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Ditch the Duster and Enjoy a Cleaner for a Year thanks to Choosi


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Time. There just never seems to be enough of it. Not enough time to sleep, not enough time to work, not enough time to relax, not enough time to go out, drink champagne and dance on tables. We’re all running out of time.

It’s almost become the mantra of busy mums everywhere. Our days are spent prioritising every tiny, little, inane thing we need to do motherhood into 24 hours… and most times we just can’t get it all done. Because it’s impossible people! We’re multitasking like demons and still not achieving anything.

We need help. All the help. But in these days where EVERYONE is so time poor and many families are living remotely or away from their extended families, it’s not that easy to actually find help.

Which is why we need to OUTSOURCE. Enter Choosi.

Unless you’re in the industry, insurance would have to be the world’s most boring thing ever. No-one likes to talk about it or research it and I’m yet to find anyone who likes to pay for it. But there’s just no getting around the necessity of insurance. So we know we have to have it and we know we have to pay for it but we don’t want to do either of those things.

Well, the staff at Choosi do not find insurance boring [in fact, they LOVE it] and they get a kick out of helping you pay as little as possible for it. Plus they do ALL the running around for you. Wait what? They could save you time AND money?? What’s their number? [hold your horses, we’re getting to that!]

Keep reading, it gets better.

Choosi takes the hassle out of insurance. They research, compare and present your best option to you for Health, Car, Home and Contents, Life, Funeral, Income Protection and even now Pet Insurance (and no doubt we know just how much THAT can save you when it really matters!)

I used to be a sceptic. But then a few years ago, when I got my latest policy renewal (and price hike!) I carried out a price comparison on my health insurance. I was with BUPA on Family Cover and hadn’t shopped my cover for aaaages so was somewhat curious. Well as it turned out, I was SERIOUSLY overpaying and ended up making the shift to Health Partners with a policy that was more suited to my needs, getting rid of the cover I no longer needed, and saving myself $1100 per year! They switched me over in a heartbeat and I am now a true believer in the service.

Which is why I really think you should give it a go. You’ve got nothing to lose (except a few minutes of your time) and it could quite literally save you hundreds of dollars. Plus you could score even moreread on below and find out how you can Win a Cleaner for a Year!

Watch below to find out more:

DIVIDERSo here’s the kicker! Choosi gets it and they want to help you too!

Win a Cleaner for a Year

That’s why they’re giving one lucky reader a cleaner for a year. YEP, A WHOLE YEAR!

Imagine the time you’ll get back from not having to mop floors, vacuum carpets, scrub the toilet, the shower and even the bath. They’ll clean your kitchen, your oven, dust the house, clean your windows, make your beds, you name it. For a whole year you will get up to $3,500 worth of VIP Cleaning services. That’s a whole lotta cleaning and a whole lotta time back for you to do with as you wish.

And it’s so easy enter! Just jump on to the Choosi website, get a quote on Health, Life, Funeral or Pet Insurance and you’re in the running to win a cleaner for a year. AND, who knows, you might also save a packet on your insurance policies, just like me!! T&C Apply

So what are you waiting for? It’ll take you a few minutes to find out what you can save and you could be putting your feet up and your mop down for the rest of the year!




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