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Important Plum Sleepbag Recall Over Entrapment/Strangulation Risk

It’s chilly, and you want to keep your baby warm and snug when she goes to bed. That said, bundling her up in fluffy quilts or covering her in bulky blankets isn’t safe – especially when it comes to reducing the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

So, what do you do? You might just opt for a sleepbag.

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Sleepbags provide warmth in a wearable blanket style. But, if you have a Plum Sleepbag it may have been recalled. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission recently recalled the Plum Bamboo 3.0 TOG Sleepbag.


Why was this baby product recalled?

According to the Commission’s notice, the bag has stitching defects. The inner lining stitching may come apart from the sock. This creates loose strands, which may detach. The loose and detached strands of stitching pose a potential entrapment or strangulation hazard.

Which sleepbags are part of the recall?

Plum makes a wide range of sleepbags.

The current recall is only for the Bamboo 3.0 TOG long sleeve viscose sleepbag.

The Commission notes that the “identifying features” (codes) are B3192, B3193, B3194, B3195, B3196 and B3197.

The bags were available for sale from 3rd March 2016 – 20th June 2016 at retailers such as David Jones, Baby Bunting, Toys R’Us, Bubs Baby Shop, Buy My Things, Sydney Baby Kingdom, Izzz, Circles Childrenswear, Ababy, Little Oak Boutique, Designer Tots Nursery, Mini Me Babies and Kids, Cotmakers, One Stop Baby Shop, Aster and Ruby Hand Made, Kidszone and at the company’s website.

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What should you do if you have one of these sleepbags?

Stop using it right away. Do not put it on your baby. Take the bag back to wherever you bought it, this includes contacting the company’s website (if you bought the sleepbag online). You can get a full refund for the recalled bag from the retailer.

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