Emergency Room Doctor Calms Baby, Internet Falls in Love 

They call him Doctor Cuddle. Well, actually, they don’t. But they really should.

Why? Because recently he managed to run an entire emergency department while cradling a newborn baby who wouldn’t settle for anyone else.

We all know how hard it can be to settle a newborn. Sometimes, only mum’s touch will do. But when mum is unwell, who can you call to keep your baby content?

Someone call the doctor

Dr Muir Wallace proved he’s the right man for the job after a patient had to leave her newborn’s side to undergo tests. Other hospital staff  tried to settle the newborn infant, but the little one wasn’t having any of it. Until Dr Wallace came along, that is.

In fact, after Dr Wallace took the bub, he promptly fell asleep. Rather than risk waking him up and having to go through the settling process again, Dr Muir simply continued his tasks, with baby resting blissfully in his arms.

For about an hour, Dr Wallace went from patient to patient in the Waikato Hospital emergency room, taking temperatures, writing notes and seeing patients, while the newborn slept on his shoulder.

Doctor calms baby; Internet falls in love 

One of the Waikato Hospital staff members shared the photo and touching story on their Facebook page.

Naturally, the  comments began pouring in as several past patients shared their own stories of Dr Wallace’s awesomeness.

He even received a few job offers from hospitals around the world!

Having to leave your newborn for any period of time is tricky, especially when in hospital! But knowing your infant is in good hands (or arms) definitely makes the whole situation a lot easier. Kudos to Dr Cuddle, I mean, Wallace, for providing a new mum with peace of mind and a new baby with a warm place to rest his weary head.

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