This NICU Nurse Shows the Raw Beauty of Her Job and the Internet Applauds

A stay in the NICU ward stay is something that every soon-to-be mum fears. The stress, anxiety and severity of the situation is enough to give us all chills.

That said, the nurses who care for these medically fragile little ones are bright spots in what would otherwise be a majorly mega black hole.

When NICU nurse Brittany Denise posted her story (along with a photo of a baby she cared for, who had recently passed away), she got the attention she very much deserves. With thousands of shares already, this touching photo shows the amazing journey that nurses go on every day.

Posting on her Facebook page, the NICU nurse writes:

“I take care of babies born months too early to live without modern medicine…placed on ventilators with central lines and life saving medications.”

While it would seem like working in an NICU is filled with negative after negative, learning the nurses depressed or worse, Brittany’s post shows the beauty in what she does.

“I rejoice in the day parents get to bring their baby home after spending months inside the walls of the NICU. I witness miracles. I get to see little lives come back and beat insurmountable odds.”

But, she also says,

“But sometimes I don’t. I help to resuscitate babies when their hearts stop and little bodies simply can’t take any more. I beat myself up trying to think what we could have done better or different when all medical options have been exhausted.”

Of the photo she shared, Brittany notes that it was taken, “after he left us here on earth and it was such a blessing to be there with him in these moments.” As we see the photo and well up (keep some tissues on hand when you read the nurse’s full post), it’s clear that working in the NICU is much more than a way to earn an income.

Brittany writes, “Yes, my “job” is a NICU Nurse. But it proves time and time again to be so much more.”

Yes, it certainly does seem so!

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