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Dixit – Disney Edition Review: The Must-Have Dixit Board Game for Disney Fans

The wonderful world of Disney has arrived in your living room and in a Dixit board game form. Get ready to be transported into all your favourite Disney and Pixar films, including the old-school classics, with Dixit – Disney Edition.

Dixit is an award-winning game from Libellud and their newest addition to the Dixit family is their Disney Edition. We at Mum Central LOVE all things Disney and screen-free family fun, so when we uncovered there was a game that combined these two things, well, we were all in! 

Dixit - Disney Edition
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Become a part of the Dixit board game world 

For Disney fans, this game is your perfect match. It’s designed to test your Disney/Pixar knowledge through images and storytelling. It’s great for kids 8+ but it’s also fun for adults who have an extensive knowledge of all things Disney. We have our own childhoods to thank for this, but also our kids’ and their obsession with watching Moana 80 times a day. And not the whole movie, of course, just the singing parts.

Well, this game allows you to use this random Disney knowledge for good. You’re Welcome.

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Enchanting family fun for all 

Dixit Disney Edition bridges the gap between generations and lets our own Disney dreams come alive. In fact, you may even beat the kids, especially if you were a fan of the ultra-classics like Snow White, The Aristocats and Fantasia (remember that one??).

There are 84 different films featured in the Dixit -Disney Edition and every time you play will be a completely different experience, making it the perfect game to pull out anytime you’re in the mood for screen-free family fun.

Of the 84 films, expect classics like Cinderella and Steamboat Willy, family faves like The Lion King and Pocahontas, Pixar films like Toy Story and Turning Red and even some diamonds you’ve probably forgotten about like The Emporer’s New Groove and Duck Tales. 

The board game is gorgeous too and the little mini-characters are so cute. It looks like a recipe for family board game perfection, but what’s it like to play? Was it fun? Was it easy to learn? Did it keep everyone engaged? Is it a good value?  Would you recommend it to others?

We wanted to find out, especially with Christmas around the corner, so we asked five of our Mums the Word review panel to test out Dixit – Disney Edition and share their honest thoughts. 

Dixit – Disney Edition Review:

  • 5/5 families recommend Dixit – Disney Edition
  • 5/5 families loved it! 
  • Total rating: 4.7/5 STARS! 

What Our Reviewers Had to Say

The Bride Family (Lauren with kids Anna, 10 and Alex, 7)

We genuinely loved playing this game as a family – it was so engaging we played it a second time straight away!It is a fun, creative and engaging game. I liked that everyone could be creative and thoughtful – any clues that were too easy OR too tricky meant you didn’t get points, so the aim is to devise the perfect clue so some people would guess your answer.”

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The Mavey Family (Rochelle with kids Finn, 12, Reid, 10 and Arya, 7) 

Dixit – Disney Edition is a fun, family-friendly board game that all ages can enjoy. I loved the gameplay but the artwork is truly magical. The kids loved the meeples (player tokens) and how many movies were represented on the cards.

We thoroughly enjoyed playing the game with the rules and had fun taking our time looking over the cards and seeing if we could work out what movie the imagery was from.”

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The Melillo Family (Amy with kids Roman, 10 and Stella, 8) 

If you are a Disney lover, you will love this game! We had so much fun and my kids can’t wait to invite their friends over to play again. Having turns acting out and guess the Disney themed movies kept us all entertained and brought back memories of revisiting a special moment watching each movie.” 

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The Lees Family (Amelia with kids Matilda, 8, Rose, 7 and Elodie, 5) 

Dixit – Disney Edition has brought the Disney characters we know and love into our family game nights. The beauty of the cards really draws you in and allows you to be creative or
funny. Such fun!”

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The Little Family (Jude with kids Chilli, 12 and Cadey, 10)

Dixit – Disney Edition is a beautifully presented game with wonderful artwork. Families will enjoy this new, unique addition to game night. We had a fun night learning the game, looking at the beautiful cards and coming up with ways to get ahead with smart answers.” 


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Take a look at the Dixit – Disney Edition in action. 

YouTube video

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Dixit - Disney Edition



  • Fun for All
  • Disney and Pixar themed
  • Screen-free family fun
  • Great gift idea
  • Easy to learn and play
Value for Money
Great for Disney Fans
Easy to Play
Family Fun

mum centralHow to Play Dixit – Disney Edition

This Dixit board game is super simple too. For each turn in Dixit, one player is the storyteller and chooses one of the six cards in their hand. They then make up a sentence based on that card’s image. This could be a phrase from the movie or even a lyric from a song. You can choose to make the clues extra easy or extra hard depending on who you’re playing with.

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Then, each player selects the card in their hand that best matches the sentence and gives the selected card to the storyteller. The storyteller shuffles their card with all of the received cards, then reveals all of these cards.

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This is where it gets extra fun. Players have to guess which card belongs to the storyteller but without revealing what card they’ve picked or what card was originally theirs. It’s very secretive and sneaky as you not only have to guess the Disney phrase and match it to a card, but you also have to guess what the storyteller thinks.

Have a look at this YouTube video which explains how to play really nicely.

YouTube video

The perfect gift for family fun

One of the things we wanted to know in our Dixit – Disney Edition review was whether it’s a good gift idea, especially with Christmas coming up. All five of our review families agreed that YES, IT VERY MUCH IS! 

Whimsical art and simple but engaging gameplay, everyone could play the game to the best of their ability and still enjoy themselves. A winning combination for any family game!” – Rochelle

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You can pick up a Dixit – Disney Edition from Games World for $59.95. It makes a great gift for kids and adults and is a fun one to keep under the tree to open on Christmas Eve. Of course, it’s not just a Christmas game! Dixit – Disney Edition will be a huge hit at any family games night. It’s also great for big kid sleepovers, camping or weekends away or quiet/screen-free time. The game takes around 30 minutes to play and is suitable for 3 to 6 players. 

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