanReply

    Disney inspires fun, excitement and imagination, the essence of childhood! The magic of Disney is timeless and ageless too!

  239. Avatar of Katrina Williams
    Katrina WilliamsReply

    Disney is my escape and reminds me of the simple pleasures of life

  240. Avatar of cat helbig

    It takes me back to my childhood and all the amazing memories of watching disney with family and friends and now i get to share those experiences with my son

  241. Avatar of Madelaine Howe
    Madelaine HoweReply

    I love disney makes me feel like I can do anything!

  242. Avatar of Maree Wood

    It’s for all ages, from the oldest person to the youngest child, there’s always something they will enjoy from Disney 🙂

  243. Avatar of Janet Flounders
    Janet FloundersReply

    Love a movie about fish. My surname is Flounders.

  244. Avatar of melinda nardella
    melinda nardellaReply

    I love Disney, as it means I get time to finally finish a coffee! Some me time for a change! (As daughter screams my name in the background)

  245. Avatar of Kmo May

    I love how Disney tell stories from around the world. A

  246. Avatar of Rosana

    Disney still inspires children all over the world to believe that they dreams will come true. It encourages kids to be kids, to use their imagination and live in their innocent bliss for as long as possible. In the world we live in, that’s so commendable.

  247. Avatar of tracylc

    Disney is a magical wonderland of beauty- animals and characters. A place where we can go to lose ourselves and dream

  248. Avatar of Diana Angel
    Diana AngelReply

    Disney is an ultimate destination for children’s movies! And adults love Disney too! Sooo many loveable and adorable caracters.

  249. Avatar of Valerie Wee
    Valerie WeeReply

    Disney makes me have a happy childhood because I remember lots of great song from Disney movies and famous characters.

  250. Avatar of Linda Luczak
    Linda LuczakReply

    Disney movies are classic and timeless. They appeal and relate to children and adults alike.

  251. Avatar of Teneal Koppenol
    Teneal KoppenolReply

    Disney is for all ages, and is ageless. Kids love the same stories and movies as their parents, such a fantastic legacy to share.

  252. Avatar of Lisa Pang

    we love Disney because their movies cover such a range of ages and interests also I love the bits put inthere just for the adults

  253. Avatar of Kimbo19

    Disney movies are fantastic as they are for the whole family to enjoy and there is always something to entertain everyone. They always create a talking point for the family to discuss and learn from.

  254. Avatar of Karen Clarke
    Karen ClarkeReply

    I love Disney movies because they have always drawn you in with their artwork and the stories keep getting better. They are true family movies, there is something for everyone, young and old.

  255. Avatar of Natasha Andrews
    Natasha AndrewsReply

    The magic and the joy and the fact that there is always something for both the kids and the adults!

  256. Avatar of Cathie Bailey
    Cathie BaileyReply

    There is always something for everyone in a Disney movie. I love to share them with my kids.

  257. Avatar of Leigh Isabeth
    Leigh IsabethReply

    I love how Disney is always creating wonderful imaginations in children, and evoking all emotions that help our children learn and grow.

  258. Avatar of Anita Andersson
    Anita AnderssonReply

    I loved watching Disney movies when I was a kid and now I can enjoy them with my daughter.

  259. Avatar of Erin Edhouse
    Erin EdhouseReply

    I love disney movies- they were the best part of my childhood and the best part of adulthood is watching them with no interruptions and singing as loud as I want!!!

  260. Avatar of Melinda

    I love that Disney movies can be enjoyed by everyone. Young and old you still get the same enjoyment from them.

  261. Avatar of Laurina Ainscough
    Laurina AinscoughReply

    I love Disney for the magic they bring to my kids’ lives.

  262. Avatar of Alex He

    All the Disney’s characters, they’re well designed with very own personality.

  263. Avatar of Kirsty Ellen
    Kirsty EllenReply

    l love how my kids eyes light up- in the middle of a disney movie, how happy it makes them!

  264. Avatar of Steph Jane Bubner
    Steph Jane BubnerReply

    I love the hidden ‘adult’ jokes and humour in Disney films!

  265. Avatar of Ernie Gunawan
    Ernie GunawanReply

    I love how magical it is and is fun for all ages!

  266. Avatar of Ben N Nicole
    Ben N NicoleReply

    I might be 37 but i still love every Disney movie and will sit and have a Disney movie marathon with my kids anytime.

  267. Avatar of alicia Tabak
    alicia TabakReply

    Disney movies never age and always appeal to all ages and gender. Disney captivates my daughters with every movie they watch.

  268. Avatar of Lisa

    I can trust that if it’s Disney, it will be family friendly 🙂

  269. Avatar of Natalie

    It stands for family fun. It is for all ages and we all get to enjoy it together.

  270. Avatar of Rebecca B

    I love that Disney movies always know how to keep children’s attention. My kids don’t talk, wriggle or whinge when I take them to the cinema to see a Disney movie!

  271. Avatar of Jane Whitelaw
    Jane WhitelawReply

    I love the characters in Disney movies – the hero’s are not perfect (especially Dory) but they always embody the best virtues – friendship, caring for others and resilience in the face of adversity.

  272. Avatar of Magda

    I love that the stories are relevant for both little and big ‘kids’

  273. Avatar of Nata Glavan
    Nata GlavanReply

    Disney, a provider of pure joy and pleasure,

    Filled our days with precious moments to treasure,

    Broadened our imagination,

    Brought magic to our lives, a reason for celebration.

    For generations its characters, movies and stories we
    continue to adore,

    Provider of magic and fun galore,

    Enjoyed by young and old year after year,

    Disney has become part of our family, something we hold

  274. Avatar of Mandy

    It doesn’t matter what comes from Disney….it’s ALWAYS good!

  275. Avatar of Louise Hopper-Cousins
    Louise Hopper-CousinsReply

    Teaching our next generation to keep on dreaming xx

  276. Avatar of Tracy Fleming
    Tracy FlemingReply

    Disney means imagination and word of fun to me and my kids

  277. Avatar of Bree

    Always entertaining with great characters, story lines and music/soundtracks

  278. Avatar of jaime farrands
    jaime farrandsReply

    So family friendly. I can always find one for whatever age of kid i have

  279. Avatar of Cath Bennett
    Cath BennettReply

    Love all the different story lines they never get old

  280. Avatar of Emma Gunn

    Disney allows children to use their imagination and believe in miracles

  281. Avatar of Jean Rutherford
    Jean RutherfordReply

    Gingerchook – Disney creates such wonderful animations and movies and you know from experience that they will be enchanting

  282. Avatar of Michelle Halusko Tsimouris
    Michelle Halusko TsimourisReply

    Disney movies are simply magical with great characters, songs & many funny bits for young & old.

  283. Avatar of Toni Dally

    I love that Disney movies always have something to entertain all ages so whole families can watch them together

  284. Avatar of shells68

    The imagination, the colours, the fun and the happiness! Disney has been a part of my life since I was a little girl and how wonderful that my children and eventually my grandchildren will be able to share this experience.

  285. Avatar of Christine Dean
    Christine DeanReply

    Pretty much everything! Great for the whole family is probably the best, as we have a bit of an age gap from eldest to youngest. Also they are timeless, only watched Robin Hood with my kids the other day.

  286. Avatar of Linda Smith
    Linda SmithReply

    Cartoons that can make a grown woman cry. Nice work, Disney – I like it! <3

  287. Avatar of Vanessa Ahern
    Vanessa AhernReply

    I love that Disney movies are so magical and enjoyed over such a long time by so many generations.

  288. Avatar of sars_angelchik

    I love the lovely storylines and they are usually quite wholesome and teach good values for kids.

  289. Avatar of Nicole Gurney
    Nicole GurneyReply

    I love the musical side of disney and my kids love the colours and animation

  290. Avatar of Sharon M

    After Watching ‘Saving Mr Banks’ I realised how Walt Disney never grew up and neither have I for that matter!!! Disney movies make me feel good inside, my children are now growing up with them and you cannot fault their story lines, humour and happy endings. In this world we live in, that is all we need isn’t it? A happy ending with smiles!!! 🙂 Gotta love Disney!!!

  291. Avatar of Sheree Pallis
    Sheree PallisReply

    What I love about Disney……I love their stories about happily ever after, true love, talking mice, magic carpets, mermaids, magical kisses, frozen spells, talking cars and most of all…..lost fish in the Sydney waterways.

  292. Avatar of Belinda Bee
    Belinda BeeReply

    I like how Disney movies are filled with tons of little morals…be kind to one another, don’t bully, don’t give up, don’t judge – very powerful content for young viewers!

  293. Avatar of Elisabeth Martins
    Elisabeth MartinsReply

    What I love the most about Disney is that it’s for everyone, no matter if you’re 1 or 99 years old. They are filled with happiness, magic and heroes.

  294. Avatar of Tanya Wright
    Tanya WrightReply

    The morals and meanings Disney’s films portray in every movie is directed to ALL viewers of ALL different ages from ALL walks of life and it is simply breath taking and absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

  295. Avatar of Sacha Pech

    How it can span and delight several generations at once. Very engaging and magical stories.

  296. Avatar of Jarree

    I love Dory, Simba, Bambi and all of Disney’s creations. Disney brings animals to life, gives the a heart and makes us fall in love.

  297. Avatar of Kim

    Unforgettable movies for the whole family! Stunning animations and stories with a good message =)

  298. Avatar of klo

    Disney has produced the most amazing movies, where we can swim away and just get lost in beautiful storylines.

  299. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura ScrivenReply

    Disney is feel good,
    Puts me into a mood.
    Love the adult wit,
    That’s why they are always a hit.

  300. Avatar of rcheerful

    I love how disney bring the characters to life and we feel like were on the screen with them!!

  301. Avatar of Rosemarie De Bari
    Rosemarie De BariReply

    There may be drama and tears, but there is always a happy ending!

  302. Avatar of Melinda Bolitho
    Melinda BolithoReply

    Just as the song in Beauty and the Beast says they are “Tales as old as time”. Such beautiful movies and stories that inspire and delight kids and adults of all ages. And not only are they entertaining but there is a lesson to be learnt at the end!

  303. Avatar of Mumof3boys

    I love that Disney teaches that true love exists, magic comes in many forms, and everyone can have a happily ever after.

  304. Avatar of rachel

    no matter how old you are disney still brings wonderment,magical,love,emotion,happiness to all that watch it,i still get excited to see a disney movie now i just get to share it with my kids.

  305. Avatar of stardrops

    Disney teaches us that good triumphs over evil and that magic is possible.

  306. Avatar of Amanda Casalanguida
    Amanda CasalanguidaReply

    Disney is all things to all people! The castle silhouette with fireworks all around is our happy place.

  307. Avatar of Natalie Stoute
    Natalie StouteReply

    For me, Disney = Sunday night movie memories. Back when I was young every Sunday there would be a Disney show on the TV. With only 3 TV Channels, this was quite the special occasion. We’d sit around on our beanbags with our toasted sandwiches and watch the movie. Good times…. 🙂

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